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ID and the Science of God: Part I

In response to an earlier post of mine, DaveScot kindly pointed out this website’s definition of ID. The breadth of the definition invites scepticism: ID is defined as the science of design detection — how to recognize patterns arranged by an intelligent cause for a purpose. But is there really some single concept of ‘intelligence’ […] more

Introduction to a Science of God: Fathoming the Intelligence Behind Intelligent Design

This is the first of a series of posts on ‘The Science of God’, aka my response to the charge that ID is indistinguishable from Pastafarianism. Let me start with a familiar Q and A:   Q: What, in a nutshell, is the Darwinist argument against ID? A: First of all, nature doesn’t exhibit the […] more

A Resolution for Darwin Year

I have accepted an invitation to comment regularly on Uncommon Descent for the Darwin Anniversary 2009 (200 years for Darwin himself and 150 years for Origin of Species). My plan is to draw attention to some ideas, arguments, articles and books relating to the ongoing ID-evolution debate. I’ll also say something about when and where […] more

Reverse evolution? Or reverting to an older version? And other stories from The Design of Life blog

Are the stickleback fish in Lake Washington really reversing evolution, as the media releases claim? Or just tailoring their existing design? A much more remarkable example of apparent reverse evolution is a little fish in Washington State, U.S.A. The threespine stickleback is named for its bony armour plate. But as Seattle’s Lake Washington became highly […] more

Just up at The Design of Life blog: African Eve

Was one woman who lived 150,000 to 200,000 years ago the ancestress of all of us? Science may not be sure, but pop culture is. Part One: Our Mitochondria: A piece in the puzzle of our origins? Part Two: What Does Our Mitochondrial DNA Say About Human Ancestry? Part Three: African Eve – when pop […] more

Plant rights (yes, really!), ape rights – it’s all really just “bureaucracy rights” – also the latest at Design of Life

In “The Silent Scream of the Apsparagus,” old-fashioned liberal and publisher Wesley J. Smith charts the course of “rights” to its inevitable conclusion: plant rights, at least in Switzerland: A few years ago the Swiss added to their national constitution a provision requiring “account to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, […] more

So Dawkins thinks design can be studied? Plus links!

Gonzaga law prof David DeWolf comments of Richard Dawkins’s effort to spin his recent sympathy for the idea of extraterrestrials bringing life to Earth – as admitted to the Expelled team in the film: The point of Dawkins’ concession in the movie is not that panspermia is a preferable alternative to evolutionary theory, but rather […] more

Framing science: Finding a frame to fit materialism?

At Overwhelming Evidence, today, I reflect on the comments of Matthew Nisbet at the Framing Science blog. His comments are a more interesting – and far more significant – illustration of what is wrong with science today than the uproar over Myers’s ejection from the Expelled screening. In his post, Nisbet pleads with Dawkins and […] more

Today at the Design of Life blog – Mustangs vs. breed horses

There has been a Darwinian vs. human-directed evolution experiment running in North America for centuries. It is the horse. That is, the mustang vs. humanly directed horse breeds. What did natural selection do? What did intelligent design (specified complexity) do? For more, go here. more

Today at the Design of Life blog …

Why SETI hasn’t found any space aliens yet: Excerpt: Gonzalez and fellow astronomer Hugh Ross have pointed out, Over the last four centuries the CP [Copernican Principle] has evolved from a simple claim that the Earth is not located at the center of the solar system to an expansive philosophical doctrine that the Earth, and […] more

Motive vs. Intent, and detecting design

There is an interesting discussion going on about “How do you prove purpose”, led by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, blogger, at Overwhelming Evidence. Here was my contribution: One question that commonly arises when people discuss design in the universe is “how can you tell it is design if you do not know the motive of the designer?” […] more

Reviews, reviews of The Design of Life: Pats and pans, ink and angst

The reviewers start to look at The Design of Life, a design-friendly biology textbook. Excerpt: “In this atmosphere, The Design of Life was bound to be controversial. It actually shouldn’t be. It’s a good book and well written, but the fact that it is even remotely controversial shows just how committed the science establishment is […] more

More evidence that Darwin’s theory of natural selection as the origin of new species is wrong.

From Jane Harris-Zsovan’s recent story at Design of Life blog: Darwin’s theory of natural selection requires offspring to diverge from a common ancestor to create new species. It requires genetic differences to increase as descendants adapt to their environmental niches. It is this ‘natural selection’ and ‘adaptation’ that creates species. And, as the newly created […] more

Today at The Design of Life blog

Why do scientists sometimes ignore warnings that theories are wrong? Even great scientists can get it all wrong, and it is interesting to see how and when they do. more

Design of life blog: The puzzling exploding palm tree

Jane Harris has a new article at Design of Life blog about a newly discovered genus of palm in Madagascar (yes, that’s right, a GENUS): “New findings in science: self-destructive palm puzzles botanists” The tree waits about 100 years to flower and then explodes in tonnes of flowers and then just dies. I’m glad local […] more

Today at the Design of Life blog: The Smithsonian vs. the Cambrian explosion

Charles Walcott, secretary  of the Smithsonian, had found the equivalent of Noah’s Ark. He found every animal phylum, or – as physicist Gerald Schroeder puts it – the “basic anatomies” of all animal life forms today. Cause for rejoicing? No, because there was a problem. The problem was that the find obviously did not support […] more

New at The Design of Life: Can hybrids create new species?

Posted by Denyse O’Leary for Jane Harris At one time, hybrids were thought to be common among plants but rare among animals. But as more animal hybrids are found, some scientists ask whether hybrids are not a more common means of creating new species than previously thought. … An intense focus on Darwin’s theory that […] more

Did math accidentally evolve?

Or are we just connecting to the universe, as the Design of Life authors think.I’ve always found the connection between soft math and useful information easy (like, you get charged for a side of fries you never ordered, and never would have ordered). But HARD math? That’s about something else for sure. Go here for […] more

Design of Life: Was Mendel wrong too?

Well, he could be, at least about some things.Don’t shoot! Look, no one expected that the human being would have only a few more genes than the worms that survived a space shuttle blowup and were returned to their owners. We could be wrong about lots of other things too. Anyway, here’s Jane Harris-Zsovan’s story, […] more

Not a Darwinist? Is that just a neat hunch or do you know WHY you shouldn’t be?

Recently, Bill Dembski and Jonathan Wells published a textbook supplement called The Design of Life. It’s pretty controversial, as you can tell by all the ignorant remarks and insults at the Amazon site. The book explains the reasons why Darwin was wrong. Stuff you won’t find in the textbook your taxes pay for (or your […] more

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