Quasars disappeared suddenly- then one reappeared

Quasars. From Scientific American: A dozen quasars in the early universe appear to have shut down in just a few years, baffling astronomers … Last year Stephanie LaMassa from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (then at Yale University) discovered the greatest change in luminosity ever detected in a quasar. She was digging through data from […]

Only 32 expression patterns in human brain?

From ScienceDaily: Researchers decode patterns that make our brains human … Despite the anatomical complexity of the brain and the complexity of the human genome, most of the patterns of gene usage across all 20,000 genes could be characterized by just 32 expression patterns. While many of these patterns were similar in human and mouse, […]

Computers are manipulating science?

Not exactly, but computer use can, they say, distort it in unexpected ways. From RealClearScience: How Computers Broke Science For most of the history of science, researchers have reported their methods in a way that enabled independent reproduction of their results. But, since the introduction of the personal computer – and the point-and-click software programs […]

Thanks EL, But, You Know, “Fool Me Once . . .”

EL invites me to post comments at The Skeptical Zone:  “I will take this opportunity of inviting him over here, where he can post freely.” Yeah, but no.  I tried to post at The Skeptical Zone once.  KN promptly trashed everything I wrote.  Fool me once . . .  

Liddle Inadvertently Establishes That Which She Attempts to Refute

Over at The Skeptical Zone Elizabeth Liddle quotes me regarding the circular reasoning that would be necessary to suppose that cladistics establishes common descent: It does not take a genius to know that cladistic techniques do not establish common descent; rather they assume it.  But I bet if one asked, 9 out of 10 materialist […]

We knew this about pigs? That they are smart?

From Natural History Magazine: Pigs possess complex ethological traits similar to dogs and chimpanzees. … Pigs’ ability to differentiate each other, part of what is termed social cognition, provides evidence that pigs are as socially complex as other intelligent mammals, including primates. This capacity forms the basis for all pig social relationships, including the establishment […]

Does Karl Giberson represent the new face of American evangelicals, “accepting” Darwin?

As some might hope? Where would that leave evangelicals now that Darwin is being re-evaluated in so many other places? Dragging in here late, with the last of the religion coverage for the week: Further to: “Karl Giberson? But at this point who cares what Darwin’s Christian huffs at Huffpo? (We all rate a better […]

The Dark Proteome and Dark Evolution

A new PNAS paperpublished last week on the dark proteome has some interesting implications for the theory of evolution. The paper presents a survey of protein sequences, focusing on the many sequences for which the corresponding three dimensional protein structure is not known, and cannot be inferred from any remotely similar sequence. Why is this […]

Has The Skeptical Zone Finally Earned its Name

Perhaps.  Its founder is preaching materialist heresy. In a post over at The Skeptical Zone Elizabeth Liddle joins the ranks of our opponents who are finally admiting that biological design inferences are not invalid in principle.  She writes: Has Barry finally realised that those of us who oppose the ideas of Intelligent Design proponents do […]

Physicist David Snoke reviews Shadows of Oz, on theistic evolution

At Christian Scientific Society, here: Shadow of Oz, by Wayne Rossiter (Wipf and Stock, 2015) does something that should have been done a long time ago: it takes a direct and critical look at the theology of theistic evolution. Often the debate over intelligent design (ID) has been cast in terms of questioning the theological […]

Steve Meyer responds to Books & Culture review of Darwin’s Doubt

The reviewers, one gathers, didn’t like the book much of course. Such types never like anything that busts hell out of the Jesus for Darwin racket. You’d have to pay to read what reviewers Bishop and O’Connor say so, for free, author Steve Meyer responds at Evolution News & Views: It’s worth noting that none […]

New atheists trash Templeton conference on Trinity

We usually end our religion coverage with the new atheists, but I’m in a rush this morning, and this is easy, so … via Jerry Coyne’s blog, here: I reported earlier (see here and here), that the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF), as well as two seemingly reputable philosophical societies (the Analysis Trust and the […]

Why Darwinism is failing II

In “Why Darwinism is failing,” I noted that genome mapping changed the way we look at evolution: We are now much closer to the world of mechanism, not theory—closer to Popular Mechanics than to Philosophical Quarterly. The “single greatest idea anyone ever had” gives way to descriptions of mechanisms few expected or predicted—each of which might account […]

Dark proteome “unlike any known structure”

From ScienceDaily: Scientists have long speculated about the nature of the dark proteome, the area of proteins that are completely unknown, but a recent study by CSIRO has mapped the boundaries of these dark regions, bringing us one step closer to discovering the complete structure and function of all proteins. … As knowledge of three-dimensional […]

Researchers: Jellyfish cousin devolves to parasite

From ScienceDaily: Researchers have found that a close cousin of the jellyfish has evolved over time into a microscopic parasite. The finding represents the first case of extreme evolutionary degeneration of an animal body. … Despite the radical changes in its body structure and genome over millions of years, the myxozoa have retained some of […]

Cambridge: Special journal issue devoted to neuroplasticity

As late as several decades ago, brain tissue was assumed not to regenerate, with catastrophic consequences for stroke victims, who had largely to heal on their own if they ever did. Now it is widely recognized that the brain, like any other organ, always tries to heal. But that was not without controversy. See, for […]

Darwin, the Fossil Record, and Invisible Gorillas

Astoundingly, some of our Darwinist friends continue to insist that Darwin had no problem with the fossil record, that he thought it was in complete agreement with this theory.  This is nuts.  He spent major portions of his book explaining why we should accept his theory even though the fossil record does not support it. […]

WD400 Doubles Down on Dobzhansky’s Maxim

Readers may recall that in a recent post I quoted molecular biologist wd400 undermining Theodosius Dobzhansky’s silly maxim that “nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution” when he asserted that a lot of molecular biologists, including world-famous leader of the human genome project Francis Collins, “don’t understand much about evolution.” I noted […]

Why Darwinism is failing

Further to Barry Arrington’s post, “Zachriel goes into insane denial mode,” which has garnered so far 170 comments, and doubtless counting: The biggest problem for Darwin’s supporters (paleo, neo, extended, whatever) today has nothing to do with Uncommon Descent or with any design hypothesis. The problem is genome mapping. Blame people like Francis Collins and […]

About 70% of our genes traced back to acorn worm?

A half billion years ago. This helps us understand why most of the information in a life form cannot be in its genes. From ScienceDaily: Scientists have analyzed the genomes of two acorn worm species and found that approximately two-thirds of human genes have counterparts in the ancestors of these marine animals. These ancient genes, […]

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