Hank Campbell on the corruption of peer review

Oh, but all that’s all right because the parties concerned were presumably on the right side of the Green Machine.

It’s official: there are no ring species

Readers who were taught about ring species as evidence for evolution in high school are due for a surprise: it now appears that there aren’t any, after all. There were only a few alleged cases to begin with, but now, they’ve all been discredited. The last “good example” of a ring species has just been […]

Scientists “very close” to finding another Earth?

One would think that the Gliese 581d fiasco would result in more caution. Nah.

Belgian philosopher Maarten Boudry thinks methodological naturalism doesn’t achieve its goals

Like killing off “anti-evolutionism.” Boudry also fronted a Sokal-style hoax on a theology conference in 2012

Materialists: [crickets]

Over three months ago I posted Psychopath as Übermensch or Nietzsche at Columbine, in which I wrote: Let us assume for the sake of argument that metaphysical naturalism is a true account of reality. What if a person were able to act based on a clear-eyed and unsentimental understanding of the consequences outlined above? If […]

Coffee!! Princeton physicist who developed greenhouse gas models smacks down self-assured journalist

Physicist Happer replies in fine form, starting with “Shut up.”

Theoretical physicist: Science is not about certainty

Rovelli: There hasn’t been a major success in theoretical physics in the last few decades

Anti-malaria drug resistance requires at least two mutations

Did design theorist Michael Behe predict this?

Epigenetics coverage increases in Ken Miller’s 2014 textbook

Even though the best-known Darwin-in-the-schools lobbyist argued against it.

Rube Goldberg Complexity Increase in Thermodynamically Closed Systems

A thermodynamically closed system that is far from equilibrium can increase the amount of physical design provided it is either front loaded or has an intelligent agent (like a human) within it. A simple example: A human on a large nuclear powered space ship can write software and compose music or many other designs. The […]

Jerry Coyne’s critique of the cosmological argument … and the reply he wouldn’t publish

A few days ago, Professor Jerry Coyne attacked fellow atheist and Darwinist Michael Ruse, for going too easy on the cosmological argument for God’s existence in an interview with philosopher Gary Gutting, titled, Does Evolution Explain Religious Beliefs? (New York Times, July 8, 2014). In the interview, Ruse, a professor of philosophy at Florida State […]

Someone offers as design in nature the barrel-eye fish

The demand for these developments to come about purely by natural selection among random mutations can’t be met by reality, it can only be proclaimed as dogma.

Tibetans inherited gene for life at high altitudes from Denisovans?

Researchers: Admixture with other hominin species has provided genetic variation … to adapt to new environments.

Scorpion burrow follows “a very sophisticated design”

The scorpion’s engineering points to an intelligence in nature, one that we may indeed be able to study—but first we must stop pretending it isn’t there.

A Key Evidence for Evolution Involving Mobile Genetic Elements Continues to Crumble

It is difficult to keep track of all the studies indicating that junk DNA isn’t really junk DNA after all. I have no idea how much actual junk there is in our genomes, but evolution has a long history of failed claims of disutility, inefficiency and junk in nature’s designs. That is why I think […]

The Second Law: In Force Everywhere But Nowhere?

I hope our materialist friends will help us with this one. As I understand their argument, entropy is not an obstacle to blind watchmaker evolution, because entropy applies absolutely only in a “closed system,” and the earth is not a closed system because it receives electromagnetic radiation from space. Fair enough. But it seems to […]

Education and Absurdity

As I viewed the animation of the working of molecular machinery Dr. Torley posted below, two things occurred to me. 1. It is the very acme of absurdity to assert those machines assembled themselves spontaneously through the accretion of random errors sorted by a fitness function. 2. Many highly educated people assert just that. Then […]

The error of anthropomorphism

Some oppose a design conception of the cosmos only because they consider bizarre a “Designer” of the cosmos. This way they show to have an anthropomorphic, wrong idea of the Designer. So I think it is useful to dedicate a post to counter the error of anthropomorphism. Specifically anthropomorphism is the error of attributing to […]

When beliefs and (some people’s favourite) facts collide

It never occurs to Nyhan that what he calls “more information” is instantly recognizable to any intelligent person as propaganda.

Ann Gauger on stacking the deck against Eve

Ann Gauger Further to Biologic Institute’s Ann Gauger’s reflections on biology’s many surprises, after a lifetime in science, including surprises about human origins: Cann et al sequenced mitochondrial DNA from around the world to show that all women were descended from a single woman who lived some time around 200,000 years ago. (Similar work was […]

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