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Evolution Questions Network

More student activism to unmask evolutionary pretensions: 
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6 Responses to Evolution Questions Network

  1. Although the liver is a fascinating organ, I believe that should read “LIVEJOURNAL”, not “LIVERJOURNAL”.

  2. Corrected!

  3. 3

    I think that this Network is spreading itself too thin by having four separate blogs. Why not just one blog?

  4. Anyone know where there’s an “evolution’s bottomless bag of tricks” link, where they collect all in one place how evolution seems to have a solution to every problem that could ever arise:

    eg: no fossils? – punctuated equilibria says you’d never find them

    flagella most efficient engine ever discovered; – why were all those gradations of improvement needed? “you never know what the forces were in the historical past – and we never have to explain what they were, but we know they must have existed”

    how did mutual behavior of DNA/ribosome arise? – that’s “origin of life”, not evolution (next question)


    oh, I see, it must be talkorigins?

  5. es58,

    Like the requisite cell(self-duplicating too) which must exist before natural selection can occur. (information to make the cell wall/membrane?)

    Eric Peterson

  6. And if all else fails, there’s always convergence

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