NPR: Were There Aliens Before Us?

Asks Adam Frank: Earlier this year, my colleague Woody Sullivan and I published a paper in the journal Astrobiology presenting new results that, I believe, throw new light on the ancient question. And, based on that work, last month I wrote an OpEd in The New York Times that ran with provocative title “Yes, There […]

Methodological Naturalism and Epistemic Pluralism

In this next video from the Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism (AM-Nat) conference, Rope Kojonen defends methodological naturalism by suggesting that the foundation for its objections is the belief that science is the only valid way of knowing.

7 biggest problems facing science

According to 270 scientists From Vox: Scientists often learn more from studies that fail. But failed studies can mean career death. So instead, they’re incentivized to generate positive results they can publish. And the phrase “publish or perish” hangs over nearly every decision. It’s a nagging whisper, like a Jedi’s path to the dark side. […]

Burdens of Proof

I welcome Matspirit to these pages, because he gives us a never ending supply of materialist error to discuss.  In his latest he addresses the origin of life debate.  He says that all materialists have to do is make wildly implausible evidence-free assertions about OOL, and unless ID proponents can affirmatively disprove those wildly implausible […]

From Karl Giberson: How Ark Encounter got funded

Readers may vaguely remember Francis Collins’* colleague at BioLogos, Karl Giberson. In an expected pan review, he tells us: Dogged by controversy since its conception, the project overcame many challenges. Tax incentives were controversial, given the organization’s view on LGBT hiring. Raising funds was a problem, solved partially by Ham’s high-profile debate with Bill Nye, who […]

Quote of the Day

gpuccio to materialist fideistic materialist dogmatist Matspirit: The only result of dogmatic anti-dogmatism is a new form of dogmatism.

Equation: Overwhelming odds against life’s beginning?

From Sarah Lewin at When life originates on a planet, whether Earth or a distant world, the newborn life-forms may have to overcome incredible odds to come into existence — and a new equation lays out exactly how overwhelming those odds may be. Well, it’s good that someone is admitting that there aren’t billions […]

That’s Gotta Hurt

Daniel King refuses to follow the evidence regarding the implications of biological semiotics, so Upright Biped asks him: Are you suggesting we dig up Alan Turing and test the need for a symbol system expressive enough to describe an interpreter for itself? Are you wanting to test von Neumann’s mathematical structure of self-replication, or the […]

Clip from ID flight film hits million views at YouTube

A clip from Flight: The genius of birds “Avian flight requires a cause that’s able to visualize a distant endpoint and bring together everything necessary to achieve that endpoint. Only intelligence is capable of that kind of causal process.” Paul Nelson, Philosopher of Biology More. At dusk on a winter evening in southern England a […]

Dismantling neuro-myths (before junk science hurts anyone)

From a review of Steve and Hillary Rose’s Can Neuroscience Change Our Minds? in Times Higher by Louise Whiteley, Whether or not you end up cheerleading for the book’s political agenda, its deconstruction of faulty claims about how neuroscience translates into the classroom is relevant to anyone interested in education. The authors tear apart the […]

Francis Bacon, Analogy, and Teleology

In the next installment of videos from the AM-Nat conference, Jim LeMaster discusses Francis Bacon and David Hume, and shows their issues with teleological thinking in science, and why the arguments against analogies don’t measure up. We have a conference coming up in November focused on biology, and another in February focused on business and […]

Darwinian Dictionary: New Entry: “Regressive Evolution”

At Phys.Org there is an article describing the work of some scientists with the “chordate” Oikopleura dioica which does not have the genes for Retinoic Acid (RA), which all other chordates have. RA is a form of Vitamin A and is needed in the development of the heart. In this organism, the heart develops but […]

FYI-FTR: Luke Barnes on Fine Tuning and the case of the fine structure constant

It seems there is now a talking-point agenda to dismiss the fine tuning issue as an illusion. So, in the current thread on the big bang and fine tuning, I have clipped and commented on a recent article by Luke Barnes. However, comments cannot put up images [save through extraordinary steps], so it is first […]

Paleontology and ID: don’t miss FREE webinar with Dr. Gunter Bechly this Saturday

This coming Saturday (July 16th), I am going to be hosting my weekly Apologetics Academy webinar session. This week, we are blessed to have German pro-ID paleontologist Dr. Günter Bechly presenting to us on the implications of the fossil record for neo-Darwinian evolution. The session begins at 8pm GMT (9pm Central Europe / 3pm EST / 2pm Central […]

The man who mistook himself for a fish

Over at Pharyngula, PZ Myers (who is a cladist) has written an entertaining but misguided post titled, Yes, you are a fish. In today’s post, I’ll argue that the key to classifying organisms correctly isn’t phylogeny, anatomy or genetics; it’s embryology. Only embryology can tell us something specific about an organism’s past and present characteristics, […]

BioLogos encounters Ark Encounter

BioLogos exists to reconcile Christians to evolution, which today seems to mainly mean Darwinism (“modern science” ). From their prez Deborah Haarsma: When people accept the AiG narrative that these scientific conclusions are essential to Christianity, then their faith is often shaken when they encounter the incredible explanatory power of modern science. In fact, we […]

fMRI does NOT reveal what we are thinking?

From Richard Chirgwin at the Register: This is what your brain looks like on bad data A whole pile of “this is how your brain looks like” fMRI-based science has been potentially invalidated because someone finally got around to checking the data. The problem is simple: to get from a high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging scan […]

Bill Nye Encounters Ken Ham’s Ark

Remember Bill Nye, who wants global warming skeptics prosecuted for the sake of his peace of mind? Well now, Nye went to visit Ken Ham at Ark Encounter in rural Kentucky: Ark Encounter features a full-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 […]

Pastafarian lodges complaint with ACLU

From Sophie Saint Thomas at Death and Taxes: Pastafarian lodges complaint with ACLU over right to wear pasta strainer A Pastafarian woman is fighting for her right to wear a pasta strainer on her head, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Rachel Hoover, 21, wore a colander atop her dome for her driver’s license photo as a […]

Describable but not Predictable: Modeling Non-Naturalistic Causation

Here is the next video from the Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism conference. In this video, Jonathan Bartlett describes how, at least in principle, one can model non-naturalistic causes mathematically.

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