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People’s Choice Awards: Our most read stories June 2013

Based on experience, had there been any way of suppressing Darwin’s Doubt, Darwin’s followers would certainly have employed it. more

An interesting defense of free will in Scientific American

Maybe the only way a Scientific American writer could support free will is to somehow link it with materialism. Better that than embracing tyranny! more

But can nature create human consciousness at all?

There is no reason— apart from a faith belief in naturalism—to believe that nature, which is unconscious, can produce human consciousness at all. more

Artificial intelligence has sputtered?

Well, if self-knowledge means we think but don’t know what thinking really is or how it is really done, that’s self-knowledge. But if you get a degree in that, make sure there is a job at the other end. more

Anyone recall that neurosurgeon who wrote Proof of Heaven (2008)?

The trite saying is true: On their deathbeds, people really DON’T wish they had spent more time at the office. And if they come back to tell us about it, they are quite likely to act on that insight. more

Successful physicist (and Wall Streeter) explains how he stopped being an atheist

Anyone familiar with down-and-outers will recognize the scenes he describes. Because—contrary to what many materialists claim—desperation brings out the animal in some but the stifled saint in others. more

Is free will becoming fashionable again in science? Despite the best efforts of top thinkers?

One problem is that few pop science media sources have any incentive in putting all this together. It takes years of following news stories to track a pattern. more

U of Adelaide evolutionary biologists deny that humans are smarter than other animals

Just think, folks, if it weren’t for agriculture and organised religion, it would never occur to us that we have higher order cognitive skills than Rover or Tom. more

Spook n’ awe

Some research is valuable principally for what it tells us about the persons doing and consuming it rather than about its subjects. more

Say what? Another big project launched, to understand the human mind

Blastoff: ‘What’s so special about the human mind?’ more

The Enigma of Consciousness — challenges for Evolutionists and Materialists

I had accepted the evolutionary story since elementary school. I think I accepted it after seeing diagrams like and visiting the Air and Space Museum and learning of our supposed origins. I didn’t find the story revolting. I found it kind of cool we were evolving and getting better and better. But as a freshman […] more

Next question: Why is the same sort of talk “woo” if Deepack Chopra or Rupert Sheldrake say it but not if …

… not if Max Planck or James Jeans (the universe is “nearer to a great thought than a great machine”) say it? How did so much come to depend on personality? Not personality? Okay then, on WHAT, exactly? more

Why Deepak Chopra is hated but Max Planck can’t be

Guys like Planck can somehow be ratcheted into the materialist camp or else the non-materialist aspects of their thinking could be discreetly ignored (passage of time, perhaps?). But Chopra cannot be processed in that way. He won’t let himself be. So he is the enemy. more

Re Jerry Coyne and buddy vs. Deepak Chopra: If rocks can be conscious, why can’t photons be?

Why pick on Chopra? Quite apart from the fact that great physicist have had some similarly forbidden thoughts about consciousness, where were Coyne and Salzberg when the latest new theory of consciousness whistled into town, announcing that humans, worms, and the Internet are all conscious? more

Neuroscientist discovers he is a “psychopath,” from brain scans, rethinks position on key theory

The skeptic (in some of us) notes that, statistically, we are probably all distantly related to some murderers. In bad or troubled times, their actions were not advertised, let alone punished. more

“Increasing disquiet” over crude determinism in neuroscience?

Recently, we’ve been noting the pushback against “neurobollocks”—the urge to apply random neuroscience findings to absolutely everything. more

What if you begin to believe, due to neuroscience, that there is no “me” left?

Begley argues, As brain-based explanations dominate, few will continue to believe in the “me” that decides how much attention to focus on which processes are occurring in the brain or how to respond. more

New Age medic Deepak Chopra responds to Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne in The New Republic. Warning: Messy.

A friend says you can’t make this stuff up, and we say no need to bother, just keep it comin’. more

Global market research firm Nielsen has discovered neuro-advertising

And when Blink! starts to play out, let’s move to another reliable neuroscience concept, Nudge. more

New theory of consciousness: Humans, worms, and the Internet are all conscious

Christof Koch. Likewise, I argue that we live in a universe of space, time, mass, energy, and consciousness arising out of complex systems. more

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