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Bringing images of ancient plants to life

Lycopods (club mosses) may be “inconspicuous” but they are certainly a durable group. They used to be forests. more

Plant embryo development not controlled only by genes

Researchers: Specific cell-types present in the embryo environment can send out protein signals to also influence this process. more

Sea anemone is genetically part animal, part plant

They’re suggesting the system dates from 600 million years ago, but one doesn’t get the impression they really know. This isn’t a tree of life, it’s a grab bag. more

Can plants calculate? Read this.

If this holds up: The plant does not think, but something in it thinks. more

Found: A plant with no plastid genome

In a significant cultural departure, all the scientists refreshingly admitted that they were at a loss to explain the circumstance at present, with none attempting to conjure feebly in Darwin’s name. more

Tree of intelligence now matchsticks?: Plants communicate?

That maple trees communicate was known for decades, but the teachings of the prophet Darwin got in the way. more

Flowering plants pushed back by a mere 100 million years?

The less time there is for Darwinian evolution, the less likely it happened in that way. The way that, thanks to the Darwin lobby, US courts have legislated must be taught to students. more

Philosopher: Plants are people too.

It’s all too crazy in the academic world; there are no hoaxes any more. more

UK scientists “amazed” by plants that can calculate

They never use such terms when they think they have found a Darwinian explanation, however implausible. Which tells you a lot. more

Do short plants evolve faster than tall ones?

There is at least some evidence that this is true. But why? more

Do tomatoes know something we don’t?

“Our seemingly simple green neighbors utilize their genetic complexity to sense and survive adversity. ” more

Design of life: Why can’t most life forms digest wood?

“In fact, the only organisms known to break it down require energy to do so.” more

Tree of life a mess for plants too?

Here’s Nova’s accidental take on the problem (April 17, 2007) more

Yes, some researchers say, plants do talk to each other

” … new research, published in the journal Trends in Plant Science, has revealed that plants not only respond to sound, but they also communicate to each other by making “clicking” sounds.” more

Darwinism: Carnivorous plant continues to be smarter than we think

“researchers have now discovered a new, unique method of capturing insects by the pitcher plant Nepenthes gracilis.” more

Plants are not people but maybe they hear things

Wallace, Darwin’s banished co-theorist, was right. more

Fossils of insects pollinating plants from 100 million years ago

Given that 80% of today’s flowering plants depend on insect pollination, there must have been a good deal of co-evolution and horizontal gene transfer. more

“Identical sequences of DNA located at completely different places on multiple plant genomes”

“Although the scientists found identical sequences between plant species, just as they did between animals, they suggested the sequences evolved differently.” more

Darwinism at work: It would be photosynthesis except …

We need the lab notes of the scientists who were doing this on the early Earth. more

Is this a plant version of the Cambrian explosion?

“All this demonstrates that the ‘oldest forest’ at Gilboa was a lot more ecologically complex than we had suspected … ” more

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