It’s magic! Registered clinical trials vanish positive findings

From Nature: A 1997 US law mandated the registry’s creation, requiring researchers from 2000 to record their trial methods and outcome measures before collecting data. The study found that in a sample of 55 large trials testing heart-disease treatments, 57% of those published before 2000 reported positive effects from the treatments. But that figure plunged […]

Linguist comments on latest Ape speaks! claims

As in National Geographic: Bonobo peeps point to human language origin (The pop science mind tends to lack practical intelligence. No one even thinks of asking why, if baby bonobo peeping tells us about the roots of human language, it never did anything for the bonobos) and Apes close to speaking? No. (In the middle ages, […]

Water worlds can’t host life?

From Science: Why water worlds won’t host life New research published online before print in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society shows that Earth-sized water worlds are habitable only in a very limited range of temperatures—from about 0̊C to 127̊C. Anything outside that range, which tends to occur on planets that are in […]

Terms to retire from psychological science

From MinnPost: Many common psychology terms are ‘inaccurate, misleading, misused, ambiguous or logically confused,’ experts claim Many terms commonly used in psychology, psychiatry and related fields — such as chemical imbalance, love molecule, and autism epidemic — “should be avoided, or at most used sparingly and with explicit caveats,” according to a recent paper in […]

BioLogos: Fundamentalists Were Wrong About Galileo, So They’re Also Wrong About Darwin

It is one thing to point out particular conflicts between religion and science, it is quite another to characterize broadly the relationship between religion and science as one of conflict. The former is simply recognizing realities, the latter is the failed view known as the Conflict or Warfare Thesis. Certainly there are some genuine conflicts […]

Evolutionists Have a Brand New Theory

For a theory that is supposed to be scientific, and therefore not teleological, evolution certainly does have its share of Aristotelian commitments. In fact, the Philosopher seems to be present at every turn in evolutionary thought. Consider the latest thinking from evolutionists—a brand new theory formulated to replace the last brand new theory which, not […]

Stone tools confirmed from 3.4 mya?

From ScienceDaily: Analysis supports a previous finding, that the best match for the marks is butchery by stone tools Not trampling. The paper supports the original interpretation that the damage to the two bones is characteristic of stone tool butchery, published in Nature in 2010. That finding was sensational, since it potentially pushed back evidence […]

Cats face rap for killing off dogs

Like humans take rap for killing off mammoths. Yes, August. Hot weather. Stories. From ScienceDaily: Competition from cats drove extinction of many species of ancient dogs Competition played a more important role in the evolution of the dog family (wolves, foxes, and their relatives) than climate change, shows a new international study published in PNAS. […]

Remedial Logic for Materialists

Materialists have a lot of stock responses they use to distract themselves from the explanatory poverty of the “answers” their faith commitments require them to spew out in response to obvious objections.  Consider the materialist responses to my last post, Quashing Materialist Appeals to Magic (Again). Briefly, I argued that unless materialists can provide some […]

Barbarians Inside the Gate

Everyone who believes the barbarians among us have declared total war on Western Civilization raise your hand. The differences between this and Auschwitz: 1.  The victims are more defenseless. 2.  The victims are more innocent. 3.  The victims are smaller. 4.  The execution chambers are more sanitary. Ideas have consequences.

Seeing past Darwin to a plausible history of life

A series of articles by philosopher of biology James Barham on key new thinkers, collected together on his blog: Part I: The Machine Metaphor Part II: James A. Shapiro Part III: Mary Jane West-Eberhard Part IV: Some Experiments Part V: Life and Emergence Part VI: F.E. Yates’s Homeodynamics Seeing Past Darwin VII: Some Physical Properties […]

Bonobos prefigure language? Agenda so obvious it stinks

Further to National Geographic: Bonobo peeps point to human language origin ( No one even thinks of asking why, if baby bonobo peeping tells us about the roots of human language, it never did anything for the bonobos). and Apes close to speaking? No. (In the middle ages, it was implausible miracle stories that attracted attention, […]

National Geographic: Bonobo peeps point to human language origin

No sooner did we hear that apes are close to speaking (no, they aren’t, and the claim is just another example of how, in our time, impossible ape achievement stories have replace impossible miracle claims)—than we are informed by National Geographic: Bonobo “Baby Talk” Reveals Roots of Human Language As we watch the bonobos, I […]

Karl Giberson reviews atheist John Loftus’ new book

Dr. Karl Giberson, a scholar of science and religion, a former co-president of the Biologos Foundation, and the best-selling author of ten books, including Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, has written a blurb for atheist John Loftus’ new book, How to Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheist […]

Mass extinctions can accelerate evolution?

In robots. From ScienceDaily: A computer science team at The University of Texas at Austin has found that robots evolve more quickly and efficiently after a virtual mass extinction modeled after real-life disasters such as the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Beyond its implications for artificial intelligence, the research supports the idea that mass […]

Apes close to speaking? No.

From ScienceDaily: Apes may be closer to speaking than many scientists think In 2010, Marcus Perlman started research work at The Gorilla Foundation, where Koko has spent more than 40 years living immersed with humans — interacting for many hours each day with psychologist Penny Patterson and biologist Ron Cohn. … “She doesn’t produce a […]

Humans killed off mammoths AGAIN?

This is the time of year when pop science news recycles all the leftovers left over all over again, and this one was bound to come up—left over again: From ScienceDaily: Early humans were the dominant cause of the extinction of a variety of species of giant beasts, new research has revealed. The researchers ran […]

150 crocs found in Toronto home

Okay, okay, but it’s August, breathless around here, and this is too good not to share: Further to Fri Nite Frite: Truly venomous frogs: From CBC News: 150 crocodiles and alligators removed from Toronto home “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Loyst, who is the curator of the Peterborough-area reptile zoo, told CBC. “I […]

Fri Nite Frite: Truly venomous frogs

From ScienceDaily: Heads of Brazilian frogs are venomous weapons It’s no surprise that some frogs secrete poison from glands in their skin. But researchers have discovered the first two species of frog, both living in Brazil, that are actually venomous. Not only do the frogs produce potent toxins, but they also have a mechanism to […]

Silly season: Vast sums to be spent seeking space aliens

First, we hear something sensible: Paul Davies: Search for alien microbial life on Earth: (= He advocates a search for evidence where there is a good chance it may be found, instead of the usual faint hope feeding frenzy and unmoored speculation.) Now, just to prove silly season is here, we also learn the latest […]

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