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Publisher of Pandas textbook offers “The Untold Story of Dover”

FTE: Contrary to Judge Jones’ ruling that Pandas was originally intended to advocate creationism, FTE in fact agreed with previous court rulings against teaching actual creationism in public schools. more

Impact in science requires balancing atypical knowledge with conventional knowledge?

Researchers: The highest-impact science is primarily grounded in exceptionally conventional combinations of prior work yet simultaneously features an intrusion of unusual combinations. more

Pub Med to allow user comments now

Ah, the times we live in: It will be easier for a scientist to get a controversial interpretation of data into a journal than into a pop science mag or the daily fishwrap. more

Why has so much science become science fiction?

Methodological naturalism is a safe harbour for science fiction masquerading as science. more

Methodological naturalism is a living fossil

a “vestige” of formerly useful organs, says physicist more

New Scientist author supports Popular Science shutting down comments.

Will New Scientist be next? more

How not to understand the problem with methodological naturalism (MN)

Sometimes, people discussing the topic try to explain the difficulty by proposing that it should be called “methodological atheism.” This is unhelpful. more

Coffee: Massimo Pigliucci, trying to get it

Here: It is precisely in the area of medical treatments that the science-pseudoscience divide is most critical, and where the role of philosophers in clarifying things may be most relevant. Our colleague Stephen T. Asma raised the issue in a recent Stone column (“The Enigma of Chinese Medicine”), pointing out that some traditional Chinese remedies […] more

Book reviewer wonders: How could Newton have been a scientist and a theist?

Why have organizations like American Scientific Affiliation (self-described Christians in science) so miserably failed that it is taken for granted that this is even a problem. more

Does the mere thought of science trigger morality?

So claims a science journal. This sounds so like a religious group struggling with the wake of a scandal: The people who sin are not applying our belief system correctly. more

What’s science and what’s not: ET vs. Bigfoot

There is a fun and revealing book for a cultural historian in how each gets classified as science or non-science . more

A note on Popular Science’s editorial tantrum = new “no comments” policy, …

Note that the publication is not called Academic Science, it is called Popular Science. That, presumably, means dealing with the public (republic?) of regular readers … more

Retired Pope Benedict on issues of interest to the ID community

Wondering, for example, whether empirical sciences such as biology, and even mathematics, also have their flights of fancy – what Benedict describes as lapses into “science fiction” … more

Darwin lobby: Don’t teach epigenetics, kids won’t understand

The best-known Darwin lobbyist thinks the evidence for evolution in general is so weak that doubts about the power of natural selection to randomly produce intricate new equipment must mean that evolution never happens. Good thing she said it herself. more

Whaa?!! Nature’s Henry Gee goes ballistic on false certainties in science

Some early commenters don’t sound as though they even understand, but what would you expect? more

Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? (7) – Joshua Gidney’s Third Response

After another unfortunately lengthy break, we’re at it again. This post is my latest response to Francis Smallwood. Francis is first and foremost, a dear friend, but also a Christian neo-Darwinist. He writes at his blog Musings of Science. This response is part of a long-term (hopefully lifelong), dialogue on many different topics relating to […] more

Materialist philosopher Daniel Dennett rushes to defense of scientism

(Scientism: The belief that science can and should dictate morality instead of being governed by it. For some irrational reason, possible research subjects object to the former view.) more

NYT columnist Ross Douthat trashes neuroscientist Sam Harris’s scientism

Scientism is the clown car of mechanistic materialism. People have lots of fun pointing to it and laughing. How many of them will still be here when … more

How science made one software guy lose his religion

He apparently discovered natural selection, and had a very different experience from the software engineer featured here discussing convergent evolution (not natural selection) in software. more

Scientism 2001: “Scientists have an intrinsic bias …”

Actually, today we can say it in two words: Steve Pinker. more

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