Underground ocean pretty much confirmed on Jupiter moon

Long suspected: SA’s Hubble Space Telescope has the best evidence yet for an underground saltwater ocean on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. The subterranean ocean is thought to have more water than all the water on Earth’s surface. Identifying liquid water is crucial in the search for habitable worlds beyond Earth and for the search for […]

Neuroskeptic: The war on falsifiability suggests science is broken?

Here: Science is the use of observation to guide thinking about the world to understand it. This grand, idealistic, with-a-big-S Science is not broken. However, much of the actual, concrete with-a-small-s science, i.e. the activity of scientists today, is not good Science. Some aspects of how modern science works go against the principles of Science. […]

Reasonable people doubt “science,” the way we doubt “used car dealers”

A friend sends info re this National Geographic edition, reinforcing the essential message: Fund us, you twits We are science! For example: “Those of us in the science-communication business are as tribal as anyone else, he told me. We believe in scientific ideas not because we have truly evaluated all the evidence but because we […]

Another friend writes: Who DOES watch TV any more?

Further to: First, the blow-dried TV crowd don’t know anything about evolution, if you don’t count the Inherit the Wind productions they took in at school. All nonsense and falsehood. All nonsense and falsehood, actually, about the neighbours the TV crowd sneered at and left behind, and felt themselves superior for doing so—while they invested […]

Design in nature: Everyone benefits except …

… people who are hired to say the opposite. Reader Douglas Ell writes, responding to the elite worry that recent ENCODE findings don’t support Darwinism to say, ENCODE is only one of many recent scientific rejections of the Atheist argument from ignorance — the argument that, when we find something we don’t immediately understand, we […]

Oxford math prof John Lennox on whether God is a delusion

When writing this story, there were two traps I started falling into: The first one is, act like there is something really great about the person who notices that the universe shows evidence of design. No, that’s just normal. The Darwinists and the Christian Darwinists, paid off by Templeton for example, are earning their keep […]

Good and bad skepticism: Carl Sagan on extraordinary claims

Carl Sagan was famous for his aphorism, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The Sagan standard, as it has been called, is often invoked by skeptics such as John Loftus and Professor Larry Moran (see here and here). However, these skeptics fail to distinguish between two kinds of skepticism: one good, one bad. If someone makes […]

Teachers sucking up to Darwin

Biology teachers think understanding faith, teaching evolution not mutually exclusive No, they wouldn’t. Their faith is Darwin = jobs and facts don’t matter: Critics of evolution often take advantage of a teacher’s limited understanding of evolution to foster doubt in the science and make the science seem less settled than it actually is, according to […]

Piotr (and KS, DNA_Jock, VS, Z et al) and “compensation” arguments vs the energy audit police . . .

It seems to be time to call in the energy audit police. Let us explain, in light of an ongoing sharp exchange on “compensating” arguments in the illusion of organising energy thread. This morning Piotr, an objector (BTW — and this is one time where expertise base is relevant –  a Linguist), at 288 dismissed […]

Philosopher John Gray goes after fatuous claims that war and violence are declining

Christians around the world would say: If only. The current exponent of that view is Steve Pinker: The Harvard psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: a history of violence and humanity (2011) has not only been an international bestseller – more than a thousand pages long and containing a formidable […]

Explaining away the placebo effect

The best attested effect in medicine. Here: One common explanation for the efficacy of some alternative medicine is the ‘placebo effect’. If there is a placebo effect, it still has the healing effect. So why not go with that? It doesn’t really matter what’s in the black box: the mechanism of healing isn’t the crucial […]

Evolutionists Misrepresent Genetic Code

It would be a full time job to track down, monitor and document the scientific misrepresentations in the evolution literature. From textbooks and articles to websites, videos, popular books and the rest, the evolution literature is a continual stream of exaggerations and misrepresentations of the scientific evidence. Here is an example regarding the genetic code […]

Does your government still support Darwinian science?

Probably. Some guy actually asks questions we have all been wondering about: reflecting on the current cover story in National Geographic, “The War on Science”: : Anyone who expresses any doubt in what National Geographic calls “the consensus of experts” is a crank or a nut. From the magazine’s perspective, no other explanations are even […]

Yes, academic freedom is indeed under threat

Otherwise, how to explain this?: There are a few university administrations that still seem committed to making academic freedom a leading value, even though it is a distinctly difficult value to monetize (and is indeed one that may be a consistent money-loser). For instance, the University of Chicago recently issued a strong statement on academic […]

But who watches TV any more? And why?

We are still assessing the significance of the fact that hardly anyone takes TV seriously any more (which is what we were trying to say in “Time Magazine quizzes Scott Walker’s high school science teacher on his evolution views). Unfortunately, seniors, the people who do still take TV seriously are the group most likely to […]

Universities are not governed by Constitutional freedom of speech?

On Saturdays (not the usual day science news is broken), the News desk sometimes focuses on public trends that impact our issues, including the ongoing campus war on freedom of speech—in the United States, it typically surfaces as the war of the First Amendment to the Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment […]

KF vs VS on how “intelligently directed configuration” does not “sneak” teleology into “directed”

It seems that another response to VS needs to be headlined, the second within a few days. We are seeing here the sort of breakdown of reasoning that seems to be implicit in making ever more determined objections to the design inference on FSCO/I as sign. While we are at it, let’s take advantage of […]

Anyone here remember that “born under a lucky star” theme?

People got unseasonably lucky  (Texas lottery div). Questions were raised here.  Someone good with numbers tried studying it a couple years back. But now this: Abstract:  Some people have all the luck. We look at the Florida Lottery records of winners of prizes worth $600 or more. Some individuals claimed large numbers of prizes. Were they lucky, or up […]

Fri nite 13th!!! and NO frite? No, we got something, it turns out.

Choc biscuits this way please. Government to reincarnate Dalai Lama? From an atheist people’s republic: Get this: Atheistic China Claims ‘Right to Reincarnate’ Dalai Lama Look, we dunno except local EMS worldwide should help anyone screaming and fainting: China’s Communist Party is officially atheist, but that has not stopped it from making some impassioned claims […]

Scrub jays too weird for Wired mag?

That’s, like, weird. From Wired: As she gathered more and more data on different populations of the birds around the island, Langin had a revelation: The birds, members of one single species, had split into two varieties in different habitats. Island scrub jays living in oak forests have shorter bills, good for cracking acorns. Their […]

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