Naked mole rats, short of breath, act like plants to survive

From ScienceDaily: Deprived of oxygen, naked mole-rats can survive by metabolizing fructose just as plants do, researchers report this week in the journal Science. … “This is just the latest remarkable discovery about the naked mole-rat — a cold-blooded mammal that lives decades longer than other rodents, rarely gets cancer, and doesn’t feel many types […]

Texas: The icons of evolution are STILL on welfare after all these years?

Baylor computer science prof Robert Marks comments on Texas science standards at Dallas Morning News: There’s a battle over evolution education in Texas right now. The latest round is coming up soon in Austin, with the State Board of Education hearing testimony on both sides of the controversy. There is a tug-of-war between those who […]

Niwrad: Consciousness is made of atoms too?

According to Mark Titus at Nautilus: The Greek philosopher Democritus might have said something like that 2,500 years ago. Although his books are lost, we know from the fragments that remain and what others said about him, that he believed everything in the universe was made of atoms in perpetual motion, whirling in space. Large, […]

March for Science: As if science as such is just history now.

From Steve Meyer, author of Darwin’s Doubt, at the Stream: Bill Nye may not be a scientist. But he used to play one on TV. Now he is an honorary co-chair and speaker for the “March for Science” in Washington D.C. and elsewhere on April 22. The choice of Nye as one of the faces […]

The war on intellectual freedom: How political correctness morphed into a monster

From Denyse O’Leary (O’Leary for News) at MercatorNet: … In short, violent outbreaks on campus are not the outcome of kids acting out! Quite the contrary, they are the outcome of kids acting out the values that they have been absorbing over the past fifty years from increasingly illiberal teachers. … Take note that the […]

A defense of physicalism: Plankton could evolve minds

From Ari N. Schulman at New Atlantis: The question then is how mere mechanisms could be in the business of interpreting anything. To say that concepts can reside in physical things in the way we encounter them is only to raise more urgently the question of how concepts can reside in physical things as they […]

FFT: The worldviews level challenge — what the objectors to design thought are running away from

It is almost — almost — amusing but then quite sad to see how objectors to design theory play with logic and worldviews issues, then run away when the substantial issues are taken up. Let me clip from the FFT, AJ vs Charles thread to pick up these matters, but to avoid making this utterly […]

Another immune system link that “didn’t exist” found

From ScienceDaily: The University of Virginia School of Medicine has again shown that a part of the body thought to be disconnected from the immune system actually interacts with it, and that discovery helps explain cases of male infertility, certain autoimmune diseases and even the failure of cancer vaccines. Scientists developing such vaccines may need […]

Dental disinfectants from 13,000 years ago

From Megan Gannon at LiveScience: Archaeologists unearthed the skeletal remains of a person who lived about 13,000 years ago at Riparo Fredian, near Lucca in northern Italy. The person’s two front teeth (or upper central incisors) both had big holes in the surface that reach down to the tooth’s pulp chamber. Not only was the […]

Mars’ metal layers shouldn’t exist?

From Leah Crane at New Scientist: NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Emission) spacecraft found layers of atmospheric metal ions that defy models based loosely on Earth’s atmosphere. … The space between planets is full of metallic dust and rocks. As they are drawn into a planet’s atmosphere, they burn up, leaving behind metal particles […]

Selensky, Shallit, & Koza vs artificial life simulations

It’s always a pleasure to host Dr Selensky’s thoughtful contributions. Here, he tackles the subject of artificial life simulations and the implications of modelling environments, assumptions, algorithms etc: ____________________________ On Modelling Spontaneous Emergence of Programs and Their Evolutionary Self-Improvement Evgeny Selensky Some time ago, I left a comment on Jeffrey Shallit’s blog. We exchanged a […]

Is Nature now giving space to structuralism?

Copy Michael Denton.* From the editors of Nature, a look at the work of D’Arcy Thompson a century ago: The 100-year-old challenge to Darwin that is still making waves in research Biological response to physical forces remains a live topic for research. In a research paper, for example, researchers report how physical stresses generated at […]

Science philosophers ask: Is defining life pointless? They think not.

From PhilSci Archive: Abstract: Despite numerous and increasing attempts to define what life is, there is no consensus on necessary and sufficient conditions for life. Accordingly, some scholars have questioned the value of definitions of life and encouraged scientists and philosophers alike to discard the project. As an alternative to this pessimistic conclusion, we argue […]

Breaking: National Academy of Sciences notices research integrity problem

From William Thomas at Physics Today: A major study on scientific integrity in the US advocates stricter policies for scientific authorship attribution, increased openness in scientific work, the reporting of negative findings, and establishment of an independent, nonprofit Research Integrity Advisory Board. “Fostering Integrity in Research,” released 11 April by the National Academies of Sciences, […]

Jonathan Wells live tonight on his new book “Zombie Science”

Jonathan Wells’ new book, Zombie Science takes up the topics of his earlier book, Icons of Evolution (2000). Nothing has changed. Largely the same old dust-covered discredited icons. What is one to make of claims that Darwinism is a robust vision of evolution if stuff that was questionable back then is plopped into edition after […]

Flagellum: Nature, it turns out, is an engineer

From ScienceDaily: How nature engineered the original rotary motor The bacterial flagellum is one of nature’s smallest motors, rotating at up to 60,000 revolutions per minute. To function properly and propel the bacterium, the flagellum requires all of its components to fit together to exacting measurements. In a study published in Science, University of Utah […]

Convergent evolution: “Emerging view” that evolution is predictable?

From ScienceDaily: Changes in a single color-vision gene demonstrate convergent evolutionary adaptations in widely separated species and across vastly different time scales, according to a study publishing on April 11 in the open access journal PLOS Biology by David Marques of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and colleagues. The study, which combined genetic analysis […]

Early bird had usually high metabolism rate, even for a bird

From ScienceDaily: The new specimen from the rich Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota (approximately 131 to 120 million years old) is referred to as Eoconfuciusornis, the oldest and most primitive member of the Confuciusornithiformes, a group of early birds characterized by the first occurrence of an avian beak. Its younger relative Confuciusornis is known from thousands […]

A Unifying Principle for the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

There has been quite a controversy over the past few years over whether the extended evolutionary synthesis is a replacement of the modern synthesis or a refinement of it.

Armand Jacks Destroys ID in One Sentence

Armand Jacks says he has a knock down show stopping argument to rebut ID’s claim that intelligent agency is the only known cause of specified complexity. Get ready. Hold on to your hat. Here it is: Using the same argument, the only known causes of everything we have ever seen in the entire universe are […]

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