Time for serious pursuit of post-Darwinian theory, says new BIO-Complexity paper

an elaboration of the general principles by which living things have been designed

Origin of Life Research Has Failed to Generate a Coherent and Persuasive Framework

Because while Franklin Haroldwonders in 2014 if “we may still be missing some essential insight” (given that a century of origin of life research “has failed to generate a coherent and persuasive framework that gives meaning to the growing heap of data and speculation” and has “remarkably little to show for” for all the effort expended), […]

Why atheists can’t get dates …

Potential dates get wise too soon?

Blurring the boundaries between mysticism and science

Many great physicists had a mystical bent, contrary to what we’d mostly hear from the current science blogs.

New Ager Deepak Chopra test drives God 2.0

Maybe the government will fund God 2.0 for mental health and environment reasons?

The true nature of the difficulty with origin of life research

Molecular biologist: bogged down in ever increasingly sophisticated organic chemistry

This Paper Explains How Potassium Channels Evolved

The evolution of proteins such as potassium channels, according to a recent paper, occurs easily and is a good opportunity for communicating evolutionary principles, promoting evolution literacy, and refuting the misleading message of “design creationism” which is empirically unfounded and conceptually wrong. Nothing more than mutations and natural selection are sufficient to explain the origin of […]

Horizontal gene transfer goes big time

Having finally faced up to the astonishing reality, we are unfortunately asked to personify the gene, by way of explanation

But should we be talking about a “Big Bang” of birds?

Explosions aren’t just very fast, they are usually destructive. Controlled explosions for a constructive purpose are intelligent design.

Slate has discovered why you shouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source

In other news, pigs fly faster than light

Clever vid on DNA Loop-the-Loops

The question that comes to the fore is precisely the one the ID theorists raise: Can pure randomness create highly specified information, neatly compressed?

‘Tis the season for top ten news stories, and at RealClearScience …

Rosetta comet landing #1, cosmic dust bust #10

Physicist Rob Sheldon on the Rosetta/Rosina experiment

Sheldon: In any case, the many recent comet missions are going to provoke a reanalysis of the Big Bang Nucleosynthesis paradigm

New Scientist on why aliens probably exist

But never return our calls.

Solution to origin of life just around corner …

If the question is, how did life get started randomly in a purely natural way, are they willing to consider the possibility that it didn’t? One suspects they’d rather not have an answer.

The extreme fine tuning of light

Walter Bradley, early ID theorist, explains clearly in 2010

Further to “men evolved navigation skill to find mates,” a reader asks

But what about … ?

Potassium Channels Even More Clever Than Thought

At the cellular level our bodies depend on a delicate balance of ions that is constantly adjusted. Potassium ions, for example, are atoms with one missing electron which are constantly streaming into or out of our cells. These positively charged ions enter and exit the cell via huge protein machines called channels which are imbedded […]

Wieseltier: Reflections on the cult of unanimity

This is not the worldview of the pom pom-shaking science writer who no longer needs to hear both sides.

Baylor’s Charles Garner on the current state of origin of life science

Oh, and just for fun, here’s what Darwin’s true believers in Texas think of Garner. Probably means he has something to say we should listen to.

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