Self-organization model of the mind still actively researched

It’s the sort of “gotta have” theory that life never really matches but never tarnishes either. more

Epigenetics: DNA distinguishes young vs. old duplicate genes

Researchers: Our results indicate that epigenetic modifications are intimately involved in the regulation and maintenance of duplicate genes. more

Current humans and Neanderthals definitely interbred, researchers say

The new approach rules out an alternative involving a common ancestor. more

Questions college students should ask science professors

Students who ask science professors certain questions will be the ones who’ll appreciate the weaknesses in various anti-ID or anti-creation theories. Preferably they’ll ask after they’ve gotten an “A” in the class, maybe even after they’ve gotten their diploma. The ideal IDist or creationist student can hopefully score in the 99th percentile on evolutionary tests, […] more

Evo psych: “Evolution” explains procrastination?

One explanation we can reject—because it is far too simple and obvious—is that procrastinators typically dither away the time other people spend rehearsing. more

Evo psych: And now, the germ theory of culture

There probably is no single explanation why Canada, Japan, and Jamaica are democracies in some meaningful sense that Belarus, North Korea, and Eritrea are not. more

Exploring the Shut Up culture

High culture is firmly in the hands of people who believe that our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth, and fitness is the doctrine of Shut Up. more

Darwinism championed again by some influential Roman Catholics

Prize Winning Catholic Biologist Creationists Can’t Stand Kenneth Miller wrote the biology textbook often targeted by creationists who want to toss it from public schools. Oh, and now he’s won one of the Catholic Church’s top prizes. Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller, one of America’s leading advocates, has just received one of America’s oldest and […] more

Enceladus: ET life researchers, talk to OOL researchers!

To export all the OOL problems to Enceladus on the basis of the mere possibility of liquid water testifies to the strength of desire, not the power of reason. more

Question to Nick Matzke from Paul Nelson, and Nick’s reply

Paul Nelson poses question to Nick on Paul Nelson Day and a report of Nick Matzke’s response to Paul Nelson more

Life in the lab: An engineer’s perspective

The time saved from no longer bothering with the vastly improbable would result in more energy and creativity, which will surely result in learning more. more

History student/college dropout gets award on April Fool’s day for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

From the National Center for Selling Evolutionism (NCSE) NCSE is delighted to congratulate Zack Kopplin, recently named as the winner of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s 2014 Howard K. Schachman Public Service Award. In a March 24, 2014, press release, Jeremy Berg, president of the ASBMB and director of the University of […] more

Paper: Irreducible complexity (IC) not falsified, as claimed

Computer models in the literature are not irreducibly complex. An IC model was developed by the author, but it did not evolve. more

You’ve heard it: “The Debate is Over”

Materialism (and a bunch of other isms) simply haven’t performed as promised. Usually, the people they’re trying to shut up are saying so. more

Cambrian animals had modern hearts

That’s half a billion years the “sophisticated system” did NOT have to just evolve, via natural selection acting on random mutation. So when did it happen? more

Liu Bolin is almost as good as nature

And he did it all by natural selection acting on the random mutation of mindless neurons in his brain. Just like those insects. But not like anyone else. Just happens. more

Help requested of readers to advance design detection in DNA

DNA Skittle was a DNA visualization program pioneered by John Sanford to help identify design features of DNA that are recognizable to the human visual system. The program is available for free, but the Skittle developers need help with ensuring it is usable through internet channels. Can you spare 10 minutes and review the product […] more

Bioscience 2010: Problems with evolution of mimicry “huge”

But can’t we just throw more Darwinism at the problems? Now and then, we’ll accidentally learn something and define that as progress. more

Origin of life: Bacteria more like people than like amino acids

because they already have system properties more

Thinking Upside Down – The Abiogenesis Paradigm

Not too many months ago I ran across Richard Dawkins’ statement that life got its start when, somehow, on the early Earth a self-replicating molecule formed.  I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  I had read the quote before, and he has repeated the idea in various writings and interviews, but after having studied […] more

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