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New Book: Ben Wiker’s “Life and Lies of Charles Darwin”

Don’t be put off by the title, “The Life and Lies of Charles Darwin.” As I will describe in an upcoming review of a different book, the ol’ Brit toff told lots of stretchers during his career and deliberately misled people on many occasions. more

Contest Question 2 : Winner announced

The  winner of the # 2 Question: “Why does Earth’s unique situation for science discovery threaten many?” is  Bruce David. For a free copy of The Privileged Planet DVD, Bruce David needs to send a snail address to me at [email protected] He will not be added to a mailing list. I do not have a […] more

Message Theory – A testable ID alternative to Darwinism – Part 1

Message Theory is a testable scientific explanation of life’s major patterns. more

Atheist philosopher of physics on why ID is a reasonable idea

Below are links to the Discovery Institute’s five podcasts of University of Colorado (Boulder) professor of the philosophy of physics Bradley Monton – who is an atheist – on why the universe might show evidence of design. Monton teamed up with another skeptic of religion, mathematician David Berlinski, against materialist atheist Lawrence Krauss and British […] more

Science or Monkey Business?: A Review of Roy Davies’ The Darwin Conspiracy

Imagine if you will a rather pathetic little boy oppressed by a domineering father and overshadowed by older sisters assuming maternal roles that directed his every move.  Under such conditions it’s not surprising that certain survival strategies would be employed by the boy to establish his place in the family pecking order.  Thus it was, according […] more