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An evolutionary psychologist actually manages to come up with something so stupid that …

… his article got pulled.

Earlier, we had asked, “Evolutionary psychology: Have the refs finally begun to arrive, to end the nonsense? If Hank Campbell’s “Evolutionary Psychology Can’t Be Wrong, Says Evolutionary Psychologist” (Science 2.0 , December 14th 2011) is any guide. We also just noticed Campbell’s earlier piece, “Satoshi Kanazawa And The Freefall Of Evolutionary Psychology” (Science 2.0 , May 19th 2011):

Last weekend, Satoshi Kanazawa wrote in Psychology Today that black women are considered less attractive than other women but black men are considered more attractive than other men. Being a good evolutionary psychologist, he set out to do a ‘whatsupwiththat?’ article and map some data to that topology and piece the whole thing together.

As you can imagine, it will involve sex and surveys of college students. This is evolutionary psychology, after all. As you can also imagine, Psychology Today was thrilled at the prospect of all those controversial pageviews but, apparently, some psychobabble kookiness is too much for even them – and they loved his claiming things like that pretty people have more daughters and liberals are more intelligent than conservatives so their boundaries are fairly broad.

Good stuff, and we’ve been saying the same for years. He digs deeper:

The standard line for this kind of gibberish is that the writer is examining ‘hard truths’ and taboo subjects, where others fear to tread, etc., but really it is more like he thought ‘that black woman is unattractive but I see a lot of attractive black men’ and decided to science it up with a diagram. So what? It isn’t even the goofiest thing to come out of evolutionary psychology this month, so why the hubbub?

Why indeed? What sometimes happens, is that a friend of Darwin actually does manage to say something so stupid that it dawns on Darwin’s faithful that they are being scammed.

Great – and hilarious – read!

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One Response to An evolutionary psychologist actually manages to come up with something so stupid that …

  1. The thing here is that its the great foe of our times making the decision.
    Political correctness.
    If the author had said white women instead he would still be kosher.
    Exalting black men did not help the diminishment of black women.

    Actually Darwin said women are biologically intellectually inferior to men.(Descent of man)
    would they censor/punish him too?
    should his book be banned in schools everywhere?

    For the record i say all people have the same smartness results at birth.
    More in the record i say all women in all different identities have the same odds at beauty with only minor details making minor advantages/disadvantages.
    This because beauty is largely about the anatomy and this is the same for all women. Then a roll of the dice brings everyone to good enough results in comparison.
    Only below the neck would unique people like pygmies have come short generally for special problems.

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