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Never mind. Today is just a dream

The evidence is in. Science doomed us on Earth Day ages ago. It’s like a movie. We don’t exist. Or something. more

Should we get rid of “scientist,” replace term with “some guy”?

Many people today want science to be a religion. They are readily drawn to far-out theory that would be termed religion in any other society. more

Science blogger Chad Orzel treads on Superman’s cape

Superheroes are anti-science. Someone should tell Neil DeGrasse Tyson. more

When bad science or science writing screams …

ten general qualities found in forgettable science or science writing more

New book shows how questions from philosophy drive science

The people to whom philosophy is irrelevant are, on examination, beneath it. more

When scientism invades journalism …

It won’t matter what’s in the daily data dump because the pundits will tell us what to believe about it. more

Scientism’s popularity continues its downward slide

Now it’s a hernia clinic. more

Will billionaire donors change how science is funded?

Design in nature (biomimetics) seems like a good bet to interest them, because the nearly impossibly hard work’s already been done. more

This year’s Templeton Prize to priest and philosopher

Rees and Ayala’s wins had left some wondering whether Templeton wished to become a sort of lifetime achievement award for postmodernism in science. It seems not. more

Steve Meyer on Is ID science?

Also, “Darwin’s Doubt and the plea for more time! (= Give us another century to prove Darwin right about the mechanism of evolution. We’ll get back to you then, promise.) more

Seventeen per cent of scientists in study claim to be evangelicals

Compared to 23 per cent of all respondents to study. One factor may be that evangelicals are more likely to actively steer their children toward the ministry than are other Protestant Christians more

Paul Bloom: Okay, so maybe we materialists went too far, but …

As for accommodation, sorry, the ship has sailed. The controversies around peer reviewed fraud testify to the heart of the problem. more

Known iconoclast physicist Freeman Dyson can talk about scientists’ blunders, including Darwin’s

… and Kas Thomas can’t. Can you imagine if Thomas was a high school teacher? more

Genie … meet Bottle!

In short, many current science writers want to be taken seriously as investigators while behaving as cheerleaders. And if the public can’t process that thought, something is allegedly wrong with the public, not with the thought or their overall approach.

Moderator for science mag article on how DNA studies shake tree of life bans discussion of “whether evolution is true.”

The big problem now isn’t whether “evolution” is true or untrue but whether current findings are making it nonsense. more

World science journalists’ conference panelists in a snit over “science denial”

There is a simple solution to these science writers’ problem: Lose the pom poms and the loud hailer. Read what you are writing. The rest of us have. The only thing you are justified in being so certain of is your own certainty. And your certainty doesn’t seem to be contagious. more

If you are a young scientist, how would you advocate for science?

If you had five extra hours a week? In 250 or fewer words, Science Magazine wants to know. more

Have fun with agnostic mathematician David Berlinski, deflating scientism

By the way, scientism has been taking its lumps from unexpected quarters recently. In popularity, it now rivals rheumatoid arthritis. Hmmm. more

Cosmologist Sean Carroll would retire falsifiability as a science idea. Philosopher Massimo Pigliucci defends it.

Would it have been possible to develop a cosmology where avoiding the concept of God is a goal without the cosmology becoming a metaphysic? more

Scientism is to science what egotism is to ego

With the same outcome for popularity, it seems. more

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