MAN ON THE MOON + 45 years, Sunday, July 20 1969, 20:18 GMT . . .

This weekend, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing happened forty-five years ago to day and date.  Video: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt I remember sitting on the stone ledge of our patio after church on Sunday, July 20, 1969 sipping a drink as radio carried the story of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Then, that evening […]

Scientific American blogger gets fired for stating facts about Feynman, with context

Without the usual nuttery. As Ross Pomeroy tells it, Feynman was a jerk where women are concerned, except when he regarded them as colleagues. Ashutosh Jogalekar, who penned the article at Scientific American, described having a similar reaction to Feynman’s “casual sexism,” which also manifested in more than just social arenas. But, he noted, though […]

Human genome shrinks again, lower than projected nematode worm

Calculations must be redone, say some experts.

Gould’s “Wonderful Life” no longer PC

The new buzz is, evolutionary biologists can SO predict evolution—over short periods. But so can anyone.

Orb weaver spiders do not share common origins, contrary to assumptions

Says largest study ever of spider genetics.

Something new every day: Geckos see through their skin

Can change colour when blindfolded.

Re Nicholas Wade: It’s hard to prove an untestable theory

Some of this stuff tends to get overthought

Thoughts on the word “science”

… An abstraction named ‘ the scientist ‘ has been given form in people’s minds as a new figure of authority, …

Life forms that live on pure energy? Yes.

Could there also be life forms that are pure information?

Trying to convince students that a good design is unguided evolution

What we are seeing here is a good design for demonstrating bacterial adaptability.

Guide dogs don’t know that their owners are blind

These days, it is fashionable among science writers to claim that the difference between humans and other animals is one of degree. Well, here’s one clear-cut difference: only human beings are aware of what other individuals can see, while guide dogs appear to be blissfully unaware that their owners cannot see. A 2008 study by […]

Jerry’s Question — Crash Course in Base Pairs and Complementary Strands

Our longtime commenter Jerry several months ago asked a question about DNA (regarding complementary strands). I presume he got an answer by now. At the time, I wanted to respond to his question with this video, but I just never got around to it! But the video would still be incredibly valuable to all our […]

Here Are the Three Important Take-Aways From That New Spider Study

A new study out of Harvard continues to find problems with the spider evolution story. This time it is a massive genetic study demonstrating that spiders that create orb webs do not fall into the expected evolutionary pattern. As usual, the problem cannot simply be explained away as a consequence of methodological problems and evolutionists are left […]

Eric Harris Was Just Paying Attention

Thank you to all of the materialists (and there were several) who rose to the challenge of my last post [Materialists: [crickets]]. We will continue the discussion we began there in this thread. Before I continue, please allow me to clear up some confusion. Several of my interlocutors seem to believe that the purpose of […]

Remember that family that walks on all fours, supposedly “backward evolution”?

As turns out, modern folklore. As a general rule, if it sounds like folklore, it’s folklore.

Cambrian marine predator’s brain (500 mya) was wired like some living invertebrates’

Bodies changed, brains not so much.

Trackways show, animals 50 million years ago used Levy random walk to search for food

Actually, the findings don’t necessarily explain why modern animals use the technique. They don’t do the math either.

Salamander rule 1: Stroke ain’t broke, so don’t fix it—for 270 million years

Or more, when necessary. Talk about stasis!

Did feathered dino use long tail feathers for flight control?

One source describes it as a mid-sized turkey with a very long tail. Jury’s out on whether it flew or flapped.

Comment of the day: Getting the skepticism about NASA’s mission right

ID theorists are as likely as anyone to want to study ET life forms. What concerns many people is the fat hype over slim hope.

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