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Humor: Google Trends

Ever wonder what Science Bloggers do when they’re not science blogging? Wonder no longer.


Top Five Things Science Blog Readers Search For:

1. scotch tape mosquito bites
2. kate beckinsale
3. sponge bob
4. bruce lee
5. britney spears

Interesting (if you’re a 12 year old).

Top Five Blogs Science Blog Readers Also Visit

1. richarddawkins.net
2. catholicleague.org
3. rememberthycreator.com
4. dirtgetswet.com
5. politicalirony.com

Yup. All science.

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3 Responses to Humor: Google Trends

  1. And, if you track ncseweb.org, you will see Richard Dawkins again.

    1. natcenscied.org
    2. pandasthumb.org
    3. talkorigins.org
    4. richarddawkins.net

    Go Eugenie!

  2. Actually, the first on the also searched for when I clicked on your link was Pharyngula? Scotch Tape Mosquito Bites was number 2. I tried to show this to a darwinist friend of mine and since I forwarded your list as is, they called me a distortionist, which I pretty much feel like.

  3. Marie

    It was filed under humor. I used a bit of literary license for comic effect and I didn’t use much of that license.

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