Philosopher talks back to the Copernican Principle (Principle of Mediocrity)

Pigs fly. Someone with a blackboard behind him says something sensible on Earth’s uniqueness

Early Earth less ‘Hellish’ than previously thought?

If this find holds, we understand better how life was even possible back then (not how it happened).

The vein patterns in fruit fly wings never vary by “more than the width of a single cell”

Different flies, same width. Very precise indeed.

Paper: Key Evolutionary Question Largely Unknown

In 1859 scientists were skeptical of Charles Darwin’s new theory of evolution for obvious reasons. For example, how could new designs evolve by themselves? Now that evolution is an accepted truth, evolutionists can discuss the state of the theory. As a new paper explains, “How body pattern evolves in nature remains largely unknown.”  Read more

Do humans cause chimpanzees to become violent? No.

In reality chimpanzees are probably violent by nature, whether it is adaptive or not.

Bobby Jindal gives it back on “science denial”

He is demonstrating, it seems, that any number can play at that “science denial” game.

Here’s a Typical Example of Evolutionary Story-Telling

Evolutionary events are, as Theodosius Dobzhansky put it, “unique, unrepeatable, and irreversible.” And so evolution is an idea with more theorizing than hard facts. It is more of a narrative than a theory. Here is a typical example:  Read more

Why the Narrative Trumps the Facts

Greg Conterio, echoing Robert Bidinotto, makes the point that culture war differences often pit the facts versus the narrative. The facts can win every battle but the narrative wins the war. As Bidinotto puts it, “One of the most valuable insights I discovered in recent years is how Narratives trump everything else — including what most of […]

Far left paper thumbs down on evolutionary psychology…

Evo psych is a contradiction in terms. Were it a valid field of study, it would demonstrate that evolution hasn’t happened in a million years.

Duck Dynasty discovers intelligent design?

In his treatment of ID, Robertson may be influenced by William Dembski’s approach.

Researchers? How could hippos’ bones be found on islands if they can’t swim?

But is the hippo in the vid not swimming?

Semi-aquatic dino was bigger than the tyrannosaur

Spinosaurus was the largest known predatory dinosaur to roam Earth.

Making New Genes Just Got More Exotic—Yes They Evolve, But How?

Making new genes is not easy. For several decades now it has been thought that the only process for gene construction is to start by duplicating an existing gene and then making adjustments to it (it is not the only process, but that is another story). Naturally evolutionists interpreted this duplication process as another example […]

Is the non-dominant hand vital to the evolution of the thumb?

In principle, the idea is a good one, but note how Darwinspeak about “evolutionary advantage” intervenes at the end.

Neuroscientist Sam Harris says he is NOT a sexist pig, and clearly isn’t

In short, Harris believes in the weight of evidence, not the power of ideology. But his “fellow liberals” live in a post-mind world

ARN Vid: Stephen Meyer and Marcus Ross on Irreducible Complexity

The disparity of the major body plans in the Cambrian explosion appear before the diversity of species.

Robert Marks on probability and random processes

By the way, does anyone remember when …Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics lab was shut down at Baylor? Baptist U?

Here’s Something Orwell Didn’t Predict

According to a report from The Times earlier this year, policy makers in Britain are attempting to enforce AGW   Read more

Global Warming and Information Manipulation

Here is a paper out of the PRCthat raises some awkward questions about the intellectual climate surrounding global warming. Apparently with all the blackballing, peer-review control, publication manipulation, and funding and career threats, the Chinese suspect there might be some manipulation of information at work.  Read more

Language study PR namedrops Darwin; sure to get taken seriously now

And the big question, of how human languages have become what they all are, goes unanswered still.

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