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This one’s for Gil Dodgen – an eagle owl on final approach …

Slo-mo. Here.

‘Cause we can’t afford to buy him a Lotus.

(Thanks, Uncle Ray – UD News)

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6 Responses to This one’s for Gil Dodgen – an eagle owl on final approach …

  1. Beautiful video, Reminds of this beautiful video:

    The Mountain

    and for something completely different:

    Rocket Boots – video

    Fly Like An Eagle – Steve Miller Band

  2. It really is amazing how those random mutations created such sophisticated flight-control technology — how random mutations, eventually, seamlessly integrated the visual, neurological, muscular, tactile and other systems to produce such precise performance.

    Just think about how many proto-birds must have suffered tragic deaths in fatal crashes while those magical mutations performed their magical work. It is sad to think that gazillions — the actual number is irrelevant, since we know that a sufficient number of proto-birds must have existed, since that is what Darwinian theory requires — of such creatures had to die in the process of evolving this technology.

    Since flight-control technology is one of my specialties in aerospace R&D, I think I’ll give the Darwinian approach a try. I’ll just throw in a few random ASCII characters at random locations in my source code (point mutations), and make a few random function calls to a few random subroutines from a few random locations (evo-devo) and see how it works.

    I’ll get back to you with the results.

  3. Not if you are in the plane.

    In. That.; Case. You.Will. Not. Be.Getting. Back.To. Us. Gil.

    Ground to Gil. – come down. Like, now or something. ;)

  4. Dear News,

    I’ll rethink my Darwinian approach flight-control software development. Upon further reflection, it might just be that it could take longer than I anticipated.

  5. Or you could take shorter lifespan. No need for that sacrifice. We think we got all the data we need now. Just come down. Dammit. – News.

  6. Dear News,

    Seriously now. It is a complete mystery to me how anyone can accept Darwinian orthodoxy. It is completely irrational on so many levels: evidential, mathematical, empirical, computational, and logical. Worst of all, it is destructive of everything that ultimately matters in life: free will, purpose, meaning, ethics, values, and even legitimate science.

    It is a very sad state of affairs.

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