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An NPR pundit explains the evolution of religion

Evolutionary psychologists will front any thesis, no matter how unlikely or ridiculous, except that religion is a response to a message from a divine source. more

How some nerds hope to find eternal life

Remember this when people tell you that traditional faiths feature unreasonable beliefs. more

For the Easter Weekend, 2014 . . .

Here. (HT: VJT, also, Charles Babbage.) Video: embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt more

Maybe we WILL have to see this film

A film like God’s Not Dead that introduces fundamental physics as something other than a vehicle for crackpot cosmology must have something going for it. more

If you are a Christian, never question whatever pseudo-science is popular among the chatterati …

… otherwise, their God of the Gaps will get you!

Internet TV show discusses one of my essays

Thanks to UD, I was able to make improvements to version 1 of an essay I published at UD here. I cleaned up the essay thanks to the comments and criticisms and published version 2 at CEU Insight and Inspiration. Thank you to all those who helped me make a better essay, and it became […] more

This year’s Templeton Prize to priest and philosopher

Rees and Ayala’s wins had left some wondering whether Templeton wished to become a sort of lifetime achievement award for postmodernism in science. It seems not. more

Seventeen per cent of scientists in study claim to be evangelicals

Compared to 23 per cent of all respondents to study. One factor may be that evangelicals are more likely to actively steer their children toward the ministry than are other Protestant Christians more

Adam and Eve and Ann Gauger

Molecular geneticist Gauger took issue with the claim that Adam and Eve could not have existed, noting the genetics assumptions built into the claim. more

The capriciousness of intelligent agency makes it challenging to call ID science

It would be an interesting debate as to whether legal decisions by juries are considered science. Does anybody really care whether a jury verdict is called science or non-science? Was the verdict against Jodi Arias for killing Travis Alexander science? Or how about the conviction of Bernie Madoff, is that science? Isn’t it more important […] more

After a schism, a question: Can atheist churches last?

So now they have everything a church has except God? Oh, and at the Sunday Assemblies, they DON’T have a dive bar. more

God reports to a hospital spokesman?

The problem with living in a less religious society isn’t that people don’t think about God but that they think God has a position in their bureaucracy (below theirs). more

Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? (8) – Francis Smallwood’s Fourth Response

My neo-Darwinian friend, Francis Smallwood, has now written a response to my previous instalment in our dialogue. If you want to read it, go here. Below is a small excerpt of the response by Francis. You can read his full response by going to his blog. Follow the link at the bottom of the page. […] more

New York Times: We never said evangelicals were dumb!

The Times staff want it both ways: To portray evangelicals as happy clappy idiots and then make nice later. Never under any circumstances to ask whether they could be right about something *on the evidence.* more

Not wanting to focus on Protestants only, here’s an evolutionary nun …

… who advocates a cosmological rethink of religion (which is good because she, unlike some, does not pretend that this is just another flavour of the same brand) more

Least promising book advert of the year: Overcoming subhuman behavior with Christ

The same universe cannot hold Christ, if you agree that he exists, and “subhuman behaviour,” which argues for an entirely different human psychology than the Christian account. more

Pastor finally gets it? Has changed mind about Darwinism?

How could he have been a “follower of Jesus” (he says he is) and believed what Darwin said about dark-skinned people? Surely he did not know. more

Common Sense in Christian Theology…?

Below is the Preface for my new, unpublished, manuscript, Common Sense in Christian Theology: Supplement to “In the Beginning…” . The manuscript can be viewed here : My 2010 Discovery Institute Press book In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design is a collection of short articles on Intelligent Design (ID) and related topics. […] more

Book reviewer wonders: How could Newton have been a scientist and a theist?

Why have organizations like American Scientific Affiliation (self-described Christians in science) so miserably failed that it is taken for granted that this is even a problem. more

Actor Anthony Hopkins on God and other stuff you should know

If you are as smart as you think. more

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