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Off-Topic: Ahhh, The Madness of March!

This has absolutely nothing to do with intelligent design, but I just had to share it. It’s the final 45.6 seconds of Saturday’s NCAA D-II men’s basketball national championship game between The Bulldogs of Barton College and the Warriors of Winona State University. Bear in mind as you watch this that Winona State is on a D-II record 57 game winning streak. I love March!!!

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4 Responses to Off-Topic: Ahhh, The Madness of March!

  1. Yes, that indeed made me go WOW! I don’t think I could have ever written that script myself, and if I did, everyone would have laughed at me saying its just too improbable, and totally hollywood.

    Yet, that is the beauty of March madness, this stuff happens every few games – its incredible!

  2. Since it’s an off-topic post:

    The situation over at telicthoughts.com is pretty rough. Not even enjoyable to go there that much anymore. Endless bickering. Relatively few updates; but when they do come you can be sure that the endless bickering will sludge things up quite abit.

  3. Thanks for posting crandaddy. This was refreshing!!!

  4. Actually, this post is relevant to ID: just as ID is an underdog (cf. the Bulldogs) which in the eyes of Darwinists and media commentators is destined to lose, destiny may have a trick to play on them. Keep this video in mind in coming months as ID keeps taking hits, and as you do, keep smiling!

    March Madness — one of the things that keeps America great.

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