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University watch: Liberal profs starting to complain too?

At The New Criterion, (September, 2011), exploring “What’s wrong with our universities?,” James Piereson note tht liberals as well a conservatives are beginning to voice serious discontent:

… many of the criticisms formerly made by conservatives are now being reprised by liberals, or at least by authors who are in no way associated with conservative ideas or organizations. At least two distinguished academic leaders, Anthony Kronman, the former Dean of the Yale Law School, and Harry Lewis, the former Dean of Students at Harvard, have published stern critiques of colleges and universities for failing to challenge students with the great moral and political questions that were once incorporated into liberal arts curricula. Now several books have appeared, written from a liberal point of view, that take colleges and universities to task on various counts: they are too expensive; the education they offer is sub-par, especially in relation to costs; they are administratively top-heavy; their faculties are too specialized; they do not emphasize teaching; their catalogs are filled with bizarre courses; and, more importantly, they are not providing the liberal arts education that students need and deserve. These are serious charges, especially when one considers who is making them. What lies behind them? And what do the authors propose to do about them?

The problem is, the “liberals” publishing the stern critiques are probably old style “liberal arts” types – when liberal arts meant something rational and relevant. Today’s liberals are actually utopian statists who have little interest in the life of the mind and much interest in enforcing conformity to their central ideas. They are increasingly the targets of student civil rights groups like Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), and we must wish the Foundation much happy skewering.

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3 Responses to University watch: Liberal profs starting to complain too?

  1. OT: recent video upload of IDquest;

    (Michael Behe) How Did Life Begin? – video

    ‘Jeremiah J. Johnston (jeremiahjjohnston.com) interviews Michael J. Behe on the beginning of life and science.’

  2. FIRE? Really? The organization going to bat for the free speech rights to chant “No means Yes, Yes means Anal” (yea rape!), on the campus of a PRIVATE University, in flagrant violation of a contractual agreement of that University’s code of conduct?


    What utter B.S. Not to mention one dimensional-I’d love them take up the free speech of a student at a Bible College (or maybe a certain Professor who had publicly retract certain statements re: the flood).


  3. There is since WW11 a great agenda and dream to make the universities teach/mold the students because they believe out of proportion do then rule the country.
    They are simply teaching people what is right and what is wrong.

    The universities at the top do not reflect the American people in identity at all.
    Therefore they will not reflect the great divisions in the way they are in the population.
    They note this and like it. They don’t welcome conservative America and thats why they are pound for pound dumber, bader, and boringer.

    They are garrisons of thought, speech, and identity control.
    they have greater agendas to influence the kids and society, from their prestige and perceived expertism, then to teach a list of subjects for future employment.

    In becoming more populated by more people they lose the original ability and expectation of being higher institutions of learning.
    They are becoming common while not reflecting the better part of the country. The conservative historic Yankee and Southern peoples.

    The universities are not Republican because of identity interference in who runs them and go to them.

    Everything about universities today was predictable decades ago.

    They seem unjust, unintelligent, unAmerican, uninteresting in innovation of positive value.
    They really are all just high school extended.
    No more glory of intellectual superiority.

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