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We bought the future, but had to take it back

Despite the warnings of writers like Appleyard, there is certainly a market for future-flavoured Kool-Aid. more

Materialist’s dream: Consciousness as a state of matter

Great physicists have seen mind as underlying matter but a new school of thought argues that consciousness is a form of matter, like solid, liquid, or gas. more

Self-organization model of the mind still actively researched

It’s the sort of “gotta have” theory that life never really matches but never tarnishes either. more

Is the brain a pasta maker or radio receiver, for thoughts?

The radio image accounts just as effectively for what we actually see. The reason for its unpopularity is that it is not materialist. more

An interview with quantum physicist and consciousness researcher Henry Stapp

Stapp: the world is in closer accord with our conception of mind than with our conception of classically conceived matter. more

Can a system hover reversibly between a quantum and classical world?

Kauffman: The possibility of recoherence is assured by a theorem and has been observed experimentally. In addition, a decohering quantum variable can be made coherent again by quantum measurement, which is not recoherence. more

What goes around comes around …

… and we had better be glad for it. more

Can Turing Oracles model processes of the mind?

A new methodology of cognitive modeling that can include non-material elements. more

Life intelligently lived: Getting past the “solutions” to enduring problems

It is not in the nature of human beings to be content with what would make an animal happy. One outcome is that all happiness marketed to us is an illusion.

Reviewer: Mind is “elephant in the room” as far as evolution is concerned

Snoke: On reflection, it is surprising that the existence of Mind has not been considered a major problem to address in evolutionary thought. This stems from the early commitment of Western science to a sharp distinction between observer and observed. more

New book: Anti-free-will arguments, carefully considered, simply don’t work

Trust us, if you think free will is an “open scientific problem,” you are not friends with new atheist neuroscientist Sam Harris. more

Two of the four horsemen of the new atheist Apocalypse clash over free will

Yes, it is true. The death of free will is the death of righteousness. For the typical new atheist, that spells the death of self-righteousness when attacking others. more

Materialism itself creates the mystery around consciousness

If just about everything materialism has contributed to science in the last century were thrown out, the science would be way better. more

Consciousness: Self-talk takes up one quarter of conscious experience, psychologists say

But can nature create human consciousness at all? more

A conversion to reality

Some people seem deadly serious in believing that ape biology, not a tendency to do things we know are wrong, is our problem. more

Sat Nite Fun: Can’t sleep? Try mind over matter

Just tell yourself you slept well, and if you believe it, you’ll perform better. Or so this study suggests. more

On consciousness, Tegmark gets one thing right, says Rob Sheldon

So what did Tegmark just say when he said “Consciousness is a state of matter”? He just said, “Consciousness is something people are consciously conscious of.” As Dufflepuds would say, “So true, so true, Boss.” But this is not what Penrose was saying about his microtubules. more

“Quiet revolution” in theoretical physics: Consciousness is a state of matter?

Physicists have feared that discussing consciousness could conjure unwanted associations with cranks. We are about, one fears, to witness still another reason why. more

Human evolution is a “privileged” process?

Lahn probably hadn’t got the memo yet about how loaded the concept of privileged is in this context. In any event, he attributed the rapidity of the process to the development of human society, which he says, made selection for intelligence work faster more

People’s Choice Awards: Our most read stories June 2013

Based on experience, had there been any way of suppressing Darwin’s Doubt, Darwin’s followers would certainly have employed it. more

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