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Dawkins supports Christmas?

Further to “Happy anti-theist PZ Myers takes issue with pitiless Richard Dawkins over pedophilia”: A Google search on Dawkins pedophilia generates 126,000 hits, the top of which are from name sites.

Update:  As of 2013 09 12 08:00 EST About 39,200,000 results (0.26 seconds)

Well, the arch-Darwinist made it into the news again. Natural selection at work?


Top People claim atheism rules and he is the best-known spokesman, so this must be good for atheism too, right?

A top Canadian blogger calls him “the world’s most irritating stopped clock.”

So it seems. But locally produced calendars still insist that Christmas is December 25, a ways off.

P.S.: Okay, he doesn’t intellectually support Christmas, but in a substantive way, he is edging out Santa …

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One Response to Dawkins supports Christmas?

  1. He once called himself a “cultural Christian”. In other words, he’s happy to celebrate a holiday with religious overtones while remaining a staunch atheist. Which, to me anyway, makes him little more than a hypocrite.

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