Christian profs continue to pummel guy who says universe shows design, in major news outlet

Metaxas was never supposed to say it where it matters. Just in venues where someone pays profs to yatter.

Theology: What ID is, is not

Intelligent design is not a Christian apologetic. Its ecumenical approach prevents defending a more specific position. (That is why there are so many non-Christians involved.)

Intelligent design 2.0? Huh?

I’ve been on this beat a long time. Never heard the term “intelligent design 2.0″ from an ID theorist. That alone would make me suspicious.

The search for “what sets humans apart” from chimpanzees is really a fake search

Because it is agreed in advance that the most likely conclusions are ruled out

National Public Radio: Ape babble hints at origins of human speech

She spent so much time with humans that she learned how to smoke cigarettes? [??!!] BAD Orang! bad! bad!

Why zebras are striped (this time we really MEAN it)

That makes sense. When it is warmer, one can be more reckless. Perhaps the costs of variation are reduced by the abundance of energy.

New species: Microbe breathes sulfate

That’s the thing about life. It seems to want to live, so always finds a way.

Researchers: Exo-planets more friendly than thought

YOU bet the farm on it. Send us a postcard.

Researchers: Early Earth was indeed “extremely oxygen-poor compared to today”

It may have had more methane and carbon dioxide.

WJM on Subjectivist Equivocations

The following is from William J. Murray: The problem inherent in arguments for subjective morality is often that those arguing for subjectivism employ terminology that is unavailable to their argument, such as X “is wrong” or “is immoral”. That phrasing obfuscates what the subjectivist must mean as opposed to what an objectivist means when they […]

Re Eric Metaxas: Religion profs attempt to take back their swell racket

The Christian philosophy elite seemingly cannot find enough enemy command posts to surrender to.

Is New Scientist channelling us? Dunno. We sure aren’t channelling them but…

Don’t know. It’s paywalled. By contrast, the article in Nature and our “Straighten up and fly right” responses are both free.

Lee Smolin wants to ditch the multiverse?

Gosh, and that won’t cost much. What must we pay to divorce something that doesn’t exist?

Stone tools drove human evolution, researchers say

Too bad this genuinely interesting stuff needs to be packaged in such a way as to pretend to provide a naturalist account of the origin of the human mind. It’s kind of like a built-in deformity.

Yes, Mobs Are Famous for Respecting the Rights of Minorities

Sometimes it is useful to highlight some of the more aggressively stupid things that materialists say: Stephen B: How do you decide if the government has over-stepped its authority? Aurelio Smith: In a democracy, you can assert it and see if anyone agrees.

It turns out Neanderthals were not all that stupid about tools

This should not be news. It’s not even clear that Neanderthals and current humans were “separate species” in any meaningful sense.

Researchers say junk DNA plays key role in brain development

Darwin’s followers get caught on the wrong side of so many battles these days.

Sharks not primitive? Well, if they aren’t, what is?

Which multicellular life forms can genuinely claim to be “primitive”? What must a life form do to be “primitive” and still be life?

Can information be stored to the end of time?

Researchers: Re how much information can be stored from the beginning to the end of time, the results suggest “not very much.”

History of man unravels in huge fraud?

If it all really depended on this one prof Protsch’s work, things are even worse than we are being told.

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