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Trinity College of Florida offers online “Darwinism & Intelligent Design” course

” … examining three dimensions (science, philosophy and history) of the contemporary debate between the two theories.” more

Ken Miller’s science problem

Apparently, this is all in aid of preventing Jindal becoming the vice-presidential nominee. Which means he may well be a good choice. more

Breaking: Texas has rejected federal science standards

“Add education to the growing list of issues where Texas differs from the federal government.” more

What should a 21st century biology textbook be like?

“I expect that just reading this article will have raised the hackles of many readers whose favourite topics I would cut.” more

For record: A comment on the issues raised by Dr Fuller (HT: Gregory and Nullasalus), and onward concerns in the wider context of debates over design theory

I have just now commented in the recent thread on Dr Fuller’s thought, and think it useful to headline for record (especially given some continued abusive misbehaviour at Anti- Evo and linked sites that has come to my attention in recent days): ____________ >> Let me clip a few thought-sparker cites from Dr Steve Fuller: […] more

Darwin’s in the schools, and Satan’s back in Kansas

Warning: This story contains high doses of Westboro Baptist Church more

No True Scotsman!! Loch Ness monster to feature in Louisiana private school science textbook?

Hot potato: Schools teaching that the Nessie hoax is a fact (and relevant to evolution) may get public funds (vouchers). more

US Darwinists (US ranked 14th) wail over South Korea (ranked 1st), supposedly “not able to compete”

… due to dumping some Darwin lobby-enforced errors from textbooks. more

Asking Bill Dembski: What would a school lesson plan for ID consist of?

I can think of ten full-semester college courses off the top of my head that would have significant ID content and could not reasonably be taught from a Darwinian perspective more

Non-zero physics: Here’s an all-too-familiar science education story

Science teacher suspended for giving out zeros for incomplete assignments and missed tests. more

Learn about key science news via free online TED talks

“These are not academic lectures that people watch because their grade depends on it.” more

How to confront Darwinism when spun through mainstream media

Why should we think that jobs were lost to China because most Americans doubt Darwin? more

Re the horse series in current Korean “past-sell-by-date” Darwin textbooks …

“… paleontologists do not now believe that any of these fossil horses are direct ancestors of any of the others … ” more

Great law review article on the problem of Darwinism in the schools

“This Article argues that by endorsing the teaching of only evolution, the government is, in essence, endorsing a view on religion: that a higher power does not exist. ” more

Broaden the Tennessee schools bill to include other subjects, says educational psychologist

“In addition to enhancing education, generalizing these laws protects them from constitutional challenge.” more

What Grade Niners are learning is settled science?

Unfortunately, where Darwinism is concerned, what students are learning is sometimes settled propaganda. more

And now for the good news … somebody spoke up

About the Darwin lobby’s misrepresentations. more

How to Talk to Your Professors About Your Darwin Doubts

There are two regular tragedies in the Intelligent Design movement. The first tragedy is the student who airs his or her doubts about Darwin, and a faculty member then makes it their life mission to block that student from a degree, or, if they get a degree, prevent them from getting any further. This sometimes […] more

Darwin in the schools debate revisited in Texas?

“Here, politics play a significant role because the State Board of Education is an elected, rather than appointed, body.” more

“Enough is enough” — it is time for independent, community-based education, starting with independent education in origins science

Yesterday, Dr Cornelius Hunter headlined (full story here) how a Washington, DC-based, bipartisan Governor- and Captains of Industry- led Next Generation Science Standards initiative is pushing for an evolutionary materialism-loaded programme of science standards. The standards are intended to be accepted and adopted “in whole, without alteration.” A clear warning sign in an age of […] more

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