Tale of the Transmission

It finally happened. I’ve been nursing along my car’s transmission for several months (careful driving, changing the fluids, etc.), but last week it finally failed completely, with an accompanying whump! and a jerk, and the car had to be towed to the auto repair shop. The initial hope was that a regular tear-down and cleanout, […]

Tomato disease resistance got bred out …

… by human tampering?

Biologists lobby to rename this the Anthropocene era

But wouldn’t it be wiser to put the renaming decision off a few millennia?

Washington Post’s ten fossils that explain life on Earth

They only “explain” life on Earth if you think that ten disconnected headlines constitute an explanation.

Evolution means decreasing, not increasing complexity?

So all those genes just happened by accident and evolution consists in their loss?

Top Chemist: “They Just Stare at Me”

Yesterday James Tour, who in 2009 was ranked one of the top 10 chemists in the world, explained that evolutionists do not understand how evolution could have created life. What’s worse, Tour explains that there is a lack of clarity about this scientific fact. In public, evolutionists insist evolution is a fact beyond all reasonable doubt. But […]

Continued push for consciousness as a fourth state of matter

Would we give up naturalism to solve the hard problem of consciousness? Trade the clunk for the question?

Stasis: Lamprey larvae from 125 mya, “Our larvae look modern”

Researcher: “… lampreys haven’t changed much—and that’s very interesting.

Is something rotten in the state of Denmark?

Denmark and Sweden are two countries which are often cited by atheists as proof that secular morality can work. Professor Jerry Coyne, for instance, has written dozens of articles praising Denmark (see here for instance, and see also here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here). At the end of one […]

Shoutout to Tom English: How much of the animus you display against Marks and Dembski is scholarly?

One hopes that further critical review of Marks and Dembski’s papers focuses on the issues at hand.

Biophysics, not Darwinism, explains ammonite shell shape

Researchers: … this theoretical [biophysics] approach explains the diversity existing within and between species.

Would we give up naturalism to solve the hard problem of consciousness?

Today, irrespective of the state of the evidence, actual or perceived naturalism distinguishes the genius from the fool.

Sam Harris on defamation

One can demand moral accountability only if one believes that the universe is fundamentally moral, and Harris explicitly does not believe that.

Reasonable Faith on the fine-tuning of the universe

Useful refresher in the age of worry over Boltzmann brains

The High God of Random strikes at hazard

Sometimes gets lucky.

New atheism: Jerry Coyne on John Gray on Richard Dawkins

Coyne: One might as well speculate that Gray simply has an overwhelming hatred for atheists

PBS: Flood of new drugs from human genome map “unmitigated failure”

Because the genome is only a parts list. But there’s hope.

Sean Carroll explains why physicists worry about Boltzmann brains

Readers? If this is what cosmology has come to, what do you recommend?

Philosopher Brian Leiter to step down from philosophy program ranking post

620 philosophers refused to contribute as volunteers if he remained.

Traditional UK media accepted baseless allegations against animal research labs

If such media print unfounded allegations of wrong-doing against others, we can of course expect them to do it to us as well.

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