Winston Smith loves Big Brother even more now that he has returned to the fold and discovered global warming

Winston Smith corrects minor errors in Time’s 1974 Global Cooling Article, guided by his newfound love for Big Brother (as recounted by George Orwell, 1984)

Nature: Homo erectus used shells for tool production, engraving, half a million years ago

Well, he had to start somewhere, didn’t he?

Der Spiegel discovers the truth from science

Dr. Lüthje tells us, one Austrian science journalist said to her, “Please understand me, I just can’t criticize a professor.” No? Oops. Hello? Gutenbergs? Get me Johannes!

Occam’s Razor (by contrast with LOI, LNC and LEM as well as W-PSR) is not an absolute principle of correct reasoning

Long-time visitors or regulars at UD will know that (along with StephenB who drew the significance to my attention . . . ) I champion the idea of self-evident, plumb-line first principles of right reason: That is, if we contemplate say a bright red ball on a table, we see a world-partition: W = { […]

Goodreads quotes from Dembski’s Being as Communion

To set you thinking.

An Instructive Discussion, Led by Alan Fox, at The Skeptical Zone

Over at The Skeptical Zone, there has been an amusing discussion. It can be found under the column “The Reality of Intelligent Design!” by Alan Fox. I want to respond to this discussion, as I believe it is instructive concerning the state of mind over at TSZ.  I am sure that Alan will again find […]

FDA hiding science fraud?

Overall, the comments seen so far at IO8 seem overly focused on what “deniers” will think.

The war on falsifiability in science continues

Prediction: To the extent that science is dominated by naturalist atheists, falsifiability will not survive as a criterion. And the next war will be against the idea of evidence.

Physicist Rob Sheldon on a cosmologist’s recent claim that there were two Big Bangs

Planck data simply haven’t provided much support for these no-Bang, two-Bang, everywhere-a-bang bang universes.

Quiz for media on Darwin’s theory of evolution

All that pop science writers know is that they are on the side of “science” against “anti-science”—which, in the context, just means declaring their political allegiances.

Universe “roughly tuned” for computing? Instead of fine-tuned for life?

Actually, it really doesn’t matter what the argument is, or whether or not it makes sense, as long as it is against fine-tuning for life.

A friend asks, Why no Darwin AND Wallace Day?

But if they called it Darwin and Wallace Day, it would really be about evolution. It wouldn’t be just another atheist and co-dependent liberal Christian sausage festival

Stasis: Earliest known mammals 160 mya a lot like modern mammals in diversity, say researchers

The problem today is not that the dominant neo-Darwinian theory is wrong; it’s more like this: The price of its being right is scientific meaninglessness.

Here is Benjamin Jones’ Faustian Bargain

In his Guardian piece this week Atheist Benjamin Jones is spot on when he says that science works. Cosmology and evolutionary biology, Jones explains, have answered the question of how the world came to be. Indeed, evolution is a fact. What Jones misses, though, is why evolution is a fact. It makes all the difference.  Read more

No evidence for God’s existence, you say? A response to Larry Moran

Despite my disagreements with Professor Larry Moran over the years, I respect him as a fair-minded, intelligent and generally sensible person. Recently, however, he said something which can only be described as rather silly. In a post titled, Evidence for the existence of god(s), he wrote: I am always on the lookout for evidence that […]

Squid edit their genes to adapt quickly to their surroundings

Researcher: It was astonishing to find that 60 percent of the squid RNA transcripts were edited. The fruit fly, … , is thought to edit only 3% of its makeup.

Stasis: Ferns separated 60 million years interbreed

The researchers suggest that, because ferns require only wind or water to reproduce, they take longer to speciate. That sounds pretty lame, actually.

Goo? Robot goo?

Possibly, the superintelligent robots that dominate the universe (mess of Borg) work with goo. Most robots prefer to work neat.

Scientists: All Life on Earth Came from Space Goo

See here.  Excerpt: At a UN-sponsored Symposium on the “Space Science and the United Nations” held in Graz, Austria, from 22-24 September 2014, Chandra Wickramasinghe presented a paper entitled “The transition from Earth-centred biology to cosmic life” with co-authors Gensuke Tokoro and Milton Wainwright. The paper, now published in Journal of Cosmology 24, 12080-12096, argues that a […]

A clarification from (and a sincere apology to) Professor Richard Norman

In a recent post, I incorrectly identified Richard Norman, Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Kent and a Vice-President of the British Humanist Association, as the author of an article on body fluid salinity, written by a Professor R. Norman. I have since been informed that Richard Norman was not the author […]

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