Single jaw find shows three “species” to be one

As noted earlier, the concept of “species” or “speciation,” as noted in Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, the most influential academic book ever written, is a mess. Of course no one admits that. And no one needs to be a scientist to see it either. Here, for example, from ScienceDaily: The discovery of a […]

How blood is made redefined

From ScienceDaily: Stem-cell scientists redefine how blood is made, toppling conventional ‘textbook’ view The findings, published online in the journal Science, prove “that the whole classic ‘textbook’ view we thought we knew doesn’t actually even exist,” says principal investigator John Dick, Senior Scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network (UHN), and Professor in […]

Half of museum specimens have the wrong name?

From University of Oxford: As many as 50% of all natural history specimens held in the world’s museums could be wrongly named, according to a new study by researchers from Oxford University and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Researchers … scoured the records of Ipomoea – a large and diverse genus which includes the sweet […]

Zachriel Goes Into Insane Denial Mode

Zachriel says that “Darwin held that evolution would be frequently characterized by stasis.”  In support of this piece of blithering idiocy he quotes the following from Origin (4th ed): the periods during which species have undergone modification, though long as measured in years, have probably been short in comparison with the periods during which they […]

Complex grammar of the genome’s language

From ScienceDaily: A new study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet shows that the ‘grammar’ of the human genetic code is more complex than that of even the most intricately constructed spoken languages in the world. The findings, published in the journal Nature, explain why the human genome is so difficult to decipher — and contribute to […]

Claim: Monkeys recognize the basic structure of language

From ScienceDaily: Monkey. Scanning the brains of humans and monkeys, the research team has identified the area at the front of the brain which in both humans and monkeys recognizes when sequences of sounds occur in a legal order or in an unexpected, illegal order. Scanning the brains of humans and macaque monkeys, the research […]

Developing: Siege in St Denis Paris

Sky News: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt 3 fatalities reported, a passerby, a female suicide bomber and one terrorist shot by a police sniper. (I noticed the sniper rifle Friday evening, along with the Beretta M12 sub machine guns favoured by French Police. Also notice, police use of modified Ruger Mini 14s which seem to […]

Brian Douglas Commits Berra’s Blunder

UDEditors:  “Berra’s Blunder”is a well known and documented error that Darwinist can’t seem to stop themselves from making.  See our glossary for a definition.  In the thread to a previous post Brian Douglas gave us an example of such a blunder and Eric Anderson provided a corrective.  All that follows (except, obviously, the text provided […]

Could a new kingdom of life be living in our guts?

It’s at least possible. The archaea were only discovered by Carl Woese in the 1970s. From Science Alert: A team from the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, France has been attempting to redefine the way we classify the organisms living inside our colons. By studying 86 different gene families, they’ve discovered DNA sequences […]

Mammals diversified much later than thought?

From The Scientist : In the grand scheme of geologic time, plus or minus a million years isn’t all that much. But new research suggests that the diversification of mammals occurred a full 30 million years later than previously thought, placing the rise the mammalian class in the Jurassic and not the Triassic period. The […]

Jason Rosenhouse gets it half-right on Galileo

Professor Jason Rosenhouse has written an unflattering review of Michael Ruse’s new book, Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know, which also discusses the trial of Galileo. Rosenhouse gets one important point right about Galileo, while lambasting Ruse’s assertion that “much of the problem was brought on Galileo by himself.” (In the interests of fairness, I […]

Science journalist discovers she is part Neanderthal

Assumes they are/were separate species. Wouldn’t the logical—and economical—conclusion be the exact opposite? That they weren’t separate species? But then she lives in Darwin World, coterminous with pop science journalism. Remember, Darwin’s Origin of Species was the “most influential academic book,” so we can assume that vast numbers who haven’t read or thought about it […]

Stasis stars: Platypus and opossum

From National Geographic: Which Animals Have Barely Evolved? That said, two mammals that have undergone the fewest evolutionary shifts are the platypus and the opossum, says Samantha Hopkins, associate professor of geology at the University of Oregon. You could say the platypus is a survivor: It’s one of the few living descendants of an ancestor […]

Abiogenesis Challenge

Over on a recent thread, we witnessed some flailing about with respect to abiogenesis (see comments 374-376). Thoroughly confused about critical distinctions, such as the difference between deterministic forces and contingent possibilities, some seem to think that the fact that “nature forms stars and planets” means that nature can do just about anything. No need […]

Darwin’s Origin of Species voted “most influential academic book”

And that is what is killing it. From Yahoo News: Women’s rights, the foundations of capitalism and the warping of space-time can all take a backseat to meticulous descriptions of long-beaked finches, at least if public opinion is any measure. “On the Origin of Species,” Charles Darwin’s famous tome on evolution, has been voted the […]

Green Junk Science is More Deadly Than Hitler and Stalin Combined

And when I say deadly, I do not mean “potentially deadly.”  I mean the environmental movement’s junk science has already resulted in the death of tens of millions. Some years ago I spent some time working in Kenya’s bush country.  The experience was heart rending.  I will never forget one man in particular pleading with […]

DBH on Materialist Poofery

From time to time I write in these pages concerning the concept of “materialist poofery” otherwise known as “emergentism.”  Today I noticed an article by DBH on the subject: [An] emergent reality is [according to sociologist Christian Smith] one that, though remaining ever dependent upon the native properties of the elements composing it, nevertheless possesses new […]

REC Becomes a Design Proponent

In the comment thread to a recent post we were discussing the following biological design inference Dr. Moran had made: Moran: Craig Venter and his colleagues constructed a synthetic genome and inserted it into a cell. The DNA determined the structure and properties of the organism that grew and after many subsequent generations we have […]

Curious: An addiction to pure information … ?

That’s what driving while “intexticated” seems to be: An auto safety site in the United States claims that 23% of auto accidents in 2011 involved a cell phone. If correct, that should be no surprise. The minimum distraction is 5 sec, which is just enough to close the “window of opportunity” that our driving instructors […]

Woman better off when half her brain was removed?

From Mental Floss: From the outside, Elena del Peral seems to be like any other high-achieving college senior. She goofs around the campus quad of Massachusetts’ Curry College with her classmates and posts pictures on Facebook of birthday drinks with girlfriends. She holds a philanthropic job at a childhood cancer foundation and is on the […]

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