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Spot the Multiplied Entity

One thing scientists never, ever do is multiply entities, but not so for evolutionists:  Read more

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2 Responses to Spot the Multiplied Entity

  1. Dr Hunter, as to:

    “Evolution adds nothing to the science.”

    You are too kind. The reality of the situation is that:

    “Evolution hinders and thus subtracts from science”.

  2. Where to start!?

    OK I’ll ask two obvious questions. The paper states that some animals may have evolved bio-fluorescence for camouflage against algae and coral that also bio-fluoresce. This does nothing to explain how/why the algae and coral bio-fluoresce in the first place?

    Aside from the obvious: how does a blind undirected process “evolve” such a highly specified function like bio-fluorescence?

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