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Earth’s oxygen Easy to take for granted?

So say the New York Times. Not for some of us: anyway, more

2013 Nobel Prize for intracellular transport networks

Just heard on the Caribbean’s traditional 7:00 am BBC morning news, award of a Nobel Prize to James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells The Nobel press release remarks: The 2013 Nobel Prize honours three scientists who […] more

Mystery of origin of life just deepened

Suppose you could think of reasons but the reasons are officially deemed “not science.” more

Does Darwin’s theory of evolution address the origin of life?

No surprise, because their alternatives are grim: Space aliens, God, or non-Darwinian evolution theories – all of which they minimize or reject because every competitive possibility detracts from their rule. more

A rough draft, outline composite answer to the UD essay challenge . . .

It seems we can now put together at least a draft outline composite response to the UD pro-darwinism essay challenge of a year ago, based on Jerad’s remarks at 70 in the one-year anniversary thread, and a key concession by EL at 149 in the same. In the interests of moving the discussion on the […] more

No methane on Mars disappoints current hopes for Martian life

Recently, a number of expert have suggested that life on Earth might have been hatched on Mars, but then lack of methane represents a puzzle. more

Solving the Origin-of-Life Problem

There are three main approaches to current origin-of-life studies – metabolism-first, replication-first, and membrane-first. The problem with each of these approaches is that they ignore the reality of irreducible complexity in self-replicating system. more

Origin of life: What has materialism done for you lately?

Some explain the problem away by saying, “Science is self-correcting.” No, sorry. There is a difference between “self-correcting” and “having no coherent narrative, changing your story every few weeks.” more

Origin of life: RNA World challenged ; RNA peptide world proposed

From The study leaves open the question of exactly how those primitive systems managed to replicate themselves—something neither the RNA World hypothesis nor the Peptide-RNA World theory can yet explain. more

“Impossible” for life to start on Earth? Thus, panspermia theory gains new traction?

Researcher: “A panspermia solution, after all, produces another panspermia problem …” more

Common descent? Universal common descent? What the diff?

The sheer unlikelihood of life coming to exist at all is not an argument for universal common descent; it is an argument for a non-random origin of life. more

We are all Martians now, revisited

Origin of life researchers are at an impasse and willing to consider any thesis, including pure storytelling. more

Merely random origin of life?: Rabbi Averick turns the spout on Bertrand Russell’s teapot

Atheistic scientists … seem totally oblivious to the fact that – in keeping with the thrust of Russell’s argument – it is their burden to prove it true rather than being the burden of the theist to disprove the possibility. more

From Creation-Evolution Headlines: Resurrected protein explains life?

CEH: “Resurrected protein’s clue to origins of life,” writes Simon Redfern at the BBC News about an experimental “resurrection” of a presumably ancient protein. more

Origin of life: Hydrothermal vents spouting again?

Maybe briefly. Origin of life studies, like all science thinking influenced by Darwinism, focus on a single accidental event that made all the difference. (Remember, a suite of events that made a lot of difference would add up to design.) At a recent NASA conference, hydrothermal vents were offered as the big explanation: Three new […] more

Meteorites from Mars much younger than supposed?

This finding contradicts claims that the meteorites were more like four billion years old. If it holds up, one wonders what implications it will have for the hunt for life on Mars. more

Was there life on Earth over two billion years ago?

The earlier that life forms are found to exist, the bigger the hurdle for purely naturalistic claims about its origin, unless the researcher is arguing that life came from somewhere else in the galaxy. more

Largest virus genomes hint at fourth domain of life?

One possibility is that there were once many more domains of life. Another is that domains of life are neither organized nor separated in quite the ways that orthodoxy insists. more

Origin of life: A dash of salt was the key?

” a cell wall is not a prerequisite for a cell-like structure.” – researcher more

Origin of life—Unreasonable standard of proof?

If the “beyond reasonable doubt” standard were applied to naturalistic origin of life claims, how would they fare as a group? more

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