Slate has discovered why you shouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source

In other news, pigs fly faster than light

Clever vid on DNA Loop-the-Loops

The question that comes to the fore is precisely the one the ID theorists raise: Can pure randomness create highly specified information, neatly compressed?

‘Tis the season for top ten news stories, and at RealClearScience …

Rosetta comet landing #1, cosmic dust bust #10

Physicist Rob Sheldon on the Rosetta/Rosina experiment

Sheldon: In any case, the many recent comet missions are going to provoke a reanalysis of the Big Bang Nucleosynthesis paradigm

New Scientist on why aliens probably exist

But never return our calls.

Solution to origin of life just around corner …

If the question is, how did life get started randomly in a purely natural way, are they willing to consider the possibility that it didn’t? One suspects they’d rather not have an answer.

The extreme fine tuning of light

Walter Bradley, early ID theorist, explains clearly in 2010

Further to “men evolved navigation skill to find mates,” a reader asks

But what about … ?

Potassium Channels Even More Clever Than Thought

At the cellular level our bodies depend on a delicate balance of ions that is constantly adjusted. Potassium ions, for example, are atoms with one missing electron which are constantly streaming into or out of our cells. These positively charged ions enter and exit the cell via huge protein machines called channels which are imbedded […]

Wieseltier: Reflections on the cult of unanimity

This is not the worldview of the pom pom-shaking science writer who no longer needs to hear both sides.

Baylor’s Charles Garner on the current state of origin of life science

Oh, and just for fun, here’s what Darwin’s true believers in Texas think of Garner. Probably means he has something to say we should listen to.

From Cambridge U: tons of Darwin material now free online

Gosh, and just in time for the funeral too.

Rosetta finding: Earth’s water not from comets

More likely, authors say, from asteroids.

Darwin’s Doubt: Fake Steve Meyer Facebook pages a new Internet publishing craze

What some do when they run out of arguments before they run out of rent money?

Student’s guide to intelligent design, updated

The big challenge today is to dissent while still showing respect—when respect is demanded but not earned.

Seven easy steps to intelligence – like obtain a head or something

Which Christmas shopping guide explains where to get a head? They come brand new, giftwrapped, right?

Retraction Watch: It’s a good thing someone is looking into all this

At one time, anyone could burble about how “peer review” separates science from nonsense, making science—in the process—a setup for fraud.

Guest Post: Design Detection

Paul Giem provides the following guest post today: The following three pictures were made to represent trays with 560 coins with either white (heads) or black (tails) showing.  At least one of them was created by shaking coins and then spreading them out on a table (actually multiple shakes of 20 or so coins) and […]

And now for something completely different: The ancient balloon animal

Researchers: enigmatic fossils that don’t seem to fit in with anything living today, and amongst these are the chancelloriids.

Fine tuning: Size of Earth

If it was larger, we probably wouldn’t exist.

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