Does ID ASSUME “contra-causal free will” and “intelligence” (and so injects questionable “assumptions”)?

Those who have been following recent exchanges at UD will recognise that the headlined summarises the current objection highlighted by objector RDFish, an AI advocate and researcher. A bit of backdrop will be useful; a clip from Luke Muehlhauser in the blog/site “Common Sense Atheism” will aid us in understanding claim and context: Contra-causal free will […]

Why Greta Christina’s critique of God-guided evolution misses the mark

Atheist and feminist blogger Greta Christina recently wrote an essay for AlterNet titled, Why You Can’t Reconcile God and Evolution, which has been re-published in Salon magazine under the title, The truth about science vs. religion: 4 reasons why intelligent design falls flat. The article was then critiqued by an agnostic called Andy Ihnatko and […]

I have never had strong views about human evolution but …

I doubt researchers are going to get anywhere from here because, given materialist doctrine, it is not clear where to head.

Is epigenetics becoming a part of normal science?

Most genes, it turns out, are not so much selfish as too willing to hang out with the wrong crowd and learn bad habits.

Peer review; At Discover Magazine, Neuroskeptic asks whether science can work without trust.

Would a den of thieves be more or less vulnerable, on account of total dishonesty, in conflict with an honest person?

Remember that weird Cambrian, the Hallucogenia? Just a velvet worm?

Hmmm. If this means arthropods are really closer to water bears than velvet worms, maybe think it out more?

Is mindfulness meditation good medicine?

Yes, apparently. Part of what is happening to any human person is what they think is happening to them.

Andrew Brown at The Spectator: Bizarre, costly cult of Richard Dawkins

Learn about the Darwin Circle and the more expensive Evolution Circle in the Dawkins cult.

Medieval treatise on universe astonishes scientists in Nature, “dense with mathematical thinking”

Breaking: Rationality is underused, not overrated.

From Salon again: Four reasons why ID supposedly falls flat

Well then, if life makes any sense at all, there shouldn’t be seven billion people in the world.

Atheist TV is a bust, and no wonder

It can’t even wow Salon.

Inside the Higgs boson discovery

If Woit likes the book, it probably scores low on the crackpot index.

Plants talk to each other. Unfortunately, when they do, they sometimes lie and defraud.

Knowing this may help in the fight against crop weeds.

Turns out, human parents can learn a lot from animals. Huh?

Of course not. But that’s the nonsense theatre that current tax-funded science encourages.

Mathematician Kadanoff says people should think about Dembski’s thesis—instead of running the guy out of town

Tenure mob did not stop him from speaking.

Why do Some Materialists Insist on Wallowing in Obvious Error?

In the combox to the do we need context post a materialist who goes by RDFish states this regarding a non-repeating series of prime numbers (comment 48): The only known source of such a series is a human source. Fish then emphatically declares that absolutely nothing can be inferred about the source of the series other than […]

Apes are as empathetic as humans?

In short, the measure was made up by some researchers and has nothing to do with anything most human beings would identify as empathy.

Premenstrual syndrome exists to break up infertile relationships?

Hey, Darwin is hard at work with your tax dollars. ;)

Epigenetics is oppressive to women?

Epigenetics sees genes as more like cells than marbles. They are alive. The resulting information may or may not get passed on.

Mark, This is What all the Fuss is About

Mark Frank wants to know what all of the fuss is about regarding the recent empirical verification of Michael Behe’s prediction in Edge of Evolution. In response to the News post Evolutionary biologist Larry Moran tries calculating with big numbers re evolution Mark asks: I must be missing something important. As far as I can […]

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