Humans were never perfectly in synch with our environment?

Really? Funny. All kinds of rodents are.

Keith S in a muddle over meaning, macroevolution and specified complexity

One of the more thoughtful critics of Intelligent Design is Keith S, from over at The Skeptical Zone. Recently, Keith S has launched a barrage of criticisms of Intelligent Design on Uncommon Descent, to which I have decided to reply in a single post. Is Dembski’s design inference circular? Keith S’s first charge is that […]

Epigenetics explains Darwin’s finches?

But what will all those textbook companies relying on court orders do? Adapt? Sue? Die?

South China Morning Post challenges Darwin’s theory?

No, really, this is what their headline reads (if not redacted): “Chinese microscopic fossil find challenges Darwin’s theory” Apparently, they are allowed to talk that way in China. Fancy. The Cambria explosion proved that most major animal phyla were fully developed in this relatively short time. This troubled Darwin because the absence of transitional forms […]

New findings re the mechanism of genetic change?

Environmental cues experienced by one generation can affect growth and maturation of future generations in ways not explained by current theory?

A Modest Thought Experiment

Here’s a thought experiment readers might find interesting. Consider the following description of an entity: It cannot in principle be detected empirically. It might, nevertheless, exist. If it does exist, the scope of its explanatory power would be breathtaking in that it would explain quite literally everything except for its own existence. Even though it […]

Origin of life honestly discussed at Baylor?

We are NOT supposed to actually test naturalist theories.

FYI-FTR: On the factual reality of FSCO/I (and dFSCI) . . .

One of the favourite tactics of hyperskepticism is to brazenly dismiss what is objected to as a myth, misconcept or word magic, etc; even while in the real world, one must deal with it day by day as blatant reality. Oops. This has been happening with FSCO/I and linked concepts such as dFSCI. As a […]

Nicholas Wade’s Troublesome Inheritance: A Review

Materialists deny volition to humans while bestowing it on genes, which are, after all, only proteins.

The freedom of speech issue will get round to the intelligent design controversy

As it will to every other controversy.

Evolutionary psychologist E. O. Wilson: Time has come for philosophy to become biology

Media today thrive on not asking the tough questions

Field of physics “turned on its head” soon?

This stuff gets better all the time.

Mencken’s Mendacity at the Scopes Trial

In my previous post, Six bombshells relating to H. L. Mencken and the Scopes Trial, I exposed six journalist bombshells relating to the Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925. I also accused Mencken of lying on nine particular points – a charge for which I shall provide substantiation in today’s post. Mencken’s Nine Major […]

Do some plants regenerate through gene duplication?

Researchers: Plants that engage in rampant genome duplication also rebound more vigorously after being damaged

Questions About the Accretion Model of Planet Formation

The most common explanation for the formation of planet Earth is that it formed by gravitational collapse from a cloud of particles (gas, ice, dust) swirling around the Sun.  Specifically, the idea is that small planetesimals form as the various particles clump together (perhaps initially by cohesion, then by gravity), eventually growing into planets.  Known […]

Controlling genes through thought waves?

Readers: Nuts? Buts? Klutz?

Do multiverse collisions dot the sky?

Or is the idea too good to pass up even if there is no evidence for it?

Fresh fun at Salvo Mag

For when you get tired of hearing how the multiverse is keeping Boltzmann’s brain from appearing suddenly in the lunchroom.

Remembrance Day: The strangers who tried to help Corporal Cirillo

You heard it somewhere ELSE first, right, that nobody helps (the selfish gene and all that)…

Answers to the Big Questions

In this post I will be continuing my discussion of “meaning.”  In its entry on “meaning” Wikipedia lists the “big questions.”  Theists will necessarily answer these questions differently from materialists.  Below is my best estimate of how the questions will be answered by the two groups. Theist’s Answers Followers of different theistic traditions will answer […]

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