Should we explore the universe?

Commentator Mark Davis says we should: This week is a perfect time to stoke the dormant embers of the wonder we once felt. A vehicle crafted by human hands has just left the solar system after visiting Pluto, sending us crisp photographs of a world 3 billion miles away. Just 50 short years ago, we […]

Long canines and butt heads in 270 myo herbivore?

Butt heads like deer? Further to Oldest animal sperm to date, from ScienceDaily: “It is incredible to think that features found in deer such as the water deer, musk deer and muntjacs today were already represented 270 million years ago,” says Cisneros. The researchers found the Tiarajudens’ marginal teeth are also located in a bone […]

Oldest animal sperm to date

From 50 million years ago. Found in Antarctica inside a fossilized worm cocoon. From Nature: The researchers do not know what kind of worm left the sperm. Scanning electron microscope images show helical structures resembling drill-bits and beaded tails, which are characteristic of sperm produced by crayfish worms, leech-like creatures that live on freshwater lobsters. […]

An interview with a post-modern, truth-optional scientist

Anyone remember Stapel?: Some readers will recall the case of the Dutch psychologist Diederik Stapel, former dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Tilburg University, who was publicly exposed in 2011 for faking his data in several dozen published papers about human behavior that had made him famous – and who, after […]

David M Raup 1933-2015

U Chicago News obit: University of Chicago paleontologist David Raup, SB’53, an innovative authority on evolution and mass extinctions, died of pneumonia July 9 in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. He was 82. Raup’s former students and colleagues uniformly praised his unique creativity along with his astute capabilities as an academic adviser, senior colleague and paleontological statesman. […]

Mathematician Peter Saunders on Darwinism and epigenetics

Huffington Post interview with Suzan Mazur, author of The Origin of Life Circus: One of Peter Saunders’ principal research interests is explaining the properties of complex nonlinear systems, and he’s long been a critic of the Modern Synthesis. But Saunders, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at King’s College London, thinks that at least some of the […]

Pants in knot II: Creationism growth sparks concern in Ivy League

A friend writes re a 2014 Johns Hopkins book, Creationism in Europe, “It’s nice to know you’re wanted:” For decades, the creationist movement was primarily fixed in the United States. Then, in the 1970s, American creationists found their ideas welcomed abroad, first in Australia and New Zealand, then in Korea, India, South Africa, Brazil, and […]

Pluto has ice mountains?

So says the New Horizons flyby: A new close-up image of an equatorial region near the base of Pluto’s bright heart-shaped feature shows a mountain range with peaks jutting as high as 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) above the surface of the icy body. The mountains on Pluto likely formed no more than 100 million years […]

The Day the Music Died

In the age of on-line entertainment and instant information it was, perhaps, possible to live without knowing about the carnage going on around us, but the video of evolutionist Deborah Nucatola casually and callously explaining the crushing of innocent babies and harvesting their young bodies leaves us forever without excuse. Between gulps of red wine […]

When I first heard about the Cuckservatives…

… here, I (O’Leary for News) would have just hit Delete except for one thing: I’d heard from the Dark Enlightenment* before when they were promoting science writer Nicholas Wade’s apparent defense of Darwinian evolution-based racial theories in Troublesome Inheritance Well, their latest is The cuckservative is often fanatically in favor of transracial adoption. He sees […]

Lunch with Dr. Nucatola

Evolutionary thought’s insistence that the world arose spontaneously is our modern-day version of Epicureanism. The idea was then, and continues to be today, motivated by metaphysics, not science. From a scientific perspective the idea is clearly false. That was understood by philosophers of antiquity, but it is understood all the more clearly today. Simply put, […]

Human hand more primitive than chimps’?

From Science: The human hand is a marvel of dexterity. It can thread a needle, coax intricate melodies from the keys of a piano, and create lasting works of art with a pen or a paintbrush. Many scientists have assumed that our hands evolved their distinctive proportions over millions of years of recent evolution. But […]

Bonobos have caveman skills?

New Scientist advises, “Bonobos use a range of tools like stone-age humans.” Indeed, they “demonstrate caveman skills.” The study shows that bonobos are capable of a wide range of tool use that puts them at least on a par with chimps, says Roffman. Their foraging techniques resemble those used by the earliest Stone-Age humans of […]

Claim: Humans not unique or special

Says new BBC feature: We once viewed ourselves as the only creatures with emotions, morality, and culture. But the more we investigate the animal kingdom, the more we discover that is simply not true. Many scientists are now convinced that all these traits, once considered the hallmarks of humanity, are also found in animals. If […]

Big textbook author on junk DNA

Ken Miller is a feted Catholic scientist, friend of Darwinism, and foe of design in nature: From his 1994 textbook: Hundreds of pseudogenes have been discovered in the 1 or 2% of human DNA that has been explored to date, and more are added every month. In fact, the human genome is littered with pseudogenes, […]

Thomas Nagel in the news again

That guy who was almost lynched by Darwin’s “punks, bullies, and hangers-on” for (… well, did he like some book by Steve Meyer or was he maybe just behind in his protection money? Honestly, even we can’t keep up any more.) Apparently, it wasn’t career suicide. Which could testify either to his durability or the […]

The Scopes Trial: Humanity strikes back

From the probably overfunded Smithsonian mag:The Scopes Trial Redefined Science Journalism and Shaped It to What It Is Today In one photo, as if in testament to the success of the town’s publicity stunt, three men stand posing behind a small round table. On the table is posted a sign that reads: “At this table […]

If it’s on Wikipedia, it must be true!

Sure. For the same reasons as if some claim appears in the supermarket checkout counter tabloids it must be true. The tabs are probably stocked by the checkout because typical readers wouldn’t have visited the magazine section, where one could buy Scientific American or National Geographic. Okay, seriously, a friend writes to complain about the […]

Berkeley’s “Understanding Evolution” Website Explains Natural Selection

With a small army of evolutionists working on it, and several National Science Foundation grants funding it, the University of California at Berkeley’s “Understanding Evolution” website has a surprising number of errors. One of the more egregious ones is on a page that is intended to clarify the concept of natural selection. It is entitled […]

Climate wars revisited: Finally, does evidence matter in science?

A friend asks us to notice again science writer Matt Ridley’s complaint about the Climate Wars’ Damage to Science, quoting: The great thing about science is that it’s self-correcting. The good drives out the bad, because experiments get replicated and hypotheses tested — or so I used to think. Now, thanks largely to climate science, […]

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