Philosopher: Machines lack common sense, and that’s the biggest danger AI represents

What if the machine is a superintelligence that just loves paper clips?

Darwin’s followers now spin the function of “vestigial” hipbones in whales, dolphins

The only way to save vestigial organs as evidence for Darwinism is to render the concept too vague to be useful.

Darwinism: Science or Philosophy?: An epic debate

Vigorous arguments and a lively question and answer period illuminate the contemporary debate?

Evolutionists are Doubling Down on De Novo Gene Evolution

How can a new protein-coding gene emerge from a random stretch of DNA? According to evolutionists this occurs via the usual random mutations and natural selection. In fact, as I explained last time, evolutionists are saying this is “basically a solved problem.” But such de novo gene evolution is not anywhere close to a solution. Even […]

Fri Nite Frite lite: Different human species to evolve by 2050?

There really is not much ultimate progress in human affairs. There is only staving off the worse by the better.

Stonehenge was much greater than we realized?

Our ancestors sure wanted the gods to know they had got the mail.

Peer review: How about evaluating peer review?

PRE: The peer review process is increasingly under fire. Questions about trust abound. How do users determine what content to select?

Request for Comments

In my Not Merely False post I made the following statement. It is not possible even in principle to account for mental facts . . . on the basis of physical facts. For anyone who has read Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos, this phraseology should be familiar, because the idea for the post came from […]


A recent post by Barry Arrington started an interesting and lively discussion about morality, whether it is objective and, if so, how it might be grounded. Barry provided the job description for a clinical ethicist and then asked how a materialist could apply for such a job in good faith, given the inability of the […]

Is the Origin of New Genes “Basically a Solved Problem”?

It is no surprise that proteins—the essential machines of life—are not likely to have evolved. At least, that is, if you believe in science. Even according to evolutionists and the most optimistic assumptions possible, the evolution of proteins is so unlikely it is beyond practical consideration. While this conclusion is intuitive and hardly surprising, there […]

Origin of life The faith and the facts

Chemical cross-reactions, including the Maillard reaction, would have prevented a purely naturalistic origin of life.

Applying information theory to the origin of life?

Christoph Adami: the probabilities can move very much in favour of spontaneous emergence of life

Woman of 24 found has no cerebellum in her brain?

Doctors say her case highlights the remarkable plasticity of the brain

Not Merely False

“We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men” (George Orwell). The following statements are so obvious as to be considered truisms. 1. The primordial datum: I am subjectively self-aware. 2. It is not possible even in principle to account for mental facts, […]

National Geographic on the Big Bang “lithium shortage”

Of course, the Big Bang has never been popular. See Big Bang exterminator wanted, will train.

Mammals may have originated much earlier than thought?

Mammals originated approx 208 mya, but earlier estimates suggested 174 to 164 mya. Similarities to moderns said to be due to convergent evolution.

Embryologist Jonathan Wells on biology’s quiet revolution

Remember the pond scum that smashes its genome into over 225k parts, then rebuilds it? Keep remembering.

Vid: Embryologist Jonathan Wells on Icons of Evolution

Addressing six of the icons of evolution we all learned in school (maybe under court order), in homage to Darwin—icons which turned out to be bunk

Let us remember Sept 11, 2001

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks. Let us remember, with the aid of some live video from CNN: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Let us pause for a moment of silent reflection, and let us remember. END

In a Thai zoo, pigs are given tiger cubs to raise

Apparently, being raised by a pig helps the tiger cubs be less aggressive, better suited to a zoo.

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