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Searching for the quantum bits of the universe

Chou thinks the universe might not be 3D but a 2D hologram. Actually the 2D idea, in itself, has been done before, in a 19th century novel called Flatland. more

This just in: Four-quark hadron

Particle was disputed on the basis of more doubtful earlier evidence; now considered confirmed. more

An interview with quantum physicist and consciousness researcher Henry Stapp

Stapp: the world is in closer accord with our conception of mind than with our conception of classically conceived matter. more

Can a system hover reversibly between a quantum and classical world?

Kauffman: The possibility of recoherence is assured by a theorem and has been observed experimentally. In addition, a decohering quantum variable can be made coherent again by quantum measurement, which is not recoherence. more

Could physics be as bad as social psychology for scandals?

We wouldn’t raise this possibility except that science writer George Johnson did at the New York Times. more

Search more widely for dark matter, astrophysicists say

Two hitches: It may not exist, or it may not be discoverable.

European robin uses quantum mechanics to find its way to Spain

via quantum entanglement in their retina more

Physicists control quantum particles by looking at them?

Researchers say, By adjusting the strength of their measurement according to earlier measurement outcomes, they managed to steer the particle towards a desired state. more

World’s shortest abstract

Will this start a new era in science publishing?: Single tweet abstracts? more

Why astronomers say we live in a remarkably flat universe—and what that really means

In the present epoch, as in right now, the universe is experimentally as flat as can be measured—the “fine-tuned Big Bang” problem. more

Ways forward for quantum physics (ways that lead somewhere … not everywhere, anywhere, and nowhere all at once)

Is there cosmic justice in the fact that the many worlds proponents never managed to agree on a reality single enough to meet the standards of most contemporary physicists? more

Yes Chad, the multiverse is an existential crisis in physics

Not that everyone understands why yet. more

“Quiet revolution” in theoretical physics: Consciousness is a state of matter?

Physicists have feared that discussing consciousness could conjure unwanted associations with cranks. We are about, one fears, to witness still another reason why. more

Ari Brynjolfsson’s Plasma Redshift

[This essay has marginal relevance to the UPB (which has relevance to ID) but might be of interest to the anti-Big Bang, anti Einstein General Relativity crowd, and hence is of marginal interest to YEC's. I'm not totally against Einstein's work, but Einstein's work does have some negative bearing on YEC. Brynjolfsson's work is also […] more

Cocktail! The Fingers of God are pointing at you

In further commemoration of Halton Christian “Chip” Arp, Chip pointed out many star clusters are aligned in such a way that they point toward us. So severe has been the unease over this that some have called the phenomenon “The Fingers of God”. Quoting Chip’s website: What do they think this cluster is? In fact […] more

Top physics stories for 2013 include four-quark particle and possible dark matter signal

2014 may see some actual signals from dark matter, so far assumed to exist but elusive. more

Darwin’s demon

There are many perspectives and arguments showing the absurdity of Darwinism. One of them consists in analyzing the so-called Darwin’s demon. Here I don’t mean the devil suggesting to Charles Darwin that God was non necessary because evolution created the beings. To know what I mean with “Darwin’s demon” we have to compare a thermodynamic […] more

Christmas gift Dr. Mike has been waiting for for 50 years

Dr. Mike wrote at TSZ: Mike Elzinga: You think you know all about science from reading popularizations? You want scientists to explain things to you even as you refuse to learn basic high school science and vocabulary? For the first time in something like 50 years I would like to see an ID/creationist do a […] more

The paradox of almost definite knowledge in the face of maximum uncertainty — the basis of ID

When facing maximum uncertainty, it seems paradoxical that one can have great assurance about certain things. This has enormous relevance to ID because Darwinists will argue, “how can you be so certain of something when it is apparent there is great uncertainty in the system.” I will respond by saying, “when we have maximum uncertainty […] more

Thermodynamics, Coin Illustrations and Design

The second law says when a cold object is in contact with a hot object, the two objects will eventually arrive at the same temperature, and once in equilibrium, one object will not become spontaneously colder again without an external agent. This illustrates that undirected natural forces will favor certain configurations of matter and energy […] more

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