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A reply to Dr Dawkins’ September Playboy interview

  In an interview with Playboy, September just past, Dr Dawkins made some dismissive remarks  on the historicity of Jesus, in the context of having made similarly dismissive talking points about Intelligent Design.  As UD News noted: PLAYBOY: What is your view of Jesus? DAWKINS: The evidence he existed is surprisingly shaky. The earliest books […] more

So what happened when that kiddie surgeon Ben Carson gave the speech at Emory graduation?

Realize: Kid surgeon Ben Carson may be the last guy to ever give a speech at that U who doesn’t conform to their stupid political correctness. more

Doubts about Darwin spreading into the Brit population?

Jones should enjoy her freedom to notice that because it may soon be made clear to her that Darwinism is in fact a source of Really Important Enlightenment to power brokers … more

For record — Paul, Philemon, Onesimus, slavery etc. and the Christian ethics of the softened heart; a response to Dan Savage, Nick Matzke and others of like ilk

As Dr Torley recently highlighted here at UD, Mr Dan Savage, an activist for homosexuality, recently tried to trash Bible-based Christian ethics (at a conference on bullying) by accusing the Bible of advocating slavery. (We need not elaborate on his publicly displayed ignorance on issues linked to the general, historic, NT-based Christian view on the […] more

They said it: Dr Nick Matzke vs Dr John Lennox on the Laws of Nature and Miracles

In the ongoing Methodological Naturalism thread, at no. 66, Dr Matzke is on record: massive observational evidence and the logic of our understanding of natural laws rules say that that miracle thing can’t happen. In short he holds that the laws of nature forbid miracles. (And recall, here, we are speaking about the late publicist […] more

Is the dismissal by asserting “fallacy of personal incredulity” itself a fallacy?

Yesterday, UD’s News announced a free chart of fallacies. I thought, oh, yay, let’s download. But, once I began to look at the chart, I noticed that it presented Plato, Socrates and Aristotle in a way that seemed to mock the orthodox Christian triune concept of God. (Did it ever strike the creator of the […] more

Popular Darwinism explains your local booze can …

Natural selection explains why you always feel smarter after a few beers. more

AAAS needs to take its own advice!

If the AAAS participants didn’t realize something as obvious as that the birth rate has declined almost worldwide, why are they so sure their answers are right about everything else? more

Q: “What does the design theory debate have to do with the law of non-contradiction (LNC)?” A: “A lot!”

The latest flare-ups in the debates over design theory in and around UD have pivoted on the Law of non-contradiction; one of the most debated classical principles of logic. Why on earth is that so? The simple short answer is: if we are to make progress in debates and discussions, we must be at minimum […] more

Marking up ES’s attempted rebuttal of the Law of Non-Contradiction on perceived implications of Quantum effects

I have of course put in my own overall rebuttal to ES’s reply to SB’s challenge, but I feel a commentary on points will also be helpful. U/D, Feb 20: I have taken up the general LNC issue, here.) Such is best done using a full post, so, I clip from EL’s own post. My […] more

Social psychology 1, Evolutionary psychology 0

“Fear of impregnation by foreign invaders” (which evolution somehow captured in a woman’s genes) is a ridiculous explanation for racism during ovulation. How about general discomfort due to hormone flux? more

He said it: Making the Middle Ground Exciting

If all people want to assert is their human dignity over against the giant government machine they support, they should really get their own slogan, not poach from the Bible. more

The mutilation of Bibi Aisha — a test case on the objectivity of moral judgements

Several days ago, UD news raised the above case, and the response of a class of students, as a test case on the objectivity of morality. Further details — and a shocking picture of a beautiful but mutilated girl that we all need to examine, painful or not — are here.  In deference to sensibilities, […] more

They said it: “atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist” — a fatal worldview error of modern evolutionary materialist atheism

It is an open secret that a major motivation for the commonly encountered, too often angry  rejection of  the design inference is a prior commitment to Lewontinian evolutionary materialistic atheism; a common thread that unites a Sagan, a Lewontin, many members of Science institutions and Faculties of Universities, and of course many leading anti-design advocates […] more

In ‘celebration’ of Richard Dawkins’ new kids’ book, ‘The Magic of Reality’

Here is my first GoAnimate clip:      more

New blog: Darwinism is dead but won’t lie down

Here’s a new, UK-based blog, The Darwin Deception, Darwinism as an explanation for life is dead. The final death blow was administered by discoveries about intracellular nanomachinery, which amply satisfy Darwin’s own test of falsification. Dead, but it won’t lie down. … Dude: Darwinism and a multitude of other dead ideas and popular delusions are […] more

Science – when does the circus leave town, or does it?

Dave Coppedge (yes, that Cassini specialist who got fired from JPL) identifies “sciences” that ain’t. These days,  every fad, trend, and crackpot alley on offer struggles to call itself science: Happiness science: Advice found online: “the best way to increase your happiness is to stop worrying about being happy and instead divert your energy to […] more

Online journalism thinkmag addresses politics pretending to be science

“Beware of Science as Political Veneer” warns Tom Price at Miller-McCune report (May 13, 2011), because “Scientization of politics,” not just politicization of science, weakens scientific integrity.” That includes … “scientization of politics” — portraying all government decisions as science-based when, in fact, most aren’t.[ ... ] “Some [government] decisions are based on the best […] more

When ID types go – to church …

A friend insists that this song by Oklahoma’s Carrie Underwood underscores and responds to design in the universe: This performance occurred several weeks ago, and then went viral. Five and a half million hits on YouTube; I’m sure some of you must have seen and heard it. The lyrics in the first stanza are certainly […] more

Eugenics and the Firewall: Interview with Jane Harris Zsovan 1

Jane Harris Zsovan, author of Eugenics and the Firewall talked to Uncommon Descent recently about her book on the controversial topic of social Darwinist eugenics in Western Canda in the mid-twentieth century. Denyse: The thing that struck me, reading your book, was how widespread the idea was in the province of Alberta, that sterilizing “socially […] more

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