Reason to Believe’s Fuz Rana on the logic of life

Rana: Elegant design and exquisite molecular logic of biological systems

Two contrasting perspectives on OOL research

The highly esteemed Franklin M. Harold is the author of a newly-published book: In Search of Cell History: The Evolution of Life’s Building Blocks, University of Chicago Press (2014). According to the publisher, this book investigates the full scope of cellular history. The content is broad and includes the relationship between cells and genes; the […]

The space aliens, explained

Like, you always wondered about the space aliens. Okay …

Off topic: Why Canada is less violent … except sometimes

Because we don’t really have a history of violence,

News & Views: Jerry Pournelle has interesting thoughts on Ebola . . .

Here — a useful FYI. Readers may wish to add more, this is a potentially global, grave issue. END

Cosmology: String theory landscape picture is an extremely ill-defined conjectural?

In a universe that doesn’t make sense, why should we expect cosmology to make sense?

The beauty of computer simulations of the origin of life is that they need never be life

Okay, if this can just happen, why isn’t it happening all around us?

Before we get started: We only know we need editors when we don’t have them

Gosh, it would help if they could spell.

FYI/FTR: Making basic sense of FSCO/I, functionally specific complex organisation and associated information

There is a current wave of attempts in an around UD to cloud, strawmannise, obfuscate, twist into pretzels and dismiss the observed (and measurable) phenomenon, functionally specific, complex organisation and/or associated information, FSCO/I. Accordingly, let us first note the root of the concept in the work of leading OOL — origin of life — researchers […]

Yer Friday nite frite: The giant Huntsman spider

Aw, come on, you knew this was coming. If you fear spiders, why did you click?

Convergent evolution in ferns

Researcher: cloud forest ferns arrived at the same ‘solution’ in response to the same environmental pressures.

Oldest known genome sequence from man 45k years ago

Excerpt: The more precise dates for Neanderthal–human mating pose a challenge for scientists who have proposed that modern humans left Africa before 100,000 years ago

New ID-friendly journal

Not, so far as sources tell me, associated with the Discovery Institute.

Six bombshells relating to H. L. Mencken and the Scopes Trial

In a previous post two years ago, entitled, H. L. Mencken: Is this your hero, New Atheists?, I accused H. L. Mencken (pictured left) of lying and character assassination, in his reporting on the 1925 Scopes trial. Specifically, I charged that Mencken knowingly and deliberately made false statements about William Jennings Bryan (pictured right), a […]

Partial Solar Eclipse – October 23, 2014

Slightly off topic from the regular fare, but firmly in the ‘cool science stuff’ category. Photo of the partial eclipse this afternoon, taken in front of our house, with massive sunspot region 12192 visible near center: Equipment: Panasonic DMC-ZS3 with a Starmax 127EQ telescope and solar filter.  Also required: patience. I’m pretty happy with how […]

Can we talk? Human language as the business end of consciousness

Naturalism (the view that it’s material nature all the way down) hasn’t fared much better with human language than with consciousness.

Neanderthal man: You got the news, right?

Yeah. We made him wear a suit this time, and quit banging on his chest and bellowing during the speech at the governor-general’s New Year’s levee.

Leading psych theory fails replication

They should quit using North American university students.

No Bomb After 10 Years

I have been studying the origins issue for 22 years, and I have been debating the origins issue with literally hundreds of Darwinists for a decade. Here’s a brief report: I have to admit that when I first started debating the origins issue I did so with some trepidation. After all, there are a lot […]

TJ “Can’t Muster up Enough Blind Faith”

Sorry TJ, then you will never be in good standing in the Darwinian cool kids club. All that follows is from tjguy’s comment to my prior post: Tin says: Just because something can be made by man does not mean that all occurrences in nature must have an intelligent origin. As Barry says, sure, that […]

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