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When we are dealing with concepts like freedom and equality, it is essential to use words accurately and in good faith. So the eighth commandment is: beware of those who seek to win an argument at the expense of the language. For the fact that they do is proof positive that their argument is false, […]

Origin of complex cells: Can energy create information?

Origin of life researcher Nick Lane, author of The Vital Question asks at The Scientist: Did endosymbiosis-and the innovations in membrane bioenergetics it engendered-make it possible for eukaryotic life to evolve? There’s a black hole at the heart of biology. Why is it that complex eukaryotic cells share so many fundamental traits, from the nucleus […]

Breaking: Parrots, as well as chimps, becoming like us

Further to BBC announces: Chimps have entered the Stone Age (Nonsense. Apes smash things with stones the way birds do. They will go on doing that indefinitely. If their cognition permitted more, they would be further along today), over at Evolution News & Views, Ann Gauger has provides a reality-based perspective on chimp intelligence: Chimps […]

How Materialists Mutilate Language in the Service of Evil

  From the sign that reads Arbeit Macht Frei (“work makes (you) free”) over the gate at Auschwitz, to the Doublespeak forced on the population by the totalitarian government in 1984, the mutilation of language has long walked hand in hand with evil.  As yet another example, we get this bizarre episode from frequent commenter […]

Homeschoolers fear government Darwinists?

Megan Fox at PJMedia writes, Anyone who questions the great religion of Darwinism, specifically that all living things come from one common ancestor and more specifically, that people evolved from apes, is violently and quickly attacked, silenced, and treated like they’re a heretic. … I have personally been threatened by people who say they want […]

Earth is outside habitable zone?

Well, first, the BBC asks: What makes a planet habitable? Here: Water in liquid form is thought to be a necessity for life on Earth. Based on this, let’s look at the classical definition for the habitable zone as the region around a star, such as our own Sun, where the temperature of any orbiting […]

BBC announces: Chimps have entered Stone Age

Further to Psychiatry: The trouble with being mad in North America… is that, at times, you’re saner than many pundits: We learn from the BBC Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age We think of the Stone Age as something that early humans lived through. But we are not the only species that has […]

Psychiatry: The trouble with being mad in North America…

… is that, at times, you’re saner than many pundits. Further to Terms to retire from psychological science (Perry: Many terms commonly used in psychology, psychiatry and related fields “should be avoided, or at most used sparingly and with explicit caveats”): A new book by Robert Whitaker and Lisa Cosgrove, Psychiatry Under the Influence, investigates […]

New at MercatorNet

O’Leary for News’s night job, on the impact of new media: Old media doesn’t get new media. It is called the internet, not the innernet for a reason. Serious argument: The right to marry a robot This is an argument for the right to marry something that is not human and not a self. Forcing […]

A Response to The Materialists’ “Possible Possum” Gambit

Frequent commenter Popperian often employs the “Possible Possum Gambit.” Here’s how he does it: Barry:  An effect cannot be brought about by a cause that is incapable of producing the effect.  A pile of bricks can “cause” some things if they are organized in a particular way, a house for instance.  But a pile of […]

“Kinda cool” to Pull the Brain Out of a Baby Whose Heart is Still Beating

The following, dear readers, is what it comes to when the eigenstates of the world have their way: Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician with Planned Parenthood partner StemExpress, described in the video how one abortionist thought it was “kinda cool” to arbitrarily stop and start an unborn baby’s heart during the abortion. “‘Hey, Holly, come […]

Cell Requires Hundreds of Kilobases for Mature Micro-RNA

Here’s todays headscratcher from Phys.Org. It appears that to contrive a “mature” micro-RNA (mi-RNA), involved in gene regulation, the cell requires hundreds of kilobases of sequence. How odd. “Mature” mi-RNA’s are ~22 bases in length, and hundreds of thousand of nucleotide bases are needed (of primary-mi-RNA) to effect this ~22-nucleotide regulatory element? Here’s what they […]

Amazon’s “purposeful Darwinism”

Purposeful Darwinism? From Mercatornet, The retail giant is conducting an experiment to see how far it can push white-collar employees. After reading the quotes and claims by former and current employees, both named and anonymous, “purposeful Darwinism” doesn’t quite capture what is being described, rather English philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ abbreviated view of the state of […]

How far back does Front-Loading Go?

Here’s this snippet from a Phys.Org entry. The most remarkable part of it is that they link “cell-type” evolution to the repression of genes, making one wonder if all the necessary genes needed for all of life was somehow present in an original genome. Obviously there are problems with this thesis in terms of genome […]

It’s magic! Registered clinical trials vanish positive findings

From Nature: A 1997 US law mandated the registry’s creation, requiring researchers from 2000 to record their trial methods and outcome measures before collecting data. The study found that in a sample of 55 large trials testing heart-disease treatments, 57% of those published before 2000 reported positive effects from the treatments. But that figure plunged […]

Linguist comments on latest Ape speaks! claims

As in National Geographic: Bonobo peeps point to human language origin (The pop science mind tends to lack practical intelligence. No one even thinks of asking why, if baby bonobo peeping tells us about the roots of human language, it never did anything for the bonobos) and Apes close to speaking? No. (In the middle ages, […]

Water worlds can’t host life?

From Science: Why water worlds won’t host life New research published online before print in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society shows that Earth-sized water worlds are habitable only in a very limited range of temperatures—from about 0̊C to 127̊C. Anything outside that range, which tends to occur on planets that are in […]

Terms to retire from psychological science

From MinnPost: Many common psychology terms are ‘inaccurate, misleading, misused, ambiguous or logically confused,’ experts claim Many terms commonly used in psychology, psychiatry and related fields — such as chemical imbalance, love molecule, and autism epidemic — “should be avoided, or at most used sparingly and with explicit caveats,” according to a recent paper in […]

BioLogos: Fundamentalists Were Wrong About Galileo, So They’re Also Wrong About Darwin

It is one thing to point out particular conflicts between religion and science, it is quite another to characterize broadly the relationship between religion and science as one of conflict. The former is simply recognizing realities, the latter is the failed view known as the Conflict or Warfare Thesis. Certainly there are some genuine conflicts […]

Evolutionists Have a Brand New Theory

For a theory that is supposed to be scientific, and therefore not teleological, evolution certainly does have its share of Aristotelian commitments. In fact, the Philosopher seems to be present at every turn in evolutionary thought. Consider the latest thinking from evolutionists—a brand new theory formulated to replace the last brand new theory which, not […]

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