Supersymmetry MUST BE true

What sort of beliefs (other than mathematical axioms) must be true? Surely, only beliefs that have attained the status of a religion. more

Why fixation in gigantic but widely separated human populations doesn’t happen

If there was any time the human population was very small, fixation was likely inevitable as discussed in Neutral Evolution for Newbies, Part 2. The time for required for fixation in a population according to standard population genetics is approximately 4 Ne, where Ne is the effective population size. For example, for an Ne of […] more

The singularity, as it happens, is not so near after all

Maybe they had better build the humanchine first, and it can then advise them on producing a film with a better box office. more

Physicist Rob Sheldon to speak on science, book of Genesis

“Dr. Robert Sheldon will give full length lectures on the subject of Eden and the Flood; and your toughest questions are welcome.” more

An NPR pundit explains the evolution of religion

Evolutionary psychologists will front any thesis, no matter how unlikely or ridiculous, except that religion is a response to a message from a divine source. more

How some nerds hope to find eternal life

Remember this when people tell you that traditional faiths feature unreasonable beliefs. more

Rod Dreher discovers Dante

“I was only able to make this truth my own when Dante revealed it to me.” That is a difference between writers that sound good and those that wear well. more

Can’t sleep? The wild world of new media

From my Connecting blog Silicon Valley immortality: The resurrection of the head In general, legacy media explorations of culture today should be treated with considerable skepticism. Its mavens have a hard time imagining that traditional Christianity may thrive long after Terasem is a footnote in a learned dissertation on Silicon Valley culture. Would the media […] more

Larry Moran should quit staring at us so intently

If you stare at the moon long enough, you see people up there. If you stare at the ID community long enough, you see stuff that isn’t happening. more

Life arose from chemical imbalances?

Acceptance of free-floating speculation for decades on end as “science” for no other reason than that it is naturalist is harmful to the concept of science more

Was that big gravity wave find just dust? Not a multiverse?

Sheldon’s view is that, using Occam’s razor, dust should have been the first hypothesis. The logic of the multiverse explains why it ended up being the last.

Here’s Bill Nye’s take on the Nye-Ham debate, including stuff that didn’t happen

Nye saw that stuff in his own mind, which makes it true and important (and possibly, someday, a subject of legislation). more

New paper on how computer models don’t refute irreducible complexity—lay-friendly explanation

Ewert: If a model is designed to assist the evolution of an irreducibly complex system, it is not a model of Darwinian evolution more

Early land carnivore is herbivore’s ancestor, pushes back family history

The basic idea is sound but this may not be the first time it happened. In general, predictions of having found the “first” of anything much have not worn well. more

For the Easter Weekend, 2014 . . .

Here. (HT: VJT, also, Charles Babbage.) Video: embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt more

Professor Larry Moran poses five questions for the ID movement

In a recent post over at his Sandwalk blog, Professor Larry Moran has been attempting to set the cat among the pigeons, with a list of five issues which, he anticipates, will lead to bitter recriminations within the “big tent” of the Intelligent Design movement. Professor Moran is shocked, shocked, that Intelligent Design advocates sometimes […] more

A prediction I made in 2006 is coming to fruition

I wrote here in 2006 that the Designer of life has put steganography (hidden messages in DNA) to help scientists understand DNA. The steganography cannot have emerged via selection or neutral evolution, it is just there, it is a design feature. We typically call them “conserved” sequences, but I’ve argued that “conserved” is the wrong […] more

TED talks draw ire at Chronicle of Higher Education

Do they merely simplify and flatten the world of ideas, killing as much inquiry as they start? more

Mendel’s Accountant and Joe Felsenstein’s freely downloadable book on Theoretical Population Genetics

Joe Felsenstein is a world class geneticist. Joe is credited with coining the phrase “Muller’s Ratchet” after Nobel Prize winner Hermann Muller. Even though Joe is an evolutionist, Joe holds a unique position of being highly regarded by creationists for his work on population genetics. His work on Muller’s ratchet became a pillar of creationist […] more

Should we get rid of “scientist,” replace term with “some guy”?

Many people today want science to be a religion. They are readily drawn to far-out theory that would be termed religion in any other society. more

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