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Trouble In Paradise (or “When Good Atheists Go Bad”)

Lenny Flank and PZ Myers, both positive atheists, are going for each other’s jugular on Panda’s Thumb. Myers thinks Flank is harming the cause because Flank refuses to agree that theists need to be lined up and shot and Flank thinks Myers is an idiot because Myers is alienating people in numbers so great that political defeat is inevitable. Flank is right of course.

At any rate, the exchange is largely between the two of them and is at 510 comments and counting as I write this. For a laugh – check it out.

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6 Responses to Trouble In Paradise (or “When Good Atheists Go Bad”)

  1. You have to be thoroughly dishonest to be a positive atheist. You have to work incredibly hard to invent materialistic explanations for the specified information which is the catalyst of all life.

    I think the agnostic position (ie. Michael Ruse) is far more honest.

  2. PZ Meyers comes across as a thoroughly unhappy man.

  3. This is strange because just a few years ago Lenny assured me that he was a christian. As a matter of fact he was an ordained christian minister.

    He is a nutter but I am unsure if he is an atheistic nutter.

  4. If the commentators over at PT are all wise, rational scientists/seekers-of-science I shudder to think what the world would come to if any of them ever get anywhere in life. It’s a pity all that backstabbing doesn’t actually lead to someone’s death there.

    Funnily enough I concur with Tina’s insight awhile back that I feel a bit dirty after visiting the PT site – I think I need a bath now!!

  5. The only thing missing from the dark, corroded corner of the interweb known as The Panda’s Thumb is a porn banner or two.

    I am quick to get a tetanus shot after visiting there.

  6. One of the atheist theme songs is “Imagine” from John Lennon. Hey PZ, ‘I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one’.

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