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John A. Davison’s New Blog

Check out Davison’s new anti-Darwinian blog: http://prescribedevolution.blogspot.com.

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One Response to John A. Davison’s New Blog

  1. Thanks Bill. John will be tickled pink.

    I’d like to encourage everyone to read Professor Emeritus of Biology Davison’s paper entitled an Evolutionary Manifesto. It includes a lot more detail on his peer reviewed and published “Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis” or PEH, and also has a section on the persecution he endured (similar to Sternberg only worse) at the University of Vermont for having the audacity to publically question standard neoDarwinian theory. In a nutshell, John is a deist after Einstein, and believes that the universe was front loaded 14 billion years ago so that it inevitably evolved to produce rational man – hence the name *prescribed* evolution. John is also one of the first twenty names you’ll find on the Discovery Institute’s “Dissent from Darwinism”.

    Here’s the link to the paper:


    Details of what transpired at UVM:


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