Textbook theory about volcanos is wrong, apparently

Hope no one’s career tanked opposing it.

Reply To An Argument Against Objective Morality: When Words Lose All Meaning

I had originally intended to post this in the comment thread to my first article here as a guest author, titled, Does It Matter What We Believe About Morality? In the end, however, it turned out to be sufficiently long and detailed that it seemed to warrant a new original post. If it’s preferred that this type of thing […]

Evolutionist Says Evolution’s “Traditional Framework” Must Go

Why is it that the same structures in similar species are constructed, during embryonic development, in different ways? Why is it that the master control genes which direct the embryonic development of complex structures, such as the eye, must have arisen long before those complex structures arose, if evolution is true? One might have thought […]

ARN vids online: Michael Behe and irreducible complexity

Using examples of bacterial motors, cilia, vision, cellular transport, and more.

New at MercatorNet, Connecting

O’Leary for News’s new media blog

Stuff Doesn’t Evolve–It Just Shows Up in the Beginning

Here’s a news article from Phys.Org on a lamprey study. Actually it’s a study concerning phylogenetics and using gene regulatory mechanisms to figure out the relationships that exist. It turns out that in the lamprey, which is part of the Cambrian explosion, the same kind of hind brain gene regulatory mechanisms are in place as […]

Never mind Darwin’s Doubt. What about Darwin’s “horrid doubt”?

While Darwin may have doubted the fully naturalized mind and felt horrid, most of his latter-day supporters believe and feel good. And often act silly.

Bill Dembski’s University of Chicago talk, August 15, 2014

Conservation of Information in Evolutionary Search

BioLogos’ former prez softens stance toward Darwin’s Doubt book

If the ID guys all retired and left no successors, the evolution industry built around Darwin would still be pretty shaky.

Science writer Mark Oppenheimer asks if misogyny will bring down the atheist movement

In case you wondered, you really WERE better off in adult Sunday School, arguing about whether God is timeless. Go back now. ;)

A crisis in “secular studies”?

Critic: Where there should be clarity, there is obscurantism. Where a modicum of professorial disinterest should prevail, political and religious passions run amok.

Fun for philosophers: Is God in time or not?

Philosopher Lydia McGrew explains and defends the idea of divine timelessness, disagreeing with William Lane Craig.

A Pond-Dwelling, Single-Celled Organism Does Amazing Genetic Engineering

A new paperwas published last week on a remarkable single-celled organism,Oxytricha trifallax, that has two nucleus’ and 16,000 chromosomes (recall that humans have 46). The organism uses one nucleus to store its active DNA and the other nucleus to store an archive of the genome. Amazingly, Oxytricha trifallax, disassembles the archived copy into a quarter-million pieces and […]

When I Pointed Out the De Novo Gene Evidence an Evolutionist Came Unglued

It is interesting that evolutionists, who believe they came from primitive apes, display a certain primitive thought in their communications. The latest example is an evolutionist who criticized a book skeptical of evolution. The book made the point that fundamentally new genes are unlikely to have evolved by the usual random change and natural selection mechanisms. The […]

Classic ARN vid: Phillip E. Johnson on Darwinism on Trial

How Darwinism became a dogmatic naturalist religion

Definition Deficit Disorder

Thank you to all who contributed to my recent request for comments. There were many excellent comments, and I have attempted to synthesize them into a WAC. (BTW, I like WJM’s name for the syndrome better than my own and have switched to it). Here is the WAC: Definition Deficit Disorder Definition Deficit Disorder (“DDD”), […]

ID theorist Bill Dembski responds to Adami’s claims about spontaneous emergence of life

Dembski: The probabilities can move very much in favour of spontaneous emergence of life provided you introduce a search that makes the probabilities high

Here is the Latest Example of Evolution Undermining Law

Evolution is not merely a scientific mistake. It is not a theory gone wrong, started by a guy in 1859. Evolutionary thinking was alive and well when Charles Darwin codified it in the emerging life sciences, for it had been developed and promoted by theologians and philosophers since the seventeenth century. If you understand that […]

Were people happier in the Stone Age?

Not by a long shot, and if you want to see nonsense on parade, this is it.

Philosopher: Machines lack common sense, and that’s the biggest danger AI represents

What if the machine is a superintelligence that just loves paper clips?

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