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Liberals”more resemble the uneducated conservatives” in gullibility about science – analyst

“The liberals, on the other hand … never took seriously the complaints of establishment critics, never themselves questioned the science that the establishment produced.” more

Lecture room bores vent their frustration over the Tennessee science education bill

Academics need this intellectual junk food to avoid confronting the general falsity of Darwinist claims. more

They said it: Dr Nick Matzke (late of NCSE) vs UD commenter Joe on science as it studies “the usual course of the world” applied to signs of design

In the course of the exchanges on Dr Matzke’s clip on what “science” says can and cannot be so regarding miracles, he has made an interesting comment, here at 15: . . . I still haven’t seen anyone present a good argument as to why we can’t just say that science is the study of […] more

He said it: Newton in Principia, on rules of reasoning for experimental philosophy

The ongoing debates over methodological naturalism have pointed us back to Newton’s Rules for scientific reasoning. So, thanks to Paul Halshall of Fordham University’s Modern History Sourcebook, let us cite for reference: ___________________ >> Modern History Sourcebook: Isaac Newton: The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy [Excerpts] [The Rules of Reasoning in Philosophy] RULE I We […] more

They said it: Dr Nick Matzke vs Dr John Lennox on the Laws of Nature and Miracles

In the ongoing Methodological Naturalism thread, at no. 66, Dr Matzke is on record: massive observational evidence and the logic of our understanding of natural laws rules say that that miracle thing can’t happen. In short he holds that the laws of nature forbid miracles. (And recall, here, we are speaking about the late publicist […] more

Attempt to repeal Louisiana’s “okay to teach Darwin’s flaws” bill fails

If, in four years, no one has come up with an instance of violating federal or state laws, the opponents of the bill should find something better to do with their time. more

Science is probably more fun as a work in progress anyway …

Will students need a universal swivel joint in their heads? more

Another cool graphic: Molecular clutch engaged, and disengaged

Caution: American or British students might conclude something illegal about Darwinism as the supposed chief source of innovation in life forms. more

Tennessee school bill: Academic freedom is just a front?

If a science is built on dodges ( = Darwinism), it should just be renovated in favour of a science that confronts the facts. more

“Magnifying the Universe” — Fantastic Infographic

Here’s a fantastic infographic that needs to be in every science classroom. I’ve seen similar ones, but this is by far the best: The Universe made possible by Number Sleuth Be sure to look at this in full screen mode. Whether you love or hate ID, you’ve got to admit that this is one beautiful […] more

Philly Inquirer writer wonders if intelligent design is dead because …

The ID stealth tactic, she reveals, is “critical thinking.” Hold that thought. It’s a brand new idea. Some of us just call it “thinking.” more

Is this Tennessee bill critic coming unglued, at Business Insider?

Real biology does not, of course, depend on Darwinism. Darwinists’ careers depend on Darwinism.
Real biology depends on evidence, … more

Why news media can’t acknowledge what the Tennessee schools bill actually says

In a world where people can learn about events quite easily without the legacy media, the legacy media slowly begin to write fiction that pleases themselves and their remaining readers. more

Scientific American on Tennessee teacher protection law: Hollywood’s climate change script at risk

Worst case scenario?: Some smart alec student might ask why celebs jet around the globe, asking poor folk to use less fuel. more

Uproar continues re Tennessee teacher protection bill

So, doubt Darwin and you could be out of a job? What they smoke down there in Tennessee? In a lot of places, no one really cares. more

Tennessee teacher protection bill passes; Darwin’s folk are teed off

What’s interesting is how hard the Darwin lobby fought to prevent so simple a change. more

It was only a matter of time now, but ID-friendly US prez hopeful is suspending his campaign

“The former Pennsylvania senator made his announcement following the weekend hospitalization of his 3-year-old daughter Isabella.” more

“It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!” — Nobel Prize holder Charles Townes on design thought and anti-evolutionism, in light of Michael Shermer in Sci Am on “the standard scientific theory” of evolution

What on earth does the title of a famous Good Friday Sermon have to do with the ID controversy? (Even, come Easter Sunday morning . . . ) A lot. Sadly. As I was reading and thinking about Dr Torley’s latest amazing UD series and some of UD’s ever so fascinating comments [one of the […] more

Scottish ID supporters are like “Holocaust deniers”?

Using the term to heap abuse on opponents in an unrelated debate undermines the efforts of people who fight the growing menace of anti-Semitism. more

British Centre for Science Education wades into strictly religious issues

Our friend thinks they “have let the cat out of the bag regarding their real anti-religious agenda. more

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