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Book offers to settle debates re evolution

The Evidence for Evolution

Here. Alan R. Rogers tells us in The Evidence for Evolution

According to polling data, most Americans doubt that evolution is a real phenomenon. And it’s no wonder that so many are skeptical: many of today’s biology courses and textbooks dwell on the mechanisms of evolution—natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow—but say little about the evidence that evolution happens at all. How do we know that species change? Has there really been enough time for evolution to operate?

That Rogers merely means an exploded Darwinism is evident from one of the endorsements:

“Alan Rogers addresses the political controversy over the theory of evolution (there’s no longer any scientific controversy) in the best scientific spirit: with evidence and logic. For anyone with an open mind, a curiosity about the natural world, and a desire to see controversies settled with evidence rather than rhetoric, this is an invaluable contribution and a fascinating read.”—Steven Pinker, Harvard University

Why does anyone take Steven Pinker seriously? Wasn’t he the guy who said our brains are shaped for fitness,not for truth? So …  we’d never know if what Rogers says is true …

Free preview here.

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8 Responses to Book offers to settle debates re evolution

  1. In 100 pages, at that.

    Do species change into new species? p.9

    Also, p. 100:

    …modern creationist arguments originated in the 1860s and 1870s. The modern versions often have new labels, such as “irreducible complexity” and specified complexity,” but this is just marketing. Beneath the new labels, these are the same arguments that Pritchard and Murphy made long ago.

    So there you have it. ID refuted!

  2. The book should be titled: “The Evidence for Equivocation”

    Most Americans doubt genetic accidents can accumulate in such a way as to give rise to anything useful requiring multiple parts. And science supports them. What page is that on?

  3. I dont think what ‘Most Americans’ think is a great guide. America and Turkey seem to be exceptions to the rest of the rest of the world.

  4. So rather than reviewing the book and critiquing based on its comments Ms O’News prefers just to take ad hominem potshots at one of the endorsers?

    Come on Ms O’Leary – why not read the book and offer an in-depth review on its contents rather than this drive-by kind of journalism?

  5. 5

    Why does anyone take Steven Pinker seriously?

    A better question might be, why would anyone take a book blurb seriously? Half the time, I’m quite sure the blurb writer didn’t even read the first chapter.

  6. Opposition to evolution in america is from first religious conclusions in the protestant circles and then from the general public in questioning conclusions without great evidence presented.
    Yes evolution needs to prove its case for evolution from bugs to buffalos.
    Go for it.

    If evolution ideas were understood by the public fully they would be shocked that such a theory has been taught as possible.
    In fact people probably think evolution means there are innate biological processes that change creatures.
    Not mere mutations being selected and bang you got the amazon and the guys cutting it down.
    The best antidote to the error of evolutionism is its being fully understood by the public.

  7. David W Wilson:

    Half the time, I’m quite sure the blurb writer didn’t even read the first chapter.

    Those darn evolutionists, they are everywhere. Writing reviews of ID books they never read and now writing blurbs about books they haven’t read.

  8. I’m the author of this book, and I logged on here to find out what the ID community is saying about it. But so far, the conversation has focused on the blurbs on the cover. If anyone has read the book, I would be grateful for their thoughts.

    Thanks, Alan Rogers

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