Kirk Durston on Christianity and evolution

He writes to say, I have just posted the first in a series of blogs dealing with evolution and Christianity in which I will examine two models, the neo-darwinian model and the intelligent design model, in terms of mutually incompatible, testable, and falsifiable predictions. I hope to post one every week or two and keep […]

Some evidence that one can be aware of things after clinical death?

Cause unknown. From Britain’s Daily Telegraph last year: It is a controversial subject which has, until recently, been treated with widespread scepticism. But scientists at the University of Southampton have spent four years examining more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria. And they found that […]

Pointing at the Moon

“When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger.” Confucius If the universe is the finger, what is the moon?

Does new atheism have a real problem with morality?

We wondered: I’d like to focus on a small part of the dispute, as it nicely summarizes the New Atheist’s ability to deal with atheism’s morality problem. Coyne provides the following quote from Robbins: Nietzsche’s atheism is far from exultant—he is not crowing about the death of God, much as he despises Christianity. He understands […]

Warm-blooded fish found

From ScienceDaily: The silvery fish, roughly the size of a large automobile tire, is known from oceans around the world and dwells hundreds of feet beneath the surface in chilly, dimly lit waters. It swims by rapidly flapping its large, red pectoral fins like wings through the water. Fish that typically inhabit such cold depths […]

Evolutionist’s Overreach on Eukaryote Evolution Fuels Journalistic Frenzy

Ever wonder who those peer reviewers are who approve of the non scientific evolution papers which claim that the world arose spontaneously? Well now we know one of them is professor James McInerney who has come cleanas a reviewer of Thijs Ettema’s latest paper which makes the rather startling claim—with McInerney’s full approval—that complex archaea […]

Origin of life: Highlights of Suzan Mazur’s interview with researcher Corrado Spadafora

Suzan Mazur interviews Corrado Spadafora: Corrado Spadafora’s laboratory originally discovered that mature sperm cells from a variety of species share the ability to spontaneously take up exogenous DNA molecules and deliver them to oocytes at fertilization: they called that phenomenon cell-mediated sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT). That feature was subsequently exploited, in theirs and other laboratories, to generate […]

Some wonder: Could left-handed cosmic magnetic field explain missing antimatter?

From ScienceDaily: The discovery of a ‘left-handed’ magnetic field that pervades the universe could help explain a long standing mystery — the absence of cosmic antimatter. A group of scientists, led by Prof Tanmay Vachaspati from Arizona State University in the United States, with collaborators at Washington University and Nagoya University, announce their result in […]

Darwin was wrong about ANYTHING? Oh wait, only about thistles.

The local tax funded cult, it turns out, is safe. Here: Why Close Relatives Make Bad Neighbors Abstract The number of exotic plant species that have been introducedinto the United States far exceeds that of other groups of organisms, and many of these have become invasive. As in many regions of the globe, invasive members […]

Unsolved problems in biology

From Real Clear Science: When biologists get together to discuss the nagging mysteries in their diverse field, there’s always that elephant in the room: How did life spring up from non-life? But, according to highly regarded cancer researcher Robert Weinberg, it’s an elephant that most biologists ignore, or at least discreetly avoid. “Origin of life […]

One Advantage We Have

Consider this comment by Larry Moran: What [johnnyb] (and Meyer) are saying is that if the false Darwinian version of evolution is wrong then Intelligent Design Creationism is correct. You say this even though you know full well that there’s another possibility; namely, that the real, complete, version of evolutionary theory might be correct. I […]

Miss the Point Much

This occurred to me while I was reading Dr. Torley’s latest post. Some Darwinists suggest that at least part of the solution to the mystery of the Cambrian Explosion is expanding the time during which the explosion occurred from ten millions years to 25 million years.  Let’s do some math: Estimated age of the earth:  […]

Biologist and philosopher Pigliucci won’t renew membership in new atheists?

New atheism is the basis of schoolbook Darwinism, of course. And it turns out, Massimo Pigliucci, the defender of falsifiability, is not a fan of the new atheist cult: The Harris-Chomsky exchange, in my mind, summarizes a lot of what I find unpleasant about SAM: a community who worships celebrities who are often intellectual dilettantes, […]

Mashable: Brain part vanished in modern arthropods

Compared to those of 500 mya LiveScience: The new research focuses on an oval structure, called the anterior sclerite, found in the heads of ancient arthropods. The anterior sclerite has long baffled researchers, especially because some prehistoric arthropods have it while others don’t, and its location in the head changes, depending on the quality of […]

News service Digg asks us if we have ever wondered how life got started on Earth

Well, so do scientists. And even though they haven’t got a concrete answer, they’ve unearthed (no pun intended) loads of other info on the quest to find out how. Offers “adorable animation” on chemical evolution. Dang. See also, if you are serious: Why origin of life is such a hard problem. Follow UD News at […]

Bad math: Why Larry Moran’s “I’m not a Darwinian” isn’t a valid reply to Meyer’s argument

Professor Larry Moran has written a response to my post, A succinct case for Intelligent Design. Unfortunately, Professor Moran gets his facts wrong from the get-go. He writes: It seems to me that the [Intelligent Design creationist] movement concentrates on criticizing evolution (and materialism) and doesn’t really present much of a case for believing that […]

Barr Gets it Wrong Again

Over at FT Stephen Barr discusses the history of science since the 1500’s and gives a brief synopsis of Darwin in which he writes: As with heliocentrism, though, the data was at first inadequate or even misleading. Certain transitional forms were not seen in the fossil record till long after Darwin. Charity compels one to […]

We didn’t know anyone still thought evo psych was still cool

See vid below. Figures it’d be some U tenures as per below, but … Once a while back, a rabbi wrote me and asked why, succinctly I didn’t believe evo psych had anything to offer. Well, apart from issues around reason and logic?  I wrote back and said: If it is true that your behaviour […]

Researchers: Eardrum evolved independently in mammals and reptiles/birds

Here. Researchers at the RIKEN Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory and the University of Tokyo in Japan have determined that the eardrum evolved independently in mammals and diapsids — the taxonomic group that includes reptiles and birds. Published in Nature Communications, the work shows that the mammalian eardrum depends on lower jaw formation, while that of diapsids […]

An “impossible” result from physics?

Here’s the story from Nautilus: Ereditato is the former leader of the 160 physicists from 13 countries that compose the OPERA collaboration, whose goal is to study neutrino physics. It was first proposed in 2000, and Ereditato led it from 2008 to 2012. Then in late winter of 2011, the impossible seemed to happen. “The […]

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