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VIDEO: A look at the ATP Synthase in action, courtesy Discovery Institute (and Wikipedia)

DI has just released a video on the ATP Synthase in action (HT: ENV): embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt The blurb at Youtube reads: ATP Synthase is a molecular machine found in all living organisms. It serves as a miniature power-generator, producing an energy-carrying molecule, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. The ATP synthase machine has many […] more

A process sequence chart view of the ribosome in action — a guest post by EP

For some months now, I have been having a behind the scenes correspondence with a regular viewer of UD, whom we shall call EP. He works with industrial robots, and has been fascinated by the way the ribosome works as a nano-scale automated machine cell. Accordingly, a process sequence diagram (‘map”) has been developed, based […] more

More popcorn: A virtual tour of the cell (and a link to another)

Courtesy North Dakota State U: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt (And for those wanting a narrated version of the famous XVIVO vid, cf here.) Remember, we are looking at these videos in light of Denton’s remark of 1985: To grasp the reality of life as it has been revealed by molecular biology, we must magnify […] more

Popcorn: watching kinesin in action, as we digest that Christmas turkey and pudding . . .

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Here is a nice, short summary of the kinesin microtubule highway “walking truck” protein in action: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt This vid gives a bit of context: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Especially notice the role played by Brownian motion, and that played by ATP. So, post turkey and pudding […] more

Start your day with a great new vid of the molecular machinery of life

here: Every cell a densely populated ocean. I’d be interested to know whether wave mechanics can be used to interpret many of the behaviours of life forms. more

Virtual Cell Videos

Hey everyone, check out these amazing animations of cellular processes at more

If you liked the XVIVO cellular animation…

…then check out this: more

News Release: Harvard’s XVIVO Video

News Release: Harvard’s XVIVO Video By William A. Dembski | originally posted November 26, 2007 | updated November 27, 2007 Back in September of 2006 I announced at my blog UncommonDescent that a “breathtaking video” titled “The Inner Life of Cell” had just come out (see…/the-inner-life-of-a-cell). The video was so good that I wanted […] more

Yet Another Irreducible Complexity No-Brainer — Twisted Ropes

For those who missed it, check out this animation presented by DaveScot. I find the phenomenon of the DNA supercoiling problem and its biochemical solution even more compelling than examples like protein synthesis and the bacterial flagellum, since twisted ropes are familiar to everyone. This might make for another highly persuasive ID mascot. more

Protein Translation

Two Protein Translation Animations more

How the cell deals with supercoiled DNA during replication and transcription.

RNA Interference

I need to add a category “Yet Another Accident of Nature”. more

The Inner Life of the Cell – Full Version

Protein Factory

Molecular Motor Fueled by ATP Synthase

Flagella Molecular Animations

Two animations. more

DNA Wrapping & Replication

The Molecular Machines of a Cell