PBS’s “shocking” revelations about long-ago humans

They reveal: “we met and mated with other types of human – like Neanderthals, Denisovans and Homo erectus.” Further to: 40 kya human bones contain Neanderthal and current genes (And raise an interesting question about the use of the term “hybrid.” Is every mixed ancestry human being today a “hybrid”?), PBS notes, re a new […]

40 kya human bones contain Neanderthal and current genes

And raise an interesting question about the use of the term “hybrid.” From The Scientist : Recent research has revealed that all non-Africans living today retain a genetic trace—1-3 percent of the genome—of Neanderthal ancestry. And 40,000 years ago, human genomes may have contained twice as much Neanderthal DNA, according to a study published today […]

New from MercatorNet Connecting…

O’Leary for News ‘s night job: Pope Francis on new media’s positive side: New media do not force us to live in Selfie World; they only make it possible. Pope Francis vs. new media’s fake world: We can build it, but we can’t live there This girl has one smart dad… He didn’t just get […]

Louisiana, the Bible, and Darwin

Never ends: (See also: Pants in knot: “Creationism” in Louisiana schools ) “The vocal activists who oppose the LSEA are seeking to confuse the issue, since the LSEA is not about creationism. In fact, when a group of Nobel Laureates recently signed a letter calling for the repeal of the LSEA, it is noteworthy that […]

The science vs. religion warfare thesis is a modern atheist invention

With a lot of help from Christians for Darwin (This story should have run yesterday, but Father’s Day took priority.) A reader writes to remind us of a recent book, doubtless forgotten in the current silly season of new atheist claims, a Pulitzer-winning history of America during the period 1815-1848 by Daniel Walker Howe, What […]

Evaluating the Pope’s encyclical, Part Two: Do we have the right to eradicate species?

In my initial post about the Pope’s environmental encyclical, Laudato si’, I highlighted its positive aspects: its affirmation of human uniqueness, its rejection of biocentrism and its firm insistence that each species of living creature was designed by God to play its own special part in the order of Nature. In today’s post, I’d like […]

Is there a sixth great extinction in progress?

It would help if a key exponent was anyone but Paul “Population Bomb” Ehrlich, a contender for the heavyweight champ of wrong-headed predictions: “In real terms, we’re in trouble,” said Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford professor and president of the Center for Conservation Biology who co-authored the study. “This is another indicator that we are sawing […]

Yes, They Do Cling to the Multiverse Because it Conforms to Their Favored Narrative (or at Least They Think it Does)

In a comment to a prior post daveS writes: It’s not that string theory and the multiverse are known to be false yet persist because they conform to favored narratives. The existence of the multiverse is not known to be false.  Nor is it known to be true.  It is literally unknowable by scientific means, […]

From Francis’ encyclical: Church doesn’t settle science questions

Here: (10) The Church does not presume to settle scientific questions, and we need an honest and open debate: (60) Finally, we need to acknowledge that different approaches and lines of thought have emerged regarding this situation and its possible solutions. At one extreme, we find those who doggedly uphold the myth of progress and […]

Why NBC News continues to employ a known liar

Further to Barry Arrington, asking: Why Does NBC News Continue to Employ a Known Liar?, Here’s an analysis of the Brian Williams story that makes sense to me (O’Leary for News): Williams will lose his lofty NBC position and face a reduction of salary from $15 million to $10 million per year. On MSNBC, Williams […]

Louis Pasteur on life, matter, and spontaneous generation

From the BBC: Few people have saved more lives than Louis Pasteur. The vaccines he developed have protected millions. His insight that germs cause disease revolutionised healthcare. He found new ways to make our food safe to eat. Pasteur was the chemist who fundamentally changed our understanding of biology. By looking closely at the building […]

Do we imagine we see patterns in nature where there are none?

That is called cherrypicking patterns. A common argument against design in nature is that humans randomly evolved to see patterns where there are none. Many a Darwinian airhead advances such received wisdom at the usual bongfests. He can be fairly sure that few bong-ees are going to point out the obvious: We evolved to see […]

Pope Francis and science: Fast backward to dark ages?

Is this a fair assessment? From City Journal: Shortly after the Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was consecrated Pope Francis in 2013, news stories reported that the new pontiff wanted to build a stronger relationship between the Catholic Church and science—one that saw science not in opposition to, but compatible with, religious belief. Some months […]

Sat Nite Fun: Darwin’s fantasy (satire)

Celebrating Charles Darwin’s genius as the undetected and unsung father of modern science fiction. Follow UD News at Twitter!

Misshelver gets a job at Barnes & Noble

Readers may remember Misshelver and her new man, who take it upon themselves to move design-related science books to the “religion” section, inconveniencing staff and customers alike. Well. At Barnes and Noble, where misshelving Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt is corporate policy (amid a continuing financial slump), a friend write to complain, I was at a […]

Climate Alarmism Has Undermined Science Itself

What inclines me now to think that you may be right in regarding it as the central and radical lie in the whole web of falsehood that now governs our lives, is not so much your arguments against it as the fanatical and twisted attitudes of its defenders. C.S. Lewis The “it” to which Lewis […]

E coli hybrid copes with 700 mya engineered gene

From Quanta Magazine: Several years ago, Eric Gaucher, a biologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, even resurrected a 700-million-year-old protein from E. coli. Now, in a new twist on paleogenomics, Kacar has engineered that ancient protein into modern E. coli and tracked how the microbe adapted to it. The new approach, which […]

We are trillions of tiny machines

From Mars. According to a paywalled review in New York Review of Books: Today, driven by ongoing technological innovations, the exploration of the “nanoverse,” as the realm of the minuscule is often termed, continues to gather pace. One of the field’s greatest pioneers is Paul Falkowski, a biological oceanographer who has spent much of his […]

Why do humans wake up with a start?

An interesting listicle features ten topics you’d think we’d know the answer to, but don’t. Here’s one: Here’s #8: Often when we are about to fall asleep, we experience a kind of a falling sensation which causes us to wake up with a start. It happens to almost everybody, and the sensation is known as […]

Why Does NBC News Continue to Employ a Known Liar?

See here. It seems to me that that a news organization’s reputation for veracity is its most critical asset, without which it is literally nothing. And it is not as if there isn’t an oversupply of pretty boys who can read the news. It’s as if they don’t care that they are throwing away what […]

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