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The Education of a Science Writer

Last week science writer John Farrell discussed the genetic evidence for evolution in his Technology article at Forbes. Farrell referenced evolutionist Stan Rice to argue the genome could not have been designed. Not only is it a clumsy design but it is susceptible to terrible, debilitating mutations. Such a design would never have been intended and must have evolved via the mindless play of natural processes.

Farrell’s other source was evolutionist Larry Moran, who has convinced Farrell that Jonathan Wells has it all wrong in his new book, The Myth of Junk DNA. As Farrell summarizes:  Read more

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3 Responses to The Education of a Science Writer

  1. Glad to see you post Dr. Hunter. It has been a while.

  2. He’s been busy cleaning some of the junk out of his DNA.

  3. Shouldn’t Farrell be writing in the religion or philosophy section?

    I love how these geniuses who have very little engineering background complaining about poor design. Although poor design is an invalid argument against ID anyway, I’ve noticed that in almost every case (Dawkins’ complaints against the backwards-wired eye, etc.) the system turns out to be exquisitely designed. It’s easy for armchair philosophers to complain about poor design — until, that is, they have to give real concrete recommendations for improvements to the design, at which point they stutter and stumble and change the subject. The primary thing we learn when someone make a poor design argument against ID is that the individual has no idea what they are talking about.

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