Why do Some Materialists Insist on Wallowing in Obvious Error?

In the combox to the do we need context post a materialist who goes by RDFish states this regarding a non-repeating series of prime numbers (comment 48): The only known source of such a series is a human source. Fish then emphatically declares that absolutely nothing can be inferred about the source of the series other than […]

Apes are as empathetic as humans?

In short, the measure was made up by some researchers and has nothing to do with anything most human beings would identify as empathy.

Premenstrual syndrome exists to break up infertile relationships?

Hey, Darwin is hard at work with your tax dollars. ;)

Epigenetics is oppressive to women?

Epigenetics sees genes as more like cells than marbles. They are alive. The resulting information may or may not get passed on.

Mark, This is What all the Fuss is About

Mark Frank wants to know what all of the fuss is about regarding the recent empirical verification of Michael Behe’s prediction in Edge of Evolution. In response to the News post Evolutionary biologist Larry Moran tries calculating with big numbers re evolution Mark asks: I must be missing something important. As far as I can […]

Wavelength dependent optical fibres in the mammalian eye

It is well known that the mammalian eye has an “inverted” structure, whereby light reaching the retinal surface must pass through a layer of cellular tissue before reaching the light-sensitive cells: the rods and cones. The cellular tissue can be expected to degrade the clarity of vision, and this has been interpreted by some as […]

Evolutionary biologist Larry Moran tries calculating with big numbers re evolution

Fellow biologist and ID proponent Mike Behe comments on his math.

No end to the marvels of Darwin’s theory of evolution

Where logic went? But logic does not exist. Our brains were shaped for fitness, not for truth, remember?

The design of the eye: Darwin’s followers want it both ways?

So natural selection is better than design because it can account for either good or bad design, or no design at all?

The alleged poor design of the eye – JL Wile

In reality the retina is revealed as an optimal structure.

The Sage of Morris, Minnesota, on the death of famed comic actor Robin Williams

Jerry Coyne and many commenters do not have much use for this stuff, which says something for them.

Horizontal gene transfer of fundamental plant chemicals from bacteria

Researchers: Our findings did not fit what people expected.

Why did the Ediacarans go extinct?

New research suggests that Cambrian conditions may have done them in.

Negative reviews of Nicholas Wade’s Troublesome Inheritance

The racial implications of Darwinian evolution

We knew the Cosmos remake had struggled in the ratings, but didn’t realize…

It’s just not the cultural event Cosmos was.

Did most (or all) dinosaurs have feathers?

Suggested by researchers profiled in Discover Magazine

Quote of the Day: Re Darwin’s Coyne reduced to channelling Holocaust denial

Reader: Coyne is headed, if not already there, in the same direction to that of Dawkins.

Coyne compares Dembski to a Holocaust denier

University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne twice emailed the academic who invited Dr. William Dembski to speak at a UC seminar on August 13, comparing Dr. Dembski to a Holocaust denier: “Would you invite a Holocaust denier to speak to a history department? For this is exactly what you are doing by inviting Dembski… And […]

Discovery: Partially metal-plated syringe used by insect

First ever confirmed.

Epigenetics: Stress in pregnancies inherited?

What if “just neurotic” includes an archive of experiences that helps shape outcomes? Just wondering.

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