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Are we (and rats) powerless against our urge to stuff ourselves with Oreos?

All that is missing from the thesis is the serious science. more

Fri nite frite: “Don’t kiss a zombie”

And you thought zombie neuroscience was just braindead. Right? more

Another pop science truism hits the, er, pop science truism pile

Researcher: The popular left/right story has no solid basis in science. The brain doesn’t work one part at a time, but rather as a single interactive system. more

Glub. Glub. Glub.

And if New Scientist is actually admitting that brain science is drowning in uncertainty, well … more

How much do we really know about the human brain?

A smidgen. more

Some neuroscience is a cognitive drug?

Repackaged stuff everyone always new. Don’t pay. more

Neuroscience we don’t need much more of

If you really think there isn’t anything special about our ability and tendency to think about the social world, try enjoying the society of a rodent. more

“How our hard-wiring makes democracy hopeless”

By the way, isn’t it well time to retire this crap about “hard wiring”? The hmuan brain is wetware and you can be pretty sure ideas are not “hardwired.”

New term for nonsense neuroscience” Gladwellian?

Easier to see what it does for Gladwell than for you. more

Another big neuroscience theory hits the baff wall

Intelligence is, honestly, the original It Came From Beyond Space. more

Moving a limb by the power of thought alone

Nature is, of course, careful to write up the story so as to avoid any implications of this fact. more

Not able to deny free will, social psychologist offers to tell us how it evolved

But hey, Baumeister is safe from Darwin’s mob as long as he can continue to misrepresent the situation in this way. And that is probably all he wants or needs. more

Emptying Darwin’s waste basket: Brain errors

This of course has nothing to do with false memory, nor is the caution most people display under the circumstances described in the story an example of error. more

Researchers seek compromise between materialist and non-materialist neuroscience?

Sadly, everything can indeed be explained by materialism, if ALL you want from an explanation is that it conform to materialist thinking. We tend to notice that defect the more, the less sense any given explanation makes. more

Toward a science of the science of consciousness?

Most likely they are on the wrong track because consciousness cannot be usefully studied the way they are trying to study it, but they can’t think of another way. more

Jeff Brown: Separating science from apparent myth

Many mental diseases in the manual were so determined by vote or by consensus of the committee (14-16), not research. In fact, most mental diseases in the manual have no rigorous research that helps identify them. more

Neuroscience as Star Trek: The Spocks vs. the Kirks?

Culture critic Adam Gopnik: The neurological turn has become what the “cultural” turn was a few decades ago: the all-purpose non-explanation explanation of everything. more

Hard problem of consciousness not so hard?

Will we now be told that the problem is not difficult, but that no solution works at present? more

When what you falsely think is happening aggravates your disease, you should know your mind is real

The skinny: What the patient thinks is happening is part of what is happening. more

Free will is a practical question for the mindfulness therapist

If someone wishes to claim, as many outspoken advocates of Darwinian evolution have, for example, that free will is impossible, the only thing that a mindfulness therapist can say is, go away. more

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