What does it mean to say “Vertebrates evolved from invertebrates.”

Tom Bethell: But it doesn’t take a genius to see that the ancestral group is (improperly) defined by the absence of the character that defines the descendant group.

LHC physics prof tells college kids the universe shows evidence of design, still has job

The wow is not about the design. Rather, that the prof still has job.

Denying the Truth is not the Same as Not Knowing it

Highlighting an exchange in a prior post: Phinehas As a result of your [i.e., ES’s] metaphysics, you are unable to describe in any meaningful way the difference between a mound of dirt and a sand castle. Silver Asiatic It’s amazing how difficult this concept is for some people. Well, Silver, yes and no. No, in […]

Tell That To The Mouse

StephenB takes down a materialist in five words: Feser: Take a few bits of metal, work them into various shapes, and attach them to a piece of wood. Voila! A mousetrap. Attach? Voila? There are millions of ways to attach pieces of metal to wood. Only one of those combinations will trap a mouse. The […]

Someone wonders if these multiverse people are kidding

We suspect not. It’s too big an easy to just leave lying there.

Oxygen and origin of life: Oxygen can form directly from CO2 in upper atmosphere

ScienceDaily: … Zhou’s work means that models of the evolution of planetary atmospheres will now have to be adjusted

Huge, newly discovered mountains fed life on Earth 600 million years ago?

Possible precursor to Cambrian? Of course, the life forms had to actually be there to take advantage of it. Stay tuned.

Just what we all need to propel us to work this morning: Time as a grand illusion

Maybe. Barring the next grand theory.

Start your Monday off right: Debunk brain myths

Brain baloney has infiltrated the beliefs of teachers around the world. Internet acts fast.

Faraday and Maxwell as scientists who were “people of faith”

We hate sounding like BioLogos (because we are about stuff that is real, not Templeton-funded nonsense and misdirection)

On Orange Gods and the One Apple God

This morning a friend said she had recently heard an atheist make the “I am atheistic about just one more god than you are” argument. Ricky Gervais makes the argument this way: So next time someone tells me they believe in God, I’ll say “Oh which one? Zeus? Hades? Jupiter? Mars? Odin? Thor? Krishna? Vishnu? […]

Bob Marks on apologetics

See, it’s true that a lot of these ID people ARE Christians (ghost jumps out of sheet, whoooshes past everybody. Gee wow. Did something happen and I never knew it?)

What an Ad Hominem Attack is Not

Background: In this post we have this exchange: Box asks Tinitinnid whether there is a difference between a Lego castle and a random pile of Legos. In comment 124 Tintinnid says that a pile of Legos randomly strewn across the floor is the same as a Lego castle. Let us take up the thread here: […]

New formula for the origin of life, breaking, breaking

Or maybe not.

Any argument for Darwinism is as good as any other one

No, it’s not intellectual life, but the mind is just an illusion anyway, right?

Poop-throwing chimps: Just so you know your tax funds are never wasted

Some believe that this behaviour helps account for the human mind, so that is why they think it important to study.

The Broken Gift: Daniel Friedmann’s attempt to marry science and Genesis

Last year, I reviewed Daniel Friedmann’s best-seller, The Genesis One Code, which argued that the Bible, when properly interpreted, teaches that the universe is 13.74 billion years old – which is about as old as scientists currently believe it to be (13.798 billion years). Friedmann’s book also made a number of scientifically falsifiable claims – […]

Peter Woit on science journalists

So many of my companions seemed to want science journalism to be something out of Hollywood crime fiction where, in the end, all the pieces fit in exactly the way that satisfies us.

Balance of nature as comforting?

The human race is the only species that environmentalists do not have any duty to protect.

Intelligent Design Basics – Information – Part IV – Shannon II

The concept of information is central to intelligent design.  In previous discussions, we have examined the basic concept of information, we have considered the question of when information arises, and we have briefly dipped our toes into the waters of Shannon information.  In the present post, I put forward an additional discussion regarding the latter, […]

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