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Video: “An Informative-Theoretic Proof of God’s Existence”, William Dembski

Here’s a recent lecture given by Bill Dembski at a recent conference back in June of 2012. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to Video: “An Informative-Theoretic Proof of God’s Existence”, William Dembski

  1. It would be nice to get a summary of what Bill is saying, I don’t have the time to watch the video.

  2. News: Interesting. I’d love to see the 40 step geometry proof. Also the stone block with Beethoven inside and the blank DVD with next gen Windows inside — an Uncle Bill joke — are both interesting cases on the issue of the significance of specified configuration as marking a difference between matter and information. Doubtless there’s more, busy and gotta go. But that may kick off discussion. KF

  3. OT: New video upload:

    Epigenetics and Soft Inheritance – video

  4. OT: crevo.info has a article up on the recent media hype over the supposed earliest mammal ancestor:

    Meet Your Evolutionary Propagandists – February 11, 2013
    Excerpt: Although Yoder bluffed that “The fossil record has always lent veracity to the classical account,” she then undermined it with some important questions:
    “Why did virtually all placental groups—such as primates, bats, ungulates, and whales—appear so abruptly in the fossil record? Where are the transitional forms that must link the diminutive insectivores of the Mesozoic to today’s multitude of mammals?”

  5. @48:50 “All such information that assists your search, however, resides in a search space of its own – an informational space. So the search of the original space gets displaced to a search of an informational space in which the crucial information for successfully searching the original space resides”.

    If a person wants to find “Theoretic Proof Of God’s Existence”, then wouldn’t The Holy Bible be the “landscape” that they would want to search? Wouldn’t that be the hypothetical “island with buried treasure”? The “original space”?

    The search would be for a higher order informational space (CSI) which resides within the original space…,but that is hidden from view:


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