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“The Judge Jones School of Law”

A hilarious flash animation of Judge Jones as a pull-string doll appears over at www.overwhelmingevidence.com. The humor is, granted, adolescent, but this is a site for high school students, and they are, after all, the ones that Judge Jones’s decision disenfranchised.

Judge Jones and Friends

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8 Responses to “The Judge Jones School of Law”

  1. Perhaps it’s juvenile humor, but it’s also pretty darn funny. I only marginally followed the Dover case when it was on, and I had no idea the judge was biased and/or incompetent enough to copy huge swaths of legalize right out of the ACLU’s documents without batting an eye. And then he became a hero because of it. Amazing.

  2. Not entirely relevant to this blog entry but here is an ID debate I just found:


    Steve Meyer versus Peter Ward.


  3. Well it gave me a laugh.

  4. Kind of cute, but the farting noises tended to drown out the points.

  5. :-D

    At least he is intelligent enough to undestarnd the right points.
    Pitty that the true voices aren’t used.

    Does anybody have sent a message to “Jones” about this funny animation?
    It might be interesting to have his reaction.

  6. A regular rogue’s gallery there in the background. Good attention to detail!

  7. Can someone name the rogues for me? I only recognize a couple, though I’m sure I’ll recognize the names.

  8. Darwin, Eugenie Scott, Richard Dawkins, Somebody Who Looks Sort of Like Russell Humphreys But Is Not, Plus some others.

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