Start your day off right with Otzi the Iceman’s tattoos …

Serious coverage shortly, but first…

Stories about new media from News’ night job

Will automation also steal jobs that require intelligence?

Open access paper on the Cambrian explosion China finds

And Meyer still #2 in paleontology after all this time.

Is true innovation a career killer in the sciences today?

Good thing if none of the students ever suggested they doubted Darwin or some crackpot ecology claim .

From Darwinism to Global Warming and Back

I was reading an exchange of emails that took place between noted physcist (and skeptical warmer) Freeman Dyson and his interlocutor, Steve Conner, of the Independent of London. To my eye, Dyson is spot on in his critical thinking. But what most caught my eye was his analysis between the ‘experts’ and the general public […]

What Jerry Coyne doesn’t get about goodness

Over at Why Evolution Is True, Professor Jerry Coyne has responded to neurosurgeon Michael Egnor’s recent article arguing that materialism cannot account for our ability to form abstract concepts, such as the concept of “good” (Free Will is Real and Materialism is Wrong, Evolution News and Views, January 15, 2015). As Professor Egnor puts it: […]

The “quine dilemma” of evolution

Sorry if this post is a bit for computer programmers, anyway I trust that also the others can grasp the overall picture. Evolutionists claim that what it takes to evolution to work is simply “a populations of replicators, random variations on them, and a competition for survival or resources”. Today we will try to partially […]

Fun: Study explores whether atheism is rooted in reason or emotion

So it is a sign of good mental health to be really mad at someone you think doesn’t exist?

Why hasn’t altruism eliminated Peter Singer?

Singer probably was’t very smart when his mother gave birth to him and devoted thousands of hours to his care.

Some Altenberg 16 (= g’bye, Darwin, evolutionary biologists) have now organized the Oxford 50?

Vehicle for new voices?: Lots of people besides us have gotten sick of Darwinblather, however inspired or funded

How does the mind arise from the brain? Novel idea

See also: Why naturalizing the mind will never work

Some people ask why we live in such a big universe?

It’s an interesting question which gives rise to a responding question: How do those people know that some other type of universe should exist?

Robots can replace humans, right?

Robotics expert doesn’t necessarily agree.

Did you know? The Milky Way might be a huge, navigable wormhole?

Some of us wish science today were more about moonwalks and less about what-ifs. But it would need different scientists.

Global Cooling Alarmism in the 70s

Those who doubt global warming alarmism sometimes point to the global cooling alarmism of the 70s.  The idea is that alarmists will latch onto whatever happens to be at hand to clang their bell, cooling then, warming in the 90s; explaining away the plateau now. Mark Frank has made the risible assertion that  “the global […]

Remember Suzan Mazur? Who risked all on the Altenberg 16? She has a new book out

Go, girl. And someone buy me a copy.

When Darwin’s followers decide to be cute

… as opposed to wrecking careers

Science writer Chris Mooney finally succeeds in terrifying creationists

Mooney has hit the screen again with grander plans: To modify human behaviour. Something even God is careful about.

Nominate your favourite shirt-in-a-knot science censor of the year

Your favourite censor always knows when he think naturalism or Darwinism is dissed. It’s the smell, see?

Science writer says, make jump from exalted deadtree journals to new media

Academic status?: Pay $35 for a review of a book in Nature, when the book itself costs way less. That’s status for you! All bellow, no beef.

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