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We have need of physics beyond Standard Model …

… writes an Italian physicist and astronomer …

In “Higgs at the Tevatron” ( Doc Madhattan, July 02, 2012), instructional designer for Italian Astronomical Olympiads Gianluigi Filippelli comments on Higgs boson (“God particle”) findings to date, offering – besides graphs -

The two experiments combined detecte an excess in signals around 125 GeV with a 2.5 sigma. It is not the discover of the Higgs boson, but it could be a good clue for the existence of the boson. So I don’t know if ATLAS and CMS will confirm or update this result in their next conferences, but in every case I must remmber to the readers that with a mass of 125 GeV we have need of physics beyond Standard Model, because the only SM is not sufficient to explain our universe.

See also: God particle: ‘Proof’ now changed to “evidence.”

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

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