Stasis: Interesting item in Nautilus claims no species have stopped evolving

Here: “I think the term ‘living fossil’ should be retired,” Turner says. “It does little good because it is almost always based on oversimplifications. ‘Living fossils’ often are judged based on some notion of overall morphological similarity. That was the case with crocs. If you squint, these various lineages all sort of look the same, […]

Remarkable new Egyptian art murals

See them before someone decides that their (unrelated) religion decrees their destruction.

Fifteen tweaks that made us human?

From BBC Humans are possibly the weirdest species to have ever lived. We have freakishly big brains that allow us to build complicated gadgets, understand abstract concepts and communicate using language. We are also almost hairless with weak jaws, and struggle to give birth. How did such a bizarre creature evolve? Huh? 1. In a world […]

Strange “purpose” of human eye wiring unveiled?

Did we mention Scientific American before? Yes, we did, here, on the Neanderthal mystique (but you have to pay for way too much of it). Now here, we are informed that the purpose of the strange wiring of our eyes is “unveiled.” Wow. Such mystical language. The human eye is optimised to have good colour […]

Scientific American on the “Neanderthal mystique”

Here: It’s an intriguing area of research, not least because in addition to illuminating the Neandertal mind, such investigations can help reveal what factors allowed anatomically modern humans—our kind—to succeed where other members of the human family failed. Failed? Failed to do what, exactly? AKA: Why Darwinism is headed off a rock cut.

Chronicle of Higher Education discovers some facts about big science

Consensus science. Chronicle still hasn’t released a free version of the bad news about consensus science, but a brief quote may be permissible: While the public remains relatively unaware of the problem, it is now a truism in the scientific establishment that many preclinical biomedical studies, when subjected to additional scrutiny, turn out to be false. […]

Why the origin of life people are such a glum bunch

Which doesn’t mean there is no hope or no information. Read on. Further to Origin of life: Is the real story mainly the comments now?, physicist Rob Sheldon writes I had to write just to defend the poor chemist, John D. Sutherland. The problem of making ribose and proteins-a la Miller and Urey, is that […]

Deepak Chopra again on why he thinks Darwin wrong

Yeah, that guy. Him. This time here. Motivation guru and author Dr Deepak Chopra on Friday challenged Darwin’s theory of evolution, saying it is “consciousness” and not “random mutations and natural selection” that explains where the human beings today are. “Charles Darwin was wrong. Conscsiousness is key to evolution and we will soon prove that,” […]

Does this public service announcement from NASA play every week?

No one shut it off? Here: Billions Of Planets In Our Galaxy ‘May Hold Life’ Billions of stars in our galaxy could have as many as three planets orbiting them that could support life. Astronomers used data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope which has already confirmed that 1,000 planets are orbiting stars in the Milky […]

But isn’t that BioLogos founder Francis Collins?

Featured in an article, Amid a Sea of False Findings, the NIH Tries Reform? BioLogos is a group that wants Christians to believe in evolution, whatever that means. Today, of course it means Darwinism. Didn’t Templeton give them $$millions? One must pay to read the rest. News doesn’t want to pay because it’d just be […]

Why I Love AVIDA – Detecting Design in Digital Organisms

There are many ID’ers who complain about the AVIDA simulation, and I for the life of me can’t figure out why this is so.

Suzan Mazur: A non-linear language needed for life? Meet Luis Villareal

Here. Suzan Mazur: It’s clear to me from reading your papers that you have issues with neo-Darwinism. Luis Villarreal: The issues first came up when I began looking at quasispecies in the early 1970s. I was a researcher in the lab of the late John Holland, where there was real enthusiasm for studying evolution theory […]

In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design, 2nd edition

The following story is from Section 5.1 of my new Discovery Institute Press book “In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design, 2nd edition.” For a more scientific version of this story, see my 2013 BIO-Complexity article, “Entropy and Evolution,” which is now Chapter 4. The new Chapter 1 is an article published by […]

Stinks higher: Particle physics hype debunked ?

Some science pubs want to survive as trusted sources? This from Real Clear Science: Technically, the headlines are not incorrect. Yet, to me and others, they imply something more radical than what was actually observed. To cut to the chase, an individual photon cannot be observed acting as both a pure particle and wave at the […]

High profile chem journals are retracting papers …

Here. … Notices of concern regarding papers in Science2, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)3,4,5, Journal of Material Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Chemical Science have been published in the past few months and now the first retractions of these papers has been coming into effect – one paper in Science2 and three in JACS. […]

Origin of life: Is the real story mainly the comments now?

What’s really interesting about the latest claim (Science) to have (maybe) solved the origin of life conundrum is the comments. Here’s one: I’m pretty much shocked at the emotionally charged comments. They are simply testing hypotheses for the building-blocks of life and how they were assembled. The intent is not to disprove your god(s) or […]

Evolution needs a library of Platonic forms?

Well, then it sure isn’t “evolution” as National Geographic understands it. This just in from Andreas Wagner at Aeon: How do random DNA changes lead to innovation? Darwin’s concept of natural selection, although crucial to understand evolution, doesn’t help much. The thing is, selection can only spread innovations that already exist. The botanist Hugo de […]

ID and Evolutionary Biology

Recently, Larry Moran critiqued ID’s approach to evolutionary biology. Here I will explain how Larry Moran has misunderstood both ID and modern evolutionary theory.

Second Thoughts on the Second Law: Extending an Olive Branch

Recently on niwrad’s thread we have had a lively discussion about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and its potential application to the question of a materialistic abiogenesis scenario. kairosfocus has followed up with another useful post. In the present thread I provide a high level view of some of the key issues and misconceptions surrounding […]

Larry Krauss wants schools to teach doubt

About anything except what he thinks? Some of us would be curious to know where he stands on falsifiability?

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