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Rainbow universe: Yet another scheme to get rid of the Big Bang?

Yes, this time the concept is a rainbow universe where time has no beginning. more

CSI and Maxwell’s Demon

“It is CSI that enables Maxwell’s demon to outsmart a thermodynamic system tending toward thermal equilibrium” (Intelligent Design, pag. 159) HT: niwrad For those wanting to understand Maxwell’s demon, here is a great video! embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt How does this apply to No Free Lunch? In my essay “simplified illustration of no free […] more

Landmark 1929 Physics Paper: On the Decrease of Entropy in a Thermodynamic System by the Intervention of Intelligent Beings

In the Forgotten Creationist/ID book endorsed by Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, there was mention of a landmark physics paper by Leo Szilard. The paper dealt with a long standing problem of Maxwell’s demon. The paper was not immediately about the problem of design, but it sparked later questions by Robert Gange and others about […] more

Higgs boson discoverer wouldn’t get job today?

Not in today’s university system, Peter Higgs says, and it is unclear he would even want it. more

Nature: Our universe is a hologram (yet again)

This claim seems to depend on string theory, which apparently hasn’t fared too well of late. more

Specified Entropy — a suggested convention for discussion of ID concepts

In terms of textbook thermodynamics, a functioning Lamborghini has more thermal entropy than that same Lamborghini with its engine and other vital parts removed. But intuitively we view such a destruction of a functioning Lamborghini as an increase in entropy and not a decrease of entropy. Something about this example seems downright wrong… To fix […] more

Wormholes created between entangled quantum particles?

Where it would get really crazy is, you jump into your black hole and find that guy from fifty billion miles away in there watching your TV and drinking your beer, like it was his. And it is. Too. more

Forgotten Creationist/ID Book endorsed by Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

There is a forgotten creationist book by engineer and physicist Robert Gange, PhD: Origins and Destiny that was published in 1986. It is available for free online, but for how long, I do not know. It was pioneering, and anticipated arguments that would be found in ID for the next 27 years, and likely beyond. […] more

The famous Feynman Lectures on Physics hosted free for all by Caltech (and taking a peek at entropy . . . )

Christmas is early this year. Here are the famous Feynman Lectures on Physics (Vol II is forthcoming) hosted for free by Caltech. A useful point of reference for one and all. Just for fun, note here on on entropy, irreversibility and the rise of disorder: Where does irreversibility come from? It does not come from […] more

Fri nite frite: Aster…OID!!

Sometimes the most truly unsettling presentation is not “Cue the Zoid from Zongo!!” sci-fi but just trying to imagine the physics of an asteroid strike. more

Next question: Why is the same sort of talk “woo” if Deepack Chopra or Rupert Sheldrake say it but not if …

… not if Max Planck or James Jeans (the universe is “nearer to a great thought than a great machine”) say it? How did so much come to depend on personality? Not personality? Okay then, on WHAT, exactly? more

New “Cheshire cat” paradox in quantum physics?

They’re saying it should be possible to separate the grin from the cat (as the Cheshire Cat was in the habit of doing, in Alice in Wonderland), and both still exist. more

Is the end nigh for science?

Or is it possible that physicists have made as many breakthroughs as possible within current assumptions, and another Einstein is needed? Another Max Planck? more

Darwinists and evolutionists saving face on basic science questions

Recall the series of threads that was sparked by this comment by a Darwinist: if you have 500 flips of a fair coin that all come up heads, given your qualification (“fair coin”), that is outcome is perfectly consistent with fair coins, a 22 sigma event is consistent with fair coins which was another example […] more

What great physicists have said about immateriality and consciousness

Curious that, for real, hardtack physical materialism, you have to find a philosopher or psychologist somewhere who is into neuro-nut moments or evo psych, NOT a great physicist. more

Dark matter so far not detected but researchers find cause for hope in that fact…

… in the fact that their instruments are now much more sensitive, so if it were there, they would not be missing it more

Beginning of universe betrays “the very foundations of science”?

Physicist von Weizsächer: I ventured the objection that it was scientific to form hypotheses according to the hints given by experience, and that the idea of an age of the universe was such a hypothesis. Wrong Thought, apparently. more

The Big Bang: How did one of the best attested theories in science become so unpopular?

Arthur Eddington: “The beginning seems to present insuperable difficulties unless we agree to look on it as frankly supernatural.” more

Science journal publisher predicts Nobel laureates for 2013

Some of the choices other than Higgs will be a more rigorous test of their prediction system. more

Quanticity: The new jewel at the heart of quantum mechanics challenges the idea that space and time are fundamental?

Geometry rules? more

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