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“Living fossil” primates communicate by ultrasound

Philippine Tarsier/Nathaniel Dominiy

From “Tiny Primate Is Ultrasonic Communicator” (ScienceDaily, Feb. 8, 2012) , we learn,

Tarsiers are pint-size primates from Southeast Asia who produce some of the most extreme ultrasonic calls in the animal kingdom, well beyond the threshold of human hearing.

They belong to a relict lineage of primates that gave rise to monkeys and apes about 60 million years ago, and for the past 45 million years tarsiers have been largely unchanged.

It was unclear how the tarsiers of Borneo and the Philippines communicated because they were “ordinarily silent.”

This apparent lack of vocalizations led investigators to suspect that the animals were indeed engaged in these critical communications. We just couldn’t hear them.

So researchers decided to test them using audio equipment:

The researchers observed that tarsiers emitted their ultrasonic call when humans were near, suggesting they were voicing alarm. “Ultrasonic alarm calls can be advantageous to both the signaler and receiver as they are potentially difficult for predators to detect and localize,” they write.

Or actually difficult, as in the case of human researchers, who never even discovered it until now.

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One Response to “Living fossil” primates communicate by ultrasound

  1. Very interesting!,,,

    Of few semi-off topic notes:

    Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – video
    Excerpt: There are about….Ten-trillion levels of intensity to human hearing (from threshold to pain, 0 to 130 decibels). This makes the sense of hearing the widest ranging of all senses. The ear is capable of detecting pressure variations of less than two-ten-thosandths-of-a-millionth of barometric pressure. This moves the ear drum about one-hundreth-millionth of an inch. This threshold of hearing corresponds to a vibration width of only one-hundreth of an hydrogen atom’s diameter. (Hydrogen is the smallest atom.)

    Dr. David Menton does a very good job of laying out just how well designed the human ear is in this following video,,,

    The Hearing Ear by Dr. David Menton – video

    “How came the Bodies of Animals to be contrived with so much Art…. Was the Eye contrived without skill in Opticks, and the Ear without Knowledge of Sounds?” -
    Sir Isaac Newton

    Proverbs 20:12
    The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The LORD has made both of them.

    Another strong hint that ours ears were ‘transcendentally’ designed is that, as pointed out at the 6:00 minute mark of the following video, the cochlea in the inner ear matches the golden ratio (as do many other parts of the body);

    Golden Ratio in Human Body – video

    As well, somewhat related to ‘hearing’, The transcendent constant of Tau, which is related to The Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci Number, even produces a beautiful song when set to music, which is certainly not something that one would expect from a atheistic/materialistic viewpoint;

    What Tau (related to The Golden Ratio; Fibonacci Number) Sounds Like

    In fact the ‘transcendent’ golden ratio is found in many diverse places throughout nature and the golden ratio is considered by many to be a ‘fingerprint of God’;

    Nature by Numbers

    Further trivia note on the constant Tau:

    Tau – wikipedia
    Excerpt: *In ancient times, Tau was used as a symbol for life and/or resurrection,,,
    *Tau is usually considered as the symbol of Franciscan orders due to St. Francis’ love for it, symbol of the redemption and of the Cross.

    Of somewhat related to hearing and sound, the following video, and article, are very suggestive as to providing almost a tangible proof for God ‘speaking’ reality into existence:

    The Deep Connection Between Sound & Geometric Reality – Evan Grant – Allosphere – video

    Music of the sun recorded by scientists – June 2010
    Excerpt: The sun has been the inspiration for hundreds of songs, but now scientists have discovered that the star at the centre of our solar system produces its own music.

    Music and verse:

    MERCY ME – Word Of God Speak – video

    Genesis 3:8
    They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day,,,

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