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Bringing images of ancient plants to life

Lycopods (club mosses) may be “inconspicuous” but they are certainly a durable group. They used to be forests. more

A 305 million year old harvestman fossil has two set of eyes

Current descendants of the spiderlike arachnid have one functional pair and one vestigial pair. more

Bat family 36 million years older than thought

What exactly does “primitive” mean, by the way? In this context? Is it a term that should be retired? more

Earlier than thought: Turtle shells moved back to 260 million years ago

Forty million years earlier than previously reckoned. Could someone please develop this into a theme song? Put it up at YouTube? more

What is it about cats that most members of the family, past and present, look so much alike?

If we met that 4-6 million-year-old beast in the grasslands today, we might think it was just another big cat (and scream and throw things) more

Jurassic Park! But this time with 46 mya mosquito, including blood

Dry traces, of course. Reduce your expectations. This is big anyway. more

Oldest lizard-like fossil predates other by 12 million years

First direct evidence that such types existed in the middle Triassic, 240 million years ago more

Another rabbit jumps the hat: 419 mya JAWED fish

Fish guy, yer gettin’ ta be a rabbit with me. more

Oldest discovered Gondwana land animal is a scorpion at 350 mya …

We now know that by the end the Devonian period Gondwana also, like Laurasia, had a complex terrestrial ecosystem, comprising invertebrates and plants … more

Yet another life form survives long after it should have been extinct

Oooh, bad, bad, bad, when it might mean doubting Darwin, the greatest mind that ever accidentally evolved. more

Donald Prothero: Sometimes even a Darwinist must confront the pattern of the evidence

He just doesn’t have to learn anything. more

Maybe the coelacanth just checked out of evolution

It sounds as though these researchers were sent out to find evidence for coelacanth evolution (!). And didn’t, particularly. Never mind. more

Neural circuitry for complex social behaviour 450 million years old, researchers say

‘”In these key brain regions, we found remarkable conservation of gene activity across species,’ said Hofmann.” more

Stasis: Melanin in squid ink unchanged since Jurassic times

Apparently melanin resists degradation much more than other organic pigments. more

Donald Prothero: In evolution, stasis was general, gradualism rare, and that’s the consensus 40 years on

If stasis is the general pattern, why do we hear so little about it? Why does the Darwin lobby oppose teaching it to students? more

“Living fossil” primates communicate by ultrasound

“The researchers observed that tarsiers emitted their ultrasonic call when humans were near, suggesting they were voicing alarm.” more

Darwinist: Evolution and no evolution are the same thing, it turns out

Horseshoe crabs have survived 450 years, three global extinctions, with no evidence of evolution. Watch them repel Darwin’s spin doctor. more

#6 of 2011 for ID community: Golden Orb-Weaver Fossil Spider Provides New Evidence for Stasis.

Significant Darwinian evolution is forever happening somewhere else, just out of reach. more

“Leaproach” thought extinct in late Jurassic, but …

Turned up in South Africa; Can leap as well as a grasshopper. more

Fossil tintinnids from 635-715 mya “could have been floating about hundreds of millions of years earlier”

Here’s Physorg on those recently found tintinnids from 635-715 million years ago. In “New fossils reveal oldest known ciliates” (November 16, 2011), Jennifer Chu reports, Anyone who has taken high school biology has likely come into contact with a ciliate. The much-studied paramecium is one of 7,000 species of ciliates, a vast group of microorganisms […] more

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