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Was that big gravity wave find just dust? Not a multiverse?

Sheldon’s view is that, using Occam’s razor, dust should have been the first hypothesis. The logic of the multiverse explains why it ended up being the last.

Is cosmologist Carroll’s eternal universe possible?

There is a fatal flaw in the model, says Kirk Durston. more

Skeptical mathematician on the decade’s biggest change in physics

Peter Woit: As we learn more about the Higgs the lesson seems to be that this sector of the Standard Model behaves in the simplest way possible. more

Is the multiverse detectible, BBC asks?

How did science get to be about this kind of stuff? When did the words: How, exactly? get lost? more

Science writer Ethan Siegel says, multiverse is not the answer

Well, Siegel knows who he needs to convince, we suppose. Not us. more

Cosmologist: Black holes produce new universes, physics laws

In fairness, it’s not easy to get all the science kitsch (Darwinism, multiverse, black hole woo) together in just one theory; gotta give Smolin credit for that. more

Who do Cosmos’ producers think cares about science anyway?

The supposed natural Cosmos fans are not the vanguard of a scientific revolution; they are the vanguard of believing whatever turns your crank. more

Owning the cosmos by accepting Tyson’s terms …

… whether he himself accepts them or not? more

Theoretical computer scientist Scott Aronson on Tegmark multiverse concept

The multiverse is a war against the idea that evidence rules in science, and it will be most interesting to see who lines up on which side and why. more

Gravitational waves strengthen case for multiverse, Nature article claims

Critics say the idea “would be untestable”? But so what? And what wouldn’t strengthen the case for a multiverse, for its believers? more

Nature offers a feature on a mediaeval concept of the multiverse

Actually, the evidence presented, that Grosseteste thought that way, is pretty weak more

National Geographic claims gravitational waves show we live in multiverse

because multiverse advocates’ models say so. more

Science writer suggests faddish devotion to multiverses arises from need to tell stories

Some of us sense another motive: To move science beyond the risks of evidence, so that “pro science” means supporter of expert consensus, not of evidence. more

Hank Campbell on Cosmos: Multiverse is just postmodernism with some math

Fair enough, but tell that to Wikipedia, Scientific American, and National Geographic. All of which appear to have seen the post-modern future of science, to judge from their promotion of the fact-free multiverse. more

Hank Campbell: Cosmos wrong on science history, specifically Giordano Bruno

Bruno also believed that pygmies and American Indians were descended from a second Adam, hence inferior; you don’t hear that about the airbrushed “multiverse martyr” Bruno either more

William Lane Craig vs. Sean Carroll cosmology debate now online

The existence of God in contemporary cosmology more

Mathematician complains Wikipedia is promoting “pseudo-science” of multiverse

Facts don’t matter in comparison to a multiverse, and Woit may soon be called ruder names than “creationist” for not just cheering in unison. more

Neil DeGrasse Tyson argues for multiverse

These don’t strike yer humble news hack as exceptionally good arguments for a multiverse. What do physicist readers make of them? more

Why Neil deGrasse Tyson cannot replace Carl Sagan

Tyson can’t step into Sagan’s shoes because they have been buried with the man. Tyson will need to find a voice to either confront or accommodate the new multiverse reality. more

Much thanks to Nullasalus for “What should the ID proponent do with multiverse speculations?”

Question: If they have a head start on the irresponsibly bizarre, could anyone who started later catch with them, even in infinity? more

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