MF Runs Away; Anyone Else Care to Play?

Mark Frank apparently no longer wants to play. So I will throw the question I asked him open to any of the other materialists who post here. Imagine the following exchange: Barry: Mr. Materialist, is it possible to imagine a universe in which torturing an infant to death for personal pleasure is actually an affirmatively […]

Well, this won’t help: Baboon bone in iconic “Lucy” skeleton?

So says New Scientist: Once the fragments had been pieced together, the skeleton was declared to be of the species Australopithecus afarensis. But the skeleton became known as Lucy, inspired by a Beatles song that blasted out of a cassette player as the researchers celebrated their discovery that evening. Forty years later, thanks to its […]

So if the Toronto intercity bus station got buried in a landslide …

… we wouldn’t find this?: From ScienceDaily: “In addition to being incredibly small in overall size, this jaw has a mixture of traits that combine typical modern human anatomy, such as the presence of a protruding chin, with traits that are more common of our archaic ancestors like Neandertals — for example, very thick bone […]

Fri nite frite: The intelligence of snakes

Here. Smarter than you think but maybe not as smart as they do.

Big Templeton funding for the multiverse?

Not Even Wrong has the story: Just about ten years ago, my April 1 posting here was a fantasy about the Stanford ITP getting major funding from the Templeton Foundation, using it to fund a program on the multiverse, and renaming themselves the Stanford Templeton Research Institute for Nature, God and Science. The last part […]

The “Theological Supplement” to my new book

I have written a “Theological Supplement” to my new Discovery Institute Press book “In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design, 2nd edition.” It is theological, not scientific, so it is not part of the new book, and some may feel I should not even be introducing it here at UD. But here is […]

Should ID supporters argue in terms of thermodynamics or information or ["basic . . . "] probability?

In the still active discussion thread on failure of compensation arguments, long term maverick ID (and, I think, still YEC-sympathetic) supporter SalC comments: SalC, 570:    . . .  I’ve argued against using information theory type arguments in defense of ID, it adds way too much confusion. Basic probability will do the job, and basic probability […]

Dawkins’ meme: Journal dies, pop culture Darwinism lives

From the excellent Nautilus, like we said: But trawling the Internet, I found a strange paradox: While memes were everywhere, serious meme theory was almost nowhere. Richard Dawkins, the famous evolutionary biologist who coined the word “meme” in his classic 1976 book, The Selfish Gene, seemed bent on disowning the Internet variety, calling it a […]

Will it be possible to upload our consciousness one day?

To “the Singularity”? Science writer John Horgan interviews Neuroskeptic (Discover) It’s a wonder anyone is asking. Aren’t we still baffled as to what consciousness is? Perceptronium vs. the immateriality and consciousness? We might usefully decide first what we are trying to upload. See also: Why the human mind continue to baffle

New origin of life approach gets one thing right

The importance of information: For life to have begun, something that could encode information and replicate itself was necessary. A molecule—or perhaps a group of molecules—would have done the trick. Once these substances could replicate themselves, it’s believed that natural selection would have stepped in to create new versions of the ‘Great Starter’. Then it […]

Dog breeds and speciation: Some interesting information

Mainly about the history of intelligent design of dogs, for better or worse. Fascinating stuff about the turnspit dog. Also. here: In order to understand how a breed can go extinct, first we need to get into what a breed is. And in order to get into that, we need to get into what a […]

If this is true generally about universities…

Universities entice potential students with all sorts of easy loan packages, hip orientations, and perks like high-tech recreation centers and upscale dorms. On the backside of graduation, such bait-and-switch attention vanishes when it is time to help departing students find jobs. College often turns into a six-year experience. The unemployment rate of college graduates is […]

Guess what! Genes are to blame when kids don’t care about school!

From ScienceDaily: When children are unmotivated at school, new research suggests their genes may be part of the equation. A study of more than 13,000 twins from six countries found that 40 to 50 percent of the differences in children’s motivation to learn could be explained by their genetic inheritance from their parents. The results […]

Pay big money for naturalist consciousness studies, and watch it wasted

From New Scientist: Big money is being spent on initiatives like the European Union’s Human Brain Project. Will people hoping to learn about consciousness be disappointed? Absolutely. From what I hear, some of that project’s neuroscientists are disappointed because it isn’t nearly strong enough in asking cognitive questions. It is asking the basic, materialistic questions […]

Podcast: Bill Dembski talks with John Gilmore on specified complexity

Here. John Gilmore talks with William Dembski American mathematician, philosopher, theologian and author on the subject of intelligent design, specifically the concept of specified complexity.

Life beyond Earth awash in water?

So says Jet Propulsion Lab: As NASA missions explore our solar system and search for new worlds, they are finding water in surprising places. Water is but one piece of our search for habitable planets and life beyond Earth, yet it links many seemingly unrelated worlds in surprising ways. “NASA science activities have provided a […]

Has anyone ever wondered why Darwin’s followers …

… have a really hard time figuring out why anyone tries to be good? The current barf is The carriers of the evolutionary process are populations. Populations consist of reproducing individuals, such as cells, viruses, plants, animals, and people. Offspring inherit fundamental information from their parents. This information is encoded in genomes, if we focus […]

Jerry Coyne, Darwin’s man, tries to think hard about free will

Yeah. Here. You wouldn’t even think the concept still existed, if Darwin were right: The fact is that we don’t “make” anything of our compulsions, or use them to “realize the self”. We have no ability to “realize” our self; all we can do is rationalize what we do and re-brand it as “freedom” so […]

In case anyone cares what Wired thinks about brontosaurus

Here. REMEMBER PLUTO? TINY lonely rock orbiting the sun at the edge of the solar system? And then, in 2006, researchers summarily defrocked the little world of its status as a planet. Poof! Gone. This kind of thing has happened before. Many decades ago, paleontologists similarly decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the […]

Design in nature winning?

Otherwise, what does this ngram mean?

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