The multiverse is ever simmering

Never boils. But that somehow never matters. Do readers remember these stories? The multiverse circus is coming back to a PBS affiliate near you? And If you’ve ever doubted that popular culture loves the multiverse… Well, here is public broadcasting on Gravitational Waves From Bubble Universe Collisions: Follow inflation to what many theorists think is […]

Doubt as the engine of science?

Yesterday, johnnyb asked whether doubt is the engine of science: The narrative goes like this: science proceeds by taking everything we think we know and hold dear and doubting it; this doubt is what allows the progress of knowledge. Christopher Hitchens said he was “a skeptic who believes that doubt is the great engine, the […]

Amino Acid Frequency Correlates With the Number of Codons

One of the powerful evidences for evolution is the DNA code, at least according to evolutionists. The DNA code is essentially the same across all of life and, evolutionists explain, there is no reason for such universality. The code is ubiquitous across all life, but it is not special or unique. It is a mundane […]

Is Doubt the Engine of Science?

Many people have claimed that doubt is the great engine of scientific advance. In this article, I would like to contend against that thought, and show the true virtue that lies behind science that is often mistaken for doubt.

The multiverse hits the comics section

Which means the war on falsifiability has totally infiltrated popular culture Further to Wait till it hits the school system, our favourite NON-creationist mathematician Peter Woit notes, I know I should be coming up with material on different topics here, but the multiverse stuff sometimes is just too hard to ignore. Next week’s Comicpalooza in […]

Scientific American wonders about “liberal bias” in social psych

So the editors actually noticed?: Duarte et al provide evidence suggesting that social psychology is not a welcoming environment for conservatives. Papers are reviewed differently depending on whether they are considered to support liberal vs. conservative positions, and anonymous surveys reveal a considerable percentage of social psychologists willing to explicitly report negative attitudes towards conservatives. […]

Wait till the unfalsifiable multiverse hits the school system

At Scientific American, courtesy of Dan Falk and Quanta Magazine: we learn that in his latest book, Science’s Path from Myth to Multiverse, Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg explores how science made the modern world, and where it might take us from here: Myth to multiverse? Wasn’t a long haul, was it?: But at least we […]

Guest Post: Continuity of Thought – A Disproof of Materialism

Today’s guest post is from nkendall: We have looked at the phenomena of dreams LINK: Are Dreams Incompatible With Materialism? and constancy of self through near death experiences LINK: Constancy of Self in Light of Near Death Experiences – A Disproof of Materialism as disproofs of materialism. Now I want to look at continuity of thought as a disproof of materialism.   Have […]

Creationists sequence e coli genome

Stuff we mustn’t tell Bill Nye (if anyone still cares where he is or what he is doing) PubMed link for one e coli genome from Liberty University here. Darwin followers free to call police. Follow UD News at Twitter!

BBC describes our solar system as “weird”

Here: The multitude of planetary systems seems to be yet another fact of our cosmic inconsequence, in which our corner of the universe is just like any other. But while planetary systems abound, astronomers are finding that in some respects, the solar system stands out. “It’s increasingly seeming that the solar system is something of […]

I’d like a straight yes or a straight no, Professor Moran

Professor Moran has been kind enough to grace us with his presence on my post, Bad math: Why Larry Moran’s “I’m not a Darwinian” isn’t a valid reply to Meyer’s argument. But he hasn’t answered a simple question I posed to him, regarding Dr. Stephen Meyer’s comments on the neutral theory of evolution in his […]

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Science-Deniers

Yeah, from Newsweek (still exists): To those who grew up in the 1990s, Bill Nye the Science Guy was a television staple and its star a fount of scientific discovery. Today, Nye continues working in a similar vein, albeit offscreen, as CEO of the Planetary Society, a nonprofit that … What’s the one thing you […]

Rogue antimatter apparently found in thunderclouds

From Nature: When Joseph Dwyer’s aeroplane took a wrong turn into a thundercloud, the mistake paid off: the atmospheric physicist flew not only through a frightening storm but also into an unexpected — and mysterious — haze of antimatter. Although powerful storms have been known to produce positrons — the antimatter versions of electrons — […]

Kirk Durston on Christianity and evolution

He writes to say, I have just posted the first in a series of blogs dealing with evolution and Christianity in which I will examine two models, the neo-darwinian model and the intelligent design model, in terms of mutually incompatible, testable, and falsifiable predictions. I hope to post one every week or two and keep […]

Some evidence that one can be aware of things after clinical death?

Cause unknown. From Britain’s Daily Telegraph last year: It is a controversial subject which has, until recently, been treated with widespread scepticism. But scientists at the University of Southampton have spent four years examining more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria. And they found that […]

Pointing at the Moon

“When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger.” Confucius If the universe is the finger, what is the moon?

Does new atheism have a real problem with morality?

We wondered: I’d like to focus on a small part of the dispute, as it nicely summarizes the New Atheist’s ability to deal with atheism’s morality problem. Coyne provides the following quote from Robbins: Nietzsche’s atheism is far from exultant—he is not crowing about the death of God, much as he despises Christianity. He understands […]

Warm-blooded fish found

From ScienceDaily: The silvery fish, roughly the size of a large automobile tire, is known from oceans around the world and dwells hundreds of feet beneath the surface in chilly, dimly lit waters. It swims by rapidly flapping its large, red pectoral fins like wings through the water. Fish that typically inhabit such cold depths […]

Evolutionist’s Overreach on Eukaryote Evolution Fuels Journalistic Frenzy

Ever wonder who those peer reviewers are who approve of the non scientific evolution papers which claim that the world arose spontaneously? Well now we know one of them is professor James McInerney who has come cleanas a reviewer of Thijs Ettema’s latest paper which makes the rather startling claim—with McInerney’s full approval—that complex archaea […]

Origin of life: Highlights of Suzan Mazur’s interview with researcher Corrado Spadafora

Suzan Mazur interviews Corrado Spadafora: Corrado Spadafora’s laboratory originally discovered that mature sperm cells from a variety of species share the ability to spontaneously take up exogenous DNA molecules and deliver them to oocytes at fertilization: they called that phenomenon cell-mediated sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT). That feature was subsequently exploited, in theirs and other laboratories, to generate […]

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