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Dust up Over TE at First Things

Stephen Barr, one of the most prominent Theistic Evolutionists today, and philosopher Stephen Webb have an often heated debate about the metaphysical implications of Darwinism over at FT’s blog.  Here, here, here and here.

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2 Responses to Dust up Over TE at First Things

  1. Thank God for the clarity of Richard Dawkins:

    In any case, the belief that religion and science occupy separate magisteria is dishonest. It founders on the undeniable fact that religions still make claims about the world that on analysis turn out to be scientific claims. Moreover, religious apologists try to have it both ways. When talking to intellectuals, they carefully keep off science’s turf, safe inside the separate and invulnerable religious magisterium. But when talking to a nonintellectual mass audience, they make wanton use of miracle stories—which are blatant intrusions into scientific territory.

    (from Snake Oil and Holy Water, FORBES ASAP, October 4, 1999)

  2. Yes, of course, Dawkins is a clear as mud when it comes to Darwin. But when it comes to TEism …

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