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For the Easter Weekend, 2014 . . .

Here. (HT: VJT, also, Charles Babbage.) Video: embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt more

A Short Commentary on the Nye-Ham Debate

I originally wrote this for a friend, but decided that other people might be interested, too. Anyway, this is not a blow-by-blow, and I’m sure I’m missing some important points, but here is my commentary on the debate. If parts of it read like an email to a friend, well, that’s because that’s where it […] more

Don Johnson’s lecture on “Bioinformatics: The Information in Life”

VJT has recently posted on what kind of cosmos God made, remarking on the Don Johnson bioinformatics lecture. He linked but didn’t embed, so here is the lecture: embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt And, here is the handout. No comments — go to VJT’s thread. OOPS, something funny there so I open back up comments […] more

ID Foundations, 22: What about evolutionary trees of descent and homologies? (An answer to Jaceli123′s presentation of a typical icon of evolution . . . )

As has been noted, sometimes people come to UD looking for answers to questions about what they have been taught regarding “Evolution”; typically in the context of indoctrination under the Lewontinian ideological a priori materialism that he outlined thusly in his infamous 1997 NYRB article: [T]he problem is to get [the general public] to reject […] more

Beautiful animation of transcription and translation

Voice Over: “The innermost workings of how a simple code is turned into flesh and blood.” more

Cool animations from Stroma Studios, including how cyanide poisons cells

Relax and remember that all that is going on all the time inside you, and you didn’t even know. Except this one, which is how cyanide poisoning disrupts ATP synthesis more

Remembering Battle of Britain Day, Sunday Sept 15, 1940 . . . when a few stood in the gap [+ lessons on the significance of a force- in- being strategy]

I looked at the date and thought, quite a lesson from history, and a follow up from those of 9/11. Summer, 1940, when  The Few in their Hurricanes (mostly!) and Spitfires stood between civilisation, however flawed, and a nightmare of aggressive barbarism, with the peak being Sunday, Sept 15, 1940. (That day and date thing […] more

Astonishing bioluminescent animals seen during 2-hour underwater descent

The octopuses’ disappearing act is remarkable too. more

9/11 Miracle — the story of Trinidadian Genelle Guzman-McMillan, last WTC 9/11 survivor to be pulled from the rubble

Trinidadian Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last WTC 9/11 survivor to be pulled from the rubble of the collapsed towers, has a story of miraculous survival, complete with her angel, Paul, who held her hand as she awaited rescue. In summary: [Genelle] was a Port Authority worker, working on the 64th floor of one of the WTC […] more

Col. Rick Rescorla, the UK-born Vietnam Vet and Morgan-Stanley Dean-Witter security chief who predicted BOTH WTC attacks, and sacrificed his life saving 2,700+ others . . .

Today, let us reflect on Col. Rick Rescorla, the man who saw it coming TWICE, and then sacrificed his life saving over 2,700 lives on September 11, 2001: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt I cannot but pause and show a video still of the Col on that fateful day as he rallied his people, bullhorn […] more

Today is September 11, 2013, let us pause and remember twelve years go today . . .

CNN’s live footage that morning: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt (More here.) END more

Darwin’s Doubt – the vid

Top people not known for fronting intelligent design think you should read it. But if it’s late and you’re tired … more

Fri nite frite: HIV virus infects host (vid)

Yes, that’s NIH’s Francis Collins introducing the speaker. more

Animation of our RNA at work

Official non-mobile chyron from the Darwin lobby: What you are seeing above is a random, undesigned, and undirected process. It only LOOKS otherwise. more

Gene gun inventor John Sanford on what Darwin got wrong

A key difficulty with evolution theories based on Darwin (and make no mistake, that’s the majority*) is that such theories are based on an outdated view of how things work, but millions of people now make their living, in whole or in part, fronting such a view. more

Sean McDowell on understanding intelligent design

Just wondering, how would UD readers rate this presentation? more

VIDEO: Jon Rittenhouse’s BB ST 450 course lecture on Scientism

Ran across this Biola video lecture (in course BB ST 450) on scientism in a thread from a few months back, HT BA77 as usual. I think it is well worth pondering: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt So, thoughts? END more

They said it dept: ID objector JLA inadvertently underscores the absurd logical/worldview consequences of evolutionary materialism . . . QED

One of our frequent objectors, JLA, has listed the consequences of evolutionary materialism, by way of objecting to BA’s further reply to the current crop of remarks at TSZ. (NB: I at first thought he might be being satirical, but, sadly, he is actually playing a straight hand. {Let me make this plain: FULL MARKS […] more

TSZ explodes in anger and mischaracterisations over BA’s recent post at UD: “If My Eyes Are a Window, Is There Anyone Looking Out?”

(In case you think this is about a strawman, cf. here) A few days ago UD President, BA, posted on the topic, “If My Eyes Are a Window, Is There Anyone Looking Out?” Reaction at objecting blog TSZ has been explosive. For just one instance — a slice of the cake reveals its ingredients, we […] more

VIDEO: Guillermo Gonzalez lectures at UC Davis on the Privileged Planet thesis

WK has pointed out a vid sequence at YouTube, in which Dr Gonzalez lays out a good summary of the privileged planet thesis. Here is the start: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt WK (what, you haven’t bookmarked and speed-dialled this blog yet? tut, tut!  . . . ) summarises on points of significance for reflection: […] more

WK (what, you haven’t bookmarked and speed-dialled this blog yet? tut, tut!  . . . ) summarises on points of significance for reflection:

  • What is the Copernican Principle?
  • Is the Earth’s suitability for hosting life rare in the universe?
  • Does the Earth have to be the center of the universe to be special?
  • How similar to the Earth does a planet have to be to support life?
  • What is the definition of life?
  • What are the three minimal requirements for life of any kind?
  • Requirement 1: A molecule that can store information (carbon)
  • Requirement 2: A medium in which chemicals can interact (liquid water)
  • Requirement 3: A diverse set of chemical elements
  • What is the best environment for life to exist?
  • Our place in the solar system: the circumstellar habitable zone
  • Our place in the galaxy: the galactic habitable zones
  • Our time in the universe’s history: the cosmic habitable age
  • Other habitability requirements (e.g. – metal-rich star, massive moon, etc.)
  • The orchestration needed to create a habitable planet
  • How different factors depend on one another through time
  • How tweaking one factor can adversely affect other factors
  • How many possible places are there in the universe where life could emerge?
  • Given these probabilistic resources, should we expect that there is life elsewhere?
  • How to calculate probabilities using the “Product Rule”
  • Can we infer that there is a Designer just because life is rare? Or do we need more?

There’s more there too.

Such as, this thought or two on design inferences in the broader sense:

  • Are the habitable places in the universe also the best places to do science?
  • Do the factors that make Earth habitable also make it good for doing science?
  • Some places and times in the history of the universe are more habitable than others
  • Those exact places and times also allow us to make scientific discoveries

I think this vid sequence  is a very good use for an hour of our time. END

PS: This review paper on the habitable Zones concept is also well worth perusing.