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New German ID Book

Rammerstorfer, Markus (2006). Nur eine Illusion? Biologie und Design [Only an Illusion? Biology and Design]. Tectum-Verlag, Marburg / ISBN 3-8288-9117-9.

This book is now available. Amazon.de displays it here:


See also the author’s homepage: http://members.aon.at/evolution/Book.html.

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2 Responses to New German ID Book

  1. For Markus on uncommondescent see http://www.uncommondescent.com.....rchives/85

    and here post 35 and 65 http://www.sunflower.com/~jkre.....0Desc.html

    ID is alive amongst German speakers.

  2. ID in Germany is surely is alive :) yet there is a very great opposition as everywhere else.Also check http://www.weloennig.de/internetlibrary.html and http://www.we-loennig.de/ for an interesting read in both English and German.

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