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Why is the universe NOT homogeneous?

The largest large quasar group LQG ever has been discovered, stretching an enormous 4 billion light years from end to end. That is 40,000 times larger than our Milky Way galaxy which is only 100,000 light years across. This LQG contains 73 quasars! See: Largest Structure in the universe discovered “The quasar group appears to […] more

Higgs boson could be ruled out as particle by the end of next year, says CERN boss

Many of us have been given to understand that the Big Bang was confirmed by readings of the cosmic microwave background and similar findings, and is not subject to the test of discovering a Higgs boson more

Coffee!! Large Hadron Collider: If this “backwards time travel” is not a joke, it surely should be

Woes of God particle researchers worse than woes of Job, in the Bible, apparently: Here’s a fun piece on the large Hadron Collider’s woes, when a passing bird dropped a piece of bread on it (yes!) , via Commentary Magazine – “Big Bang Machine Felled by Frenchman from the Future” by Anthony Sacramone (11/16/09): So […] more