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Plants’ common ancestor was complex, not simple life form, researchers say

Modern findings look more and more like “creationism” all the time. more

Plant evolves a new function? Or was it designed?

One way of putting it: The plant enzyme “was evolved” to do both functions at once. more

Captured on film: How plants learn of danger from other plants

It’s been known for some years that plants do this, but capturing it on film is quite a coup. more

Every vegan’s nightmare: Those lovely, peacable plants, they don’t really trap and eat worms, do they?

“We may be surrounded by many more murderous plants than we think.” more

#5 of 2011 for ID community: Explosive Radiation of Flowering Plants Confirmed.

” … new challenges to Darwin’s theory to explain the origin of flowering plant species over a relatively short geologic time period by incremental transformations.” more

Photosynthesis: “Until a few years ago, it seemed a straightforward piece of chemistry”

“This is the first paper showing that coherence affects the probability of transport. ” more

Further to carnivorous plants: Their “flypaper” may prove useful technology

Note how this is merely a “bag of tricks.” Would the same people write about the space shuttle that way? more

“Plants are SO just leafy green people!”

What’s interesting is the utter confusion between three different concepts: sentience, intelligence, and consciousness. more

Do babies show a sense of altruism – and what does that mean anyway?

UD News recommends that all studies of “altruism” be treated with caution because the behaviour measured is supposed to be common to humans, insects, and in one study even plants. more

Cycads are not living fossils? As often claimed?

“Although the cycad lineage is ancient, our timetrees indicate that living cycad species are not much older than ~12 million years.” more

This just in: Plants are people too – biologists

We thought they were kidding too, okay? But … more

Evolution: Clocks vs. rocks – if clocks win, what does it mean for plants?

Molecular clocks vs. fossils: Clocks say plants are earlier than rocks do. more

Carefully preserved jumping gene in corn shows how intelligent design produces massive changes

The benefit of a tall stock with single ears of abundant kernels is evident forhumans (and incidentally agricultural pests), not to teosinte. more

Geneticist W.-E. Loennig replies to Darwinist Nick Matzke: Which is more important: Darwin or facts?

Why does Nick not answer Nachtwey’s questions on the evolution of Utricularia’s trap? Suction in half a millisecond: How did the trap become watertight and functional as a suction trap with all its synorganized anatomical and physiological details by a series of random ‘micromutations’ with slight or even invisible effects on the phenotype (Mayr)? more

Remember that Darwin-eating plant? Now threatening to eat Nick Matzke …

W.-E. Loennig: Matzke still doesn’t seem to have carefully studied my extensive paper yet, but he is still complaining that others know nothing on that topic and keeps on talking some nonsense promoting some half-baked ideas. more

Carnivorous plants: After eating Darwin, they couldn’t resist further culinary adventures

Can you blame them? He was delicious and it was fun. more

Wood ten million years older than thought?

In “Oldest Known Wood” (The Scientist , August 11, 2011) Jef Akst reports that “Two newly described fossils suggest that wood is some 10 million years older than previous believed” (No kidding!): … two relatively small fossils provide new clues, and suggest that wood evolved at least 10 million years earlier than previously documented, according […] more

Why call it a phylogenetic tree … ?

… when it gets uprooted this often? From ScienceDaily (“Ancestors of Land Plants Revealed”, May 2, 2011), It was previously thought that land plants evolved from stonewort-like algae. However, new research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology shows that the closest relatives to land plants are actually conjugating green algae such […] more

No, NOT coffee!! A soothing tea at this time of night …

See this beautiful image of a flowering plant from the Cretaceous era. It killed the dinosaurs? … Mmmm … probably not. I spent some time thinking how to arrange these branches in a vase, had they survived, and then decided, no: Outdoor container gardening, overwinter in cool greenhouse. May need support. (= Will need support, […] more

Is this evidence for design in plants?

At ScienceDaily (March 30, 2011), we learn that “Like Products, Plants Wait for Optimal Configuration Before Market Success”: Just as a company creates new, better versions of a product to increase market share and pad its bottom line, an international team of researchers led by Brown University has found that plants tinker with their design […] more

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