Live Stream Faith, Science & Culture: Does God Still Matter tonight, with Steve Meyer

Okay, okay, vacuum the cat hair off the couch instead. Priorities.

Peer review: Not publishing social science studies with null results harms public discourse

Not publishing null results may skew people’s ideas about the society around them.

Big Bang lithium shortage a “hard nut to crack”?

It sounds like a fun problem, actually, dare we say—a lighter moment?

Animal with muscles found from 560 mya (Ediacaran period)

Unlike most other Ediacarans, it does not look like a plant.

Stone-tipped spears 500 kya indicate increase in human cognitive and social skills?

Researchers: Stone-tipped weapons were a significant innovation for Middle Pleistocene hominins.

ENCODE adds 1600 data sets

Despite angry reactions to its finding little junk in human DNA

Rainforest life accounts for “evolution” of short stature in pygmies—twice?

Theories abound, but is the change permanent?

Literary figure Samuel Butler, it turns out, coined the term “Neo-Darwinism” in 1880

He has probably been overlooked in discussions that rely on the scientific literature as such.

Dragonfly both perfect at first AND “the perfected result” of 300 mya of evolution?

Actually, Darwinspeak is so much a part of the landscape that few viewers likely noticed the contradiction.

P.Z. Myers channels Judith Jarvis Thomson on abortion; Dawkins disagrees

In my last post, I commended Professor P. Z. Myers for arguing that children with Down syndrome are fully human, and that their lives are worth living, even as I noted that Myers and I disagree on the morality of abortion. In a new post, Myers proposes a thought experiment in support of his pro-choice […]

Recent anti-design book we never heard about

When the world’s your beat, you sure can’t cover everything, but it’s a slow news month so …

FYI: Who invented the term neo-Darwinism?

There is some confusion, at times, between the terms “neo-Darwinian synthesis” and “neo-Darwinism.”

Do any animals have a true language?, asks the Washington Post

And you just know how desperate they are to get to yes

Great free resources from May conference on scientism

If you need to debunk the claim that materialism or naturalism (claimed to be “science”) should rule.

Harvard epidemiologist William P. Hanage offers five skeptical questions about the microbiome

Usefully applied to ‘omes claims in general. The proteome, the connectome, etc.

Thomas Aquinas contra Transformism

In my previous post Synthesis-versus-Analysis I dealt with the distinction between “true whole” and “false whole”. Now let’s see how that had relations with Aquinas and his refutation of biological macroevolution. About the origin of man and the relations between his soul and body, Aquinas was clear: Reply to objection 3: Some have claimed that […]

Müller Cells are Wavelength-Dependent Wave-Guides

The best arguments for evolution have always been from dysteleology. This world, as evolutionists explain, just does not appear to have been designed. Consider our retina for example. Isn’t it all backwards, with the photocells—which detect the incoming light—pointed toward the rear and behind several layers of cell types and neural processes. Does this make […]

Nine most mind-blowing animal disguises

Following’s six stealthiest disguises in the animal kingdom, (here), see their nine most mind-blowing ones. Here are National Geographic’s most amazing ones. Hat tip: Daniel Quinones

New at MercatorNet

Today’s censorship isn’t the church saying we mustn’t read or think that; it’s TV types telling us it isn’t cool. More powerful.

Riveting 14 minute documentary on Darwinism as one of the root causes of WWI

These not accusations, by the way, they are historical facts, amply sourced with quotations from the period.

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