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Bug With Bifocals Baffles Biologists

Take a close look at this organism—a very close look. Now answer these questions: Are you an evolutionist? Was this bug created by random mutations? Is it a Lucretian concoction? For evolutionists the answer is yes, all organisms must be such concoctions, and in so saying they are their own accuser—this is not about science.  Read more
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One Response to Bug With Bifocals Baffles Biologists

  1. How interesting. When faced with the implications of a complex organism like an insect having bifocals, all of a sudden natural selection and random mutation seem to be capable of doing what an optometrist with technologically sophisticated, designed hardware does. Interestingly, we have yet to actually observe this technologically advanced behavior in the mindless, purposeless natural selection and random mutation. Whoops.
    But when an inference of design is presented, the naturalists are just as quick to adopt a dogmatic position of faith…in naturalism of course….for which there is not a single, shred of evidence beyond personal experience that naturalism is true to the exclusion of other views.
    Ironically, naturalists who would defend naturalism on the basis of personal experience (that the natural world is real to them and therefore the foundation of reality) are also defending the legitimacy of the personal experience that many have…with Jesus.
    If naturalists could just come up with something better, some kind of positive evidence that naturalism is true to the exclusion of all other views, then perhaps naturalism would be a testable hypothesis. Until that time, I think all views should be equally considered, even views that require faith, like naturalism.

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