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The Science Fictions series at your fingertips – origin of life

Is there a good reason to believe that life’s origin must be a fully natural event?  Note:The Science Fictions – cosmology series  is here. The human evolution series is here. The first clue about the adventure that we are in for is: Life is a state, an experience, that everyone has and thinks they can recognize in other people and things. […] more

Can Chaos Create?

Or does the observed biochemical complexity imply design? Dr. Granville Sewell finds: Intelligent design theories gaining steam in scientific circles “The debut at #7 on the New York Times best seller list last July of Stephen Meyer’s new book Darwin’s Doubt is evidence that the scientific theory of intelligent design (ID) continues to gain momentum. […] more

The Darwin lobby on origin of life: Keep teaching the current line, whatever it currently is

It would be historic if the conference chose to break the mold, but don’t hope for it. In fairness, it is probably much safer and easier to get grants to follow the same old routines, each with a different twist, even if little or nothing results. more

Suzan Mazur: Origin of life shifting to “nonmaterial events”?

Only so long you can bang your head against a wall before the wall complains. more

“Why are materialists so threatened by the uniqueness of life?”

Does the materialist assume, at heart, that his basic assumption (intelligence derives from matter) is implausible? Does he hope that a cloud of competing implausibilities will distract attention from that basic weakness? more

Harvard astronomer: But maybe planets and life got started shortly after the Big Bang?

Why? Because that would make humans’ existence less special. more

Gordon Research Conference on origin of life turns to “intelligent design”?

Actually, they are onto something. Life created in the lab is a more reasonable pursuit, however mad, than trying to figure out exactly how it happened 4.5 billion years ago. more

No definition of life works. So life doesn’t really exist.

An alternative possibility is that we need to bring information into the picture to understand life, but for understandable reasons, the Scientific American maven would not want to go there (it raises issues around probability and design and stuff). more

Researcher: Many fewer minerals existed at time of origin of life than today

If correct, this won’t affect the origin of life theories that depend on clay or sulfide minerals, common back then, but it does disfavour theories that rely on borate and molybdate minerals. more

Early life built Earth’s continents?

If Spohn and Höning’s model turns out to be persuasive, it will impact sky’s-the-limit claims about life-friendly planets outside our solar system. In the traditional model, we look for planets hospitable to life. In their model, life creates the hospitality, at least on land. So life comes first. more

Physicist Paul Davies starts to say something sensible about how to go about looking for extraterrestrial life

But then he conjures the space aliens by plumping Darwin’s dead hand firmly on the scale. more

Traces of life forms found from 3.5 billion years ago

The researchers found evidence of “large clusters, or mats” of the bacteria, including tangled filaments and organic material from decomposed microorganisms. more

Why Steve Meyer wrote Darwin’s Doubt

Meyer: Even though I did not write the book or make the argument that many of my critics critiqued in responding to Signature in the Cell, I have decided to write that book, And this is that book. more

sRNA for Quorum Sensing: Evidence for CSI?

Bacteria demonstrate intra-species communication that is species specific using a partner with a communication molecule. Bacteria are also “multilingual” with a generic trade language for interspecies communication. Bacteria control tasks by signal producing and receiving receptors with a signal carrier. The tasks bacteria conduct depend on the concentration they sense of self bacteria versus generic […] more

No, ice was life’s birthplace, not clay!

Note: Ice world has come up before, even though cold quickly reduces the speed of essential chemical reactions. more

Origin of life: Clay was the birthplace of life on Earth?

Information theorist Hubert Yockey dismisses clay world because clay crystals offer very little information. A crystal structure repeats the same information indefinitely, … more

Texas Tech paleontologist suggests life originated in craters full of hot water

The best organized stew in the history of the planet. more

Advanced life does not necessarily follow from lots of oxygen?

This finding would seem to contradict the basic idea behind an earlier study according to which life on Earth just had to evolve (but no one knows how, exactly). more

Life on Earth was inevitable?

While these origin of life chemists do not directly say so, they seem to be looking for some sort of law, as opposed to accident, whereby life forms. more

Origin of life: How are we doing?

Koonin (2012) will settle for something “plausible, even if not compelling,” and he can’t even get that. more

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