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Mammoth Design — Where Is My Dozer?

Check out the following pps file here (keep clicking to view slide show). Thanks Dennis White!

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4 Responses to Mammoth Design — Where Is My Dozer?

  1. Mr Torley reads Jerry Coyne so we don’t have to. Interesting that Dr Coyne, too, is against these speech codes. I looked up the university I attended and see that they have a “red light” rating.

  2. Congratulations to Dr Gonzalez.

    I say this though no one will see it, as I seem to have been placed in moderation for some reason. My last six or so comments have either not appeared at all (why?) or appeared in a five year old thread (really odd!)

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like it is the Science Daily reporter referencing Haeckel, not the authors of the paper.

  4. I look forward to seeing this paper when it comes out. I myself had an ESP experience when I was 13 years old. I’ve never had anything like it since.

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