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1,177 human orphan genes removed by evolutionists from databases

Here is a case of evolutionary bias causing misrecognition of orphan genes in humans. Orphan genes are presumed protein coding genes that exist in only one species and have such non-similarity to anything in any other species they are called orphans (a play on words of the ORF acroym for Open Reading Frame). This came […] more

Skeptical mathematician on the decade’s biggest change in physics

Peter Woit: As we learn more about the Higgs the lesson seems to be that this sector of the Standard Model behaves in the simplest way possible. more

An ID and creationist underground resource:

Are you an ID proponent, a creationist, a recovering Darwinist wanting to fellowship with your fellow outcasts from the church of Darwin? For the creationists at UD wanting more than just ID but some undiluted creationism with not as much theology and solicitation for money, might be for you. One of UD’s own, JoeCoder, […] more

Maybe we WILL have to see this film

A film like God’s Not Dead that introduces fundamental physics as something other than a vehicle for crackpot cosmology must have something going for it. more

We bought the future, but had to take it back

Despite the warnings of writers like Appleyard, there is certainly a market for future-flavoured Kool-Aid. more

Friend Terry Mirll’s prize-winning sci-fi story now available

“Astrafugia” is identified as science fiction. By contrast, multiverse proponents insist their work is non-fiction, in defiance of all literary conventions. more

“Our professors hate you. But…”

We had an experience a couple years ago where some of the Discovery scientists were traveling with one of our supporters. So that night, we were at this cowboy steakhouse feeding the troops. So I jumped in and offered the Discovery Institute credit card to pay for the Discovery Institute scientists, and this young waitress […] more

Former #1 science blog responds to questions posted at UD

The Happy Atheist PZ Myers’ blog was once the world’s most visited science blog. He then migrated his blog toward other issues like freethought and became involved in some of the most entertaining internet dramas like Elevator Gate. He actually took time as a science professor to answer questions intended for science professors: No not […] more

The ridiculous level of uncertainty in the field of human evolution

Maybe we can swallow hard and believe falsehoods out of a misguided sense of loyalty to science. But how can we believe contradictory nonsense? more

Fri Nite Frite: That Burmese python you tried to lose somewhere…

Report: To the researchers’ surprise, the snakes figured out which way was home, and they stayed on track for months … more

Is the multiverse detectible, BBC asks?

How did science get to be about this kind of stuff? When did the words: How, exactly? get lost? more

1998: “The Fossil people … fight like cats and dogs”

He doesn’t draw attention to the main reason for that: The ridiculous uncertainty of the field. And things haven’t changed much. more

Plant embryo development not controlled only by genes

Researchers: Specific cell-types present in the embryo environment can send out protein signals to also influence this process. more

A 305 million year old harvestman fossil has two set of eyes

Current descendants of the spiderlike arachnid have one functional pair and one vestigial pair. more

Fossilized embryos from over half a billion years ago (Cambrian era)

Researcher: While studying the fossils we collected, we found over 140 spherically shaped fossils… essentially frozen in time. more

Information killed the Central Dogma too

Riva: the information stored in DNA is only a small portion of the total, and that the overall picture is much more complex than the one outlined by the dogma. more

“Junk proteins” hit the antiques road show and …

In 2013 functions were identified for many of these “intrinsically disordered proteins” (IDPs), as they are sometimes called. more

The Bad Effects of Methodological Materialism

Thought you all might be interested in a new essay of mine on whether or not we should teach our students methodological materialism. more

Missing link fossil a “hotchpotch,” “may never have existed”

So pulled from rewrite team for human evolution. more

Remember the “undersea volcanic vents” origin of life?

Origin of life is a problem in the origin of huge amounts of information and looking for a way it happened due to some fluke has always been a waste of time. more

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