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Rare orchids featuring pictures and figures

Does the face slowly evolve because even five percent would scare off a predator? Would anyone but a human recognize these forms or assess their significance? more

Liu Bolin is almost as good as nature

And he did it all by natural selection acting on the random mutation of mindless neurons in his brain. Just like those insects. But not like anyone else. Just happens. more

The argument from personal credulity

Note that in the phrase “argument from personal incredulity,” it is the adjective, not the noun, that is doing the work. It implies that you have a personal quirk that causes you to notice how nature really works. more

New challenge to Darwinism? Further to “Scientists, shut up and …

It sounds like Louis is trying to conjure the rabbits from the hat with math around variation rather than with selection. It doesn’t work, of course, but it’s a change from the usual. more

Darwinism misleads again, this time about aging and fertility in chimps and humans

Current evolution theory provides no basis whatever for any form of interpretation of the relationship between longevity and fertility. But no one is allowed to put it that way. more

So now it’s the “creationists’” fault that Darwin’s followers can’t face facts?

In short, biologists must be wrong in thinking that there is no direction to evolution but admitting that is too controversial? So they have to keep it quiet by misrepresenting to the rest of us what “random evolution” means? Or if Kelly doesn’t mean that, what DOES he mean? more

It’s Sunday morning so I get to talk about the praying mantis, right?

Ah yes, the deniable Darwin. It’s been eighteen years since I was having lunch with one of the smartest people I knew, in Toronto. He made me come back to his office to wait while he photocopied “The Deniable Darwin” for me to read. And get back to him and tell him what I thought. more

Sal, Wikipedia’s “facts” are just whatever survives a troll pillage

So is the response to all this supposed to be just another hymn to the Internet? Is the consolation supposed to be that all the abuse and misdirection is “free.” more

Evolving to evolve? Evidence that contradicts Darwinism

We are assured, however, that organisms more complex than microbes cannot evolve to evolve. Formerly, we were assured that it couldn’t happen even in microbes, and that that claim is the most powerful idea ever. more

The US. Darwin in the schools lobby is serious about climate change activism

Not just a sideline. It is going after the Heartland Institute. more

Is there no such thing as a neutral mutation? Art explains why there probably isn’t.

Laszlo Bencze: Mutations cannot create any improvement. Even the least of them will introduce some speck of damage. Let the process continue for enough generations and the host of near neutral mutations will show up as visible flaws. more

Do random mutations never increase information? Ever?

As anyone who types knows, there are many more ways to make such a mistake that are harmful than helpful. And as any reporter knows, no long chain of random letters is going to turn out to be a local news story by accident. more

Geneticist and science philosopher Gerard M. Verschuuren asks, “Can Darwinism survive without teleology?

Either natural selection can create or it cannot. Actually, it cannot. It can only filter. In which case, Darwin’s theory, as he envisioned it, is false; the universe could not throw up that many almost-working designs accidentally. more

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference Chapter 13—“Selection Threshold Severely Constrains Capture of Beneficial Mutations”—Concluding Comments excerpt

Researchers: Our findings raise a very interesting theoretical problem — in a large genome, how do the millions of low-impact (yet functional) nucleotides arise? It is universally agreed that selection works very well for high-impact mutations. However, … more

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference Chapter 13—“Selection Threshold Severely Constrains Capture of Beneficial Mutations”—Abstract

Researchers: In all experiments that employ biologically reasonable parameters, we observe high STb values and a general failure of selection to preferentially amplify the large majority of beneficial mutations. more

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference Chapter 12—“Can Purifying Natural Selection Preserve Biological Information?”—Excerpt

Authors: The primary findings of this study are that the selection threshold problem is real and that it is more serious than generally recognized. These findings are very robust. more

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference Chapter 12—“Can Purifying Natural Selection Preserve Biological Information?”—Abstract

Authors: Indeed, we find that under most realistic circumstances, the large majority of harmful mutations are essentially unaffected by natural selection and continue to accumulate unhindered. This finding has major theoretical implications … more

Photos of these exquisitely weird spiders are going the rounds

Natural selection: Looking 5% like an ant is exactly what a spider needs for the perfect disguise during the critical first few generations! more

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference Chapter Five Abstract

In a mathematical evolutionary dynamical system driven by increasing fitness, the system will reach a point after which there is not observable increase in fitness. more

It is safer for Darwin’s followers to just ignore Andreas Wagner than to pick a fight.

“Evolution” does not need to explain anything in order to be taken seriously. more

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