So non-protein coding DNA is now “widely recognized” to be not junk?

Research: non-protein-coding genomic DNA is not “junk” but specifies a range of regulatory RNA molecules

Darwin’s dittoheads win over The New Republic?

Sounds that way: If you haven’t followed this story, you should. It’s the rare development in the news that you can feel almost entirely good about. Although TNR is a liberal journal, and not quite representative of my picture of reality, the staff is talented, and Wieseltier can be brilliant. If you haven’t read his […]

Brain network detected that supposedly gives humans superior reasoning skills

iT just sort of happened, OKAY? ;).

Makes you wonder why humans are smart

So humans thrived despite the forces arrayed against them?

New from MercatorNet

The News desk’s other desk)

Horizontal gene transfer: Jumping gene jumped to all three domains of life?

Researchers: From bacteria to archaea and eukaryotes.

Why RNA is right-handed

We are always “close” to “ capable of evolution on its own.”

Carnivorous plant fossil from 40 million years ago

You’ve heard of: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? How about, if you can’t join ‘em, eat ‘em.

Evolution is true if there is a job in fronting it?

Is that the message of one biochemist’s career, or do we misunderstand?

A celeb skeptic has a normal experience

We are supposed to believe this? I guess we must.

Against all odds. The spiritual life matters

Researchers: enhances and synchronises inherent cardiovascular rhythms

Game over for human race? Alternatively, why are these people world’s smartest scientists?

As a friend says, nice knowing you all… after all this time.

Shell art 300 thousand years before humans “evolved”?

Funny how people who claim there is no design in nature immediately abandon their principles when they see a design their ideology permits them to accept.

A friend writes, re the recent Slate poll on creation

Reader: ID is the elephant that they did not let into the room.

The mind is real. The great physicists knew this. But that said …

If the mindfulness craze is really so cool, why did Anders Breivik use it?

Terry Scambray on Nicholas Wade, Darwin on race, expanded

How be this?: People shape their environments.

So there is no longer a language instinct?

If you must dethrone your god, materialists, could you not do it in a more decent manner?

Religion And Intelligent Design Theory

The history of science is – of course – full of theories that have been proposed by people with deep religious or philosophical convictions (including materialism).  These great minds and others around and after them have often opined about the social, philosophical and religious implications of their scientific discoveries or the discoveries and theories of […]

Claim: ‘Mirage Earth’ exoplanets may have burned away chances for life

Read it and bleep.

Today in fossils: Archaeopteryx First bird or third? Or maybe just something we heard?

Researcher: They’d rather cut off one of their legs than admit it has nothing to do with bird origins.

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