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Mammoth extinction: Gotta be climate change or humans …

File:Columbian mammoth.JPG

Columbian mammoth, La Brea tar pit

Of course. In “Mammoths’ extinction not due to inbreeding, study finds ” (BBC News, March 23, 2012), Dhruti Shah reports,

“This suggests that the final extinction was caused by a rapid change in the mammoths’ environment, such as the arrival of humans or a change in climate, rather than a gradual decline in population size,” the study concludes.

Dr Dalen said further investigation focusing on finding the last few woolly mammoths was needed but added: “If humans hunted them to extinction, I would expect us to find evidence of that. I’m personally leaning towards environmental change.”

So we’re off the hook for then but not for now?

Turn off that dam rad, Jorge! Just get used to being cold, okay?

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