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Were we talking about peer review earlier?

Yes, we were. Here’s a fun illustrated look at it (“Peer Fortress: The Scientific Battlefield”). For example,

The Demoman

Right from the title, the Demoman knew your paper had to be rejected.

If the review must exceed the length of your manuscript to accomplish this, so be it. Your paper is too simply dangerous to publish.

It must, and will, be stopped.

More a treatise on your incompetence than a traditional peer review, this tome leaves no nit unpicked.

Papers that receive the Demoman’s gentle touch must be identified through dental records.

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One Response to Were we talking about peer review earlier?

  1. It’s about religion with them, isn’t it? Not science. The more science progresses, the more deeply offensive to them it becomes. As far as science is concerned, I expect it will eventually dawn on Demoman that he is wielding a knife in a gunfight, and the penalty, when it comes, will be brutal.

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