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Friend Terry Mirll’s prize-winning sci-fi story now available

“Astrafugia” is identified as science fiction. By contrast, multiverse proponents insist their work is non-fiction, in defiance of all literary conventions. more

Why has so much science become science fiction?

Methodological naturalism is a safe harbour for science fiction masquerading as science. more

Fri nite frite: Parasite messes with your mind, causes you to lose your fear of deadly assailants …

This is thought to be an evolutionary adaptation to help the parasite complete its life cycle. more

Call for conference papers on Dr. Who

… religion has always had some role within the universes of Doctor Who. Proposals for 20 minute papers … more

Artificial Intelligence or intelligent artifices?

The so called “strong Artificial Intelligence” (AI) has some relations with evolutionism because both imply a “more” coming from a “less” and both are products of a materialist reductionist worldview. In evolutionism they believe that life arises from non life, and, similarly, in AI they believe that the intelligent comes from the non intelligent, that […] more

God or Alien, who done it? A review of Prometheus

In other words, the frustrating inability of Darwinian theory to unravel the mystery of how life began has caused many of its sympathizers to look elsewhere. more

Sci fi film takes on ID?

But surely it will be hard to beat Space Odyssey 2001 , which single-handedly saved the space program from aghast American taxpayers. ;) more

The original selfish gene met the original iron man?

“Although the creatures are not manifestly hostile, they will vampirically leach the iron from the blood of any human who spends too much time around them.” more

Greatest con game in the history of the multiverse?

A trailer for Portal 2 more

Sci-fi writer wonders, are we running out of steam for innovation?

… a general failure of our society to get big things done. more

How the teacher started getting Expelled

Expelled’s Caroline Crocker, now executive director of AITSE, and author of Free to Think, describes how she first began to get hints that she was decidedly not free to think, in biology. She asked, Control mechanisms in cells are like intricate circuit boards; how could something like this evolve through random mutation? more

Another Mars Mystery – Design, Natural or Hoax?

Fox news reports that an armchair astronomer, David Martine, claims that he’s discovered evidence of intelligent life on Mars. In this YouTube video Martine speculates that it could be a bio lab, or a dwelling or garage (he hope’s its not a weapon. NASA is investigating. So, is this evidence of intelligent design? Is it […] more

Science fiction author asks, why are atheists who write space operas supposed to know best whether God exists?

Lawyer Hal G.P. Colebatch observes, re atheist science fiction: A magazine I frequently write for (not this one) recently published a review of a book of essays advocating atheism. The reviewer pointed out with some enthusiasm that a large number of the contributors were science-fiction writers. This left me somewhat nonplussed. I publish a good […] more